Bosbury Church Land. Order in Council, 1880

This appears to be a transfer in land ownership between the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the See of Hereford. If anyone can clarify this I would be very grateful. It is reproduced here because it shows the names of Bosbury Lessees and Occupiers at this time. However a preliminary comparison with the 1881 census has shown inconsistencies with the names given. Further research is needed.


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AT the Court at Osborne House, Isle of Wight,
the 31st. day of July, 1880.
The QUEEN’s Most Excellent Majesty in Council.

WHEREAS the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England have, in pursuance of an Act of the twenty-third and twenty-fourth years of Her Majesty chapter one hundred and twenty-four duly prepared and laid before Her Majesty in Council a scheme, bearing date the twenty-fourth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and eighty, in the words and figures following, that is to say :—

“We the Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England in pursuance of an Act of the twenty-third and twenty-fourth years of your Majesty’s reign chapter one hundred and twenty-four have prepared and now humbly lay before your Majesty in Council the following scheme for assigning certain lands and hereditaments as the permanent endowment of the See of Hereford.

“Whereas the Right Reverend James, Bishop of Hereford succeeded to the said See upon the first avoidance thereof which happened after the passing of the hereinbefore mentioned Act, and all the lands hereditaments and emoluments belonging to the said See of Hereford (except all rights of patronage or presentation and the residence of the bishop) became thereupon vested absolutely in us for the purposes and subject to the provisions applicable to other hereditaments vested in us.”

“And whereas the lands and hereditaments particularly described in the schedule hereto annexed which are new vested in us are in the judgment of our Estates Committee convenient to be held as the endowment for the said See and are approved by the said Bishop as suitable for that purpose and will secure to the holder of the said See as nearly as may be after deducting costs of management a net annual income of four thousand and two hundred pounds and no more being the amount named for the Bishop of the said See by the Order of your Majesty in Council of the twenty-nfth day of August one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one which Order is now in force.

“Now therefore with the consent and approbation of the said James, Lord Bishop of Hereford testified by his having signed this scheme and sealed the same with his episcopal seal,we humbly recommend and propose that upon the publication in the London Gazette of any Order of your Majesty in Council ratifying this scheme, and without any conveyance or assurance in the law other than such duly published Order, the lands and hereditaments particularly described in the schedule hereto annexed, with their appurtenances, and all our estate right title and interest therein, save only as is hereinafter saved and excepted, together with the benefit of the perpetual land-tax, if any, charged upon the same premises which has been redeemed, shall be assigned as the endowment of the said bishoprick of Hereford, and shall, subject always and nevertheless to the liabilities and charges to which the said lands and hereditaments are now specifically liable, become and be absolutely vested in the said Bishop and his successors, in as full and ample a manner as if the same had formed part of the ancient possessions of the said See, save and except and always reserved unto us, our successors, and our and their lessees, tenants, and assigns, all and singular the mines quarries and beds of coal, stone, clay, sand, minerals, and metalliferous substances of all descriptions therein or thereunder, with full and exclusive authority to sink win work get up and carry away the same in under out of and from the said lands and hereditaments, or any other lands and hereditaments, according to the course and practice at present or hereafter to be used or adopted in the county of Hereford, or according to the most approved mode which may from time to time be used or invented, and to enter upon take use and occupy from time to time, and for such time and in such manner as we our successors and our and their lessees tenants and assigns shall think fit, so much of the said lands and hcreditaments as we or they shall deem necessary proper or convenient for all or any of the aforesaid purposes, making full compensation for any injury thereby occasioned, and save and except and always reserved full and exclusive authority for us, our successors and our and their lessees, tenants, and assigns, or persons acting under our or their authority, and whether in reference or respect to lands held by or under us or any other property to make grant and use any way or ways upon across under or through the said lands and hereditaments for the purposes aforesaid, provided always and we hereby further recommend and propose, that nothing in the foregoing exception and reservation shall operate in any manner to prevent the said James Bishop of Hereford and his successors from taking and using from off or under the said lands and hereditaments all such stone, clay, sand, and gravel as may

page 4558 be required hereafter for repairing and amending the buildings fences roads or ways now being in upon or about the said lands and hereditaments, or any part thereof, and also for erecting making and repairing any buildings fences roads or ways which may require hereafter to be erected or made in upon or about the said lends and hereditaments.

