Indenture Between the Churchwardens of Bosbury and Robert Barkley, 1701

Summary:  An indenture dated 19th April 1701 between the Churchwardens and Overseers of Bosbury Parish Church and Robert Barkley to take a poor boy, John Ward, as apprentice.

  This Indenture made by the nineteenth day of April in the 13th year of the raigne of our sovereign [lord] William the third by the grace of God of England, Scottland, France and Ireland, King defendor of the faith &c. Annnoque Domini: 1701: Between William Baddam and Gilbert Jones Churchwardens of the Parish of Bosbury in the County of Hereford: and Richard Morton gent and Richard Barkley Overseers of the same parish on the one parte; and Robert Barkley of the same parish and county aforesaid yeoman of the other parte. Witnesseth that the said Churchwardens and Overseers by and with the consent of his Majesties Justices of the peace of the said county whose names are hereunto written have put out and bound John Ward, a poore child of the said parish of Bosbury, apprentice to the said Robert Barkley till the said John Ward shall come to the age of four and twenty years dureing which time the said apprentice his said master well & faithfully shall serve in all lawful business according to his power, witt, & abillity & in all things honestly and obediently demeane & behave himself towards his said master and all his dureing the said terme; and the said Robert Barkley for himselfe, his Executors & Administrators doth Covenant & Grant to & with the said Churchwardens & Overseers and every of them theire & every of their .... for the time being by these presente ... the said John Ward the said apprentice in his profession or calling he now useth shall teach and informe to the best of his Skill and dureing the said terme shall provide & allowe his said Apprentice sufficient Meate, Drinke, Apparel, washing & lodging & allthings fitt for an Apprentice. In Witness whereof the parties above to these Indentures Interchangeably have put their hands & Seals the day and yeare above written.
Sealed and delivered in the presence of           Signed   Rob. Barkley, Thomas Chad


Transcribed by Barry Sharples from original in possession of Robert Lane with thanks, 2012

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