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 Bosbury Wills Catalogue 

Here are the full texts of Bosbury wills in Open Document Text file format (.ODT) — on iPad I use the OOReader app.  Bosbury 16th Century Wills 
 Bosbury 17th Century Wills, Part 1 1600-1630 
 Bosbury 17th Century Wills, Part 2 1631-1671 
 Bosbury 17th Century Wills, Part 3 1672-1699 
 Bosbury 18th Century Wills 
 Bosbury 19th Century Wills 
 Bosbury Probate Records 1700 - 1858 
 About the Probate Bond 

Note that a full printout of all the Bosbury Wills is held under reference number CZ90 at the Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre, Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas, Hereford HR2 6LA. You can call them on 01432 260750 or email them at archives [at] herefordshire.gov.uk to check opening times and to book a visit.

 Ledbury Wills, Inventories and Accounts 

Ledbury is the nearest market town just 5 miles from Bosbury so many families have Bosbury connections.

A selection of individual Bosbury wills, inventories and accounts are linked below.

 1512 William Wooding 
 1554 Sir Rowland Morton 
 1603 James Bridge (Inventory) 
 Account of wife of James Bridge 
 1604 John Mutlow 
 1614 James Alcock 
 1615 William Barnes 
 1619 William Bridges of Upleadon - early will 
 1627 William Bridge(s) of Upleadon - last will 
 1630 Roger Walker 
 1641 George Wall 
 1670 John Powell 
 1673 William Parsons [W & I] 
 1700 Richard Hill 
 1704 William Brydges of Colwall 
 1708 Elizabeth Mutlow 
 1719 Elizabeth Lilley 
 1729 Richard Wood 
 1742 John Brydges 
 1786 John Stedman 
 1787 Richard Barrett 
 1804 Elizabeth Brydges of Ledbury 
 1819 Philip Stedman 
 1839 James Alcott of The Farm 
 1850 William Sivell of Ledbury 
 1860 Robert Probert 
 1891 Emily Barrett of Staplow House 
 1905 Samuel Willcox 
 1916 Thomas Lewis