“And we further recommend and propose that the said Bishop shall become entitled to the rents profits and proceeds of the lands and hereditaments hereby proposed to be assigned as the endowment of the said See as from the twenty-fifth day of March one thousand eight hundred and eighty.

“And we further recommend and propose that nothing herein contained shall prevent us from recommending and proposing any other measures relating to the matters aforesaid or any of them in conformity with the provisions of the said hereinbefore mentioned Act or of any other Act of Parliament.


Number on Plan            
Of Estate
deposited inDescription.Quantity.Quantity.
Diocesan Registry.A.R.P.A.R.P.
John Mutlow and Robert Homes, Occupiers.
184Fishpool Meadow210
186Upper Court Orchard7111
188Cottage and garden03121
Pt.212Long Lands130
213Pound Meadow14331
226Lower Court Orchard9219
227Mill Field1232
228The Forty Acres18329
229Horse Croft1223
230Barn fold &c.018
231Barn Meadow7111
232Great Tynings23310
233Upper Dadbrooks8220
256Woodcroft         }2327
257Woodcroft Hopyard } now in one415
279Lower Dadbrooks7327
284Little Tynings17112
288Park Meadow Hopyard532
293Oldbury Meadow4025
316} Homestead Orchard &c.4011
318Pond yards &tc.915
344The Inclosure5018
346In Bosbury South Field1034
350Ditto }0223
352Ditto } now in one209
353Ditto }0325
360Middle Hams16139
361Upper Hams13126
367Lower Hams23227
Pt.1068Brook Meadow1128
1070The Pleck1135
1071In Oakley Rye0010
1074Pond Yard Meadow4219
1075Coney Hill Hopyard with 2 cottages and gardens14331
1076Barn Close Orchard1124
Pt.212Long Lands407
1077Barn Close } now in one322
1078The Nine Acres }9225
1079Harbor Hill Field6021
1081Harbour Hill Orchard9232
1085Part Hedge Moon917
1206Harbour Hill8216
The Vicar and Churchwardens of Bosbury,
213aSchool playground and shed0032
Also such interest as the Ecclesiastical Commis-
sioners have in the undermentioned land.
Pt.1068Brook Meadow 0013
344Little piece over brook0125

[Other Parishes follow.]

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All those the annual tithe rent-charges amounting to five hundred pounds sixteen shillings and eight pence arising in the parish of Bosbury in the county of Hereford which are described in the following extract from the summary of the apportionment of the tithe-rent charges of the same parish.

