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 Certain Acts of Parliament which affected Bosbury 
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Please note that handwritten documents are transcribed use a semi-diplomatic transcription method. This includes small changes for clarity and readability including notes [in square brackets], breaking up large blocks of onscreen text and a touch of punctuation.

 Bosbury Land Conveyance by Fines 1315 - 1499 
 1544-45 Papers of Henry VIII 
 1547 Chantry Valuations 
 1647 Custumal 
 1690 Land Conveyance 
 1699 Marriage Agreement 
 1701 Indenture for Apprenticeship 
 1707 Indenture for Lease of Land  new entry
 1735 Turnpike Riots 
 1750 Charity Land Conveyance, Catley 
 1779 John Stedman Inventory 
 1816 Senate ruling on Stedman land claim 
 1828 Indenture for Land Lease 
 1828 Indenture for Land Release 
 1832-36 Places of Worship Licences 
 1836 Affidavit of Phillip Sparkman 
 1836 Valuation of the Razees 
 1838 Property Lease 
 1839 Tithe Apportionment 
 1845 Indenture for Apprenticeship, Thomas Pritchard 
 1845 Philip Howe Daniel at Chancery 
 Railway News 1846-1851 
 1853 Indenture for Apprenticeship, Thomas Chadd 
 1854 Indenture for Apprenticeship, William Chadd 
 1855 Abstract of Title - Stedman Land in Canada 
 1880 Order in Council, Church Land 
 1888 Indenture for Apprenticeship, George Pitt 
 1916 Indenture for War Memorial 
 1945 Parish Hall Conveyance 
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 1945 Wayleave Agreement 
 1966 Land Conveyance