payable to
Division of Catley.
Jones, RichardHimself84022 9811
Divisions of Bosbury & Upleadon.
Alcott, JamesHimself318334606
James Reynolds22331 330
James Jenkens 1034 020
Thomas Godsall 1132 036
Barrett, James EsquireHimself18223 2162
Thomas Godsall28803 7129
Himself 035 034
Bettington, EdwardHimself 4038 0165
Bosbury SchoolWilliam Vobe 0039 0010
James Hill 3128 080
Thomas Drinkwater 036 022
James Allcott 3111 070
Edward Bettington11120 154
Thomas Owens 0321 012
Thomas Bosley 1029 018
John Pritchard 0015 003
William Turberville 2115 086
Joseph Hicox 3129 0100
William Vobe1310 033
Samuel Turner013 004
Baskerville, JamesHimself 117 040
Baumgarten, Rev. Charles Henry ThomasThomas Pitt25901028 76
Bosley, WilliamHimself6100 661
Badham, RichardHimself5 016 01310
Cocks, James, EsquireJohn Nutt12811117 113
Carwardine, JamesHimself2 116 054
Chadd, ThomasHimself 0 338 038
Canal CompanyThemselves2417 2168
Drinkwater, ThomasHimself 5319 01910
Dutfield, JamesJohn Cope 0 17 008
Field, MaryCharles Thomas 429 0130
Gregg, JamesHimself101121 8169
John Acton1330191424
Gardiner, JosephHimself36319 41010
Green, JohnHimself 032 020
Higgins, Reverend EdwardHimself17221817188
Thomas Jones 0334 01 0
James Farmer 0316 020
William Vobe 5 210 0193
Edward Bettington 4118 015 6
James Kendrick 6116 015 5
Ann Bishop52326 73 9
Joseph Gardiner17 219 1164
William Squires38 121 57 9
Thomas Drinkwater 537 019 5
Heywood, ThomasJames Hill1251171355
John Pingery1 12  195
William Kendrick 2114 026
Hornes, John EsquireHimself13 237 268
Hornes, RichardEdward Bury44114 5121
Harford, ThomasHimself1317 164
Holbrook, AnnJohn Nutt 3222 050
Hopton, the Rev. JohnThomas Bowkett18310 202
Hartland, MaryJohn Barrett23329 356
Haines, AliceWilliam Palmer44037 412 8
Haines, ThomasHimself 731910106
Jones, Richard juniorHimself 4036  087
Kendrick, Thomas Himself 1328 073
Kendrick, RichardHimself 1 014 0310
Himself0 224 014
Kearney, AnnJohn Barrett 100 039
Lewis, JamesHimself 7221 01411
Lee Warner, Rev.William Lewis57218 5102
Mutlow, JohnHimself27821928 185
William Jinks 0338 024
Mutlow, AnnRichard Harding 3222 0156
Mayes, JohnEdward Bury 53232 7181
Ditto4218 687
Miles, Philip John EsquireSidney Gregg6424 8106
John Cotton 9 239 1154
Morris, WilliamHimself 108 016
Morris, WilliamHimself 611 0910
Nott, SarahHerself 5025 0110
Norbury, Thomas Jones Esq.Samuel Turner18510181910
Needham, JohnHimself 123 030
Phelps, Robert, EsquireWilliam Turberville 820 103
Palmer, WilliamHimself 3239 0157
Edward Bettington0 323 010
Palmer, ElizabethHerself 6127 0106
Pritchard, John juniorHimself11033 158
Pitt, ThomasWilliam Pullen 5326 0170
Poole, HenryWilliam Turberville 7320 0148
Price, SamuelHimself 2236 079
Ricketts, ThomasHimself120391618
Reece, WilliamAbell Smith 4014 0150
Shayle, GeorgeHimself13723919610
Sparkman, Philip StedmanHannah Willan1543141407
Joseph Hicox 1134 013
John Green 033 004
Vevers, John MannWilliam Jones and Josiah Beard 1020 02 0
Thomas Parker83010 843
Vobe, WilliamHimself 935 116
Joseph Hicox 207 046
Woodyatt, Rev. EdwardWilliam Barrett 5115 090
Williams, JohnHimself0321 010
Wilson, Edward EsquireEdward Kendrick52032 907
Richard Ockey2831 2112
Bishops Demesne, and Forelet
Barber, John, Esq. LesseeJohn Mason412286500
Sparkman, P. S. LesseeHimself and tenant90 3015168

[Other Parishes follow.]

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And whereas the said scheme has been approved by Her Majesty in Council; now, therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice of Her said Council, is pleased hereby to ratify the said scheme, and to order and direct that the same and every part thereof shall be effectual in law immediately from and after the time when this Order shall have been duly published in the London Gazette pursuant to the said Act; and Her Majesty, by and with the like advice, is pleased hereby to direct that this Order be forthwith registered by the Registrar of the said diocese of Hereford C. L. Ped.

Note: Areas of land are measured in Acres, Roods and Perches: one acre = 4 roods, 1 rood = 40 perches, 1 acre = 160 perches. An acre is 4840 square yards so a perch (more correctly a square perch) is 30.5 square yards. In metric units, 1 acre = 0.4047 hectares. Value is in pounds, shillings and pence (£ s d): one pound = 20 shillings, 1 shilling = 12 pence.

Typeface: Bodoni, 1796.

Source: courtesy of The London Gazette on Accessed August 2012.

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