The Will of Emily Barrett of Staplow House Bosbury, 1891

Summary:  A probate copy of the Will of Emily Barrett of Staplow House, Bosbury dated 24th August 1891 listing as beneficiaries her husband James, her niece Emily and the nieces and nephews who were children of her sister Mary. The original document is held in the Bosbury Chroniclers archive. The marriage of James Barrett to Emily is not recorded in the Bosbury Parish register. She died on 5th September 1891 aged 54 and was buried in Bosbury Holy Trinity churchyard on 9th September. The gross value of her estate recorded on the probate document of 20th January 1892 is £1,844 11s. 7d. The will was extracted (copied) by William Masefield, Solicitor, of Ledbury and lodged with the probate document at the Capital & Counties Bank in Ledbury.

    This is the last will and Testament of me Emily Barrett, the wife of James Barrett of Staplow House in the Parish of Bosbury in the county of Hereford, Gentleman. I hereby devise and bequeath and appoint all property over which I have a power of appointment and disposition by Will or of or to which I am seized or entitled to my separate use unto my said Husband, the said James Barrett as follows. I give and devise All that freehold house, Land, Buildings and premises situate at Stores Brook in the Parish of Ledbury which I purchased from Mrs. Harding or her Mortgagees. And also All that Messuage and Lands purchased from Edwin Gibbs or his Mortgagees unto the said James Barrett and his assigns for and during the term of his life without impeachment of waste. And after his death I give and devise the same hereditaments and premises unto my niece Emily Iles the wife of Charles Edward Iles To such uses as she shall by deed or Will direct or appoint notwithstanding coverture. I bequeath my wearing apparel Trinkets and ornaments of the person to my three nieces Florence Pritchett, Edith Pritchett and Kate Pritchett to be equally divided between them by my Executor. I bequeath to my said husband the said James Barrett five hundred pounds. I bequeath to my said niece Emily Iles, seven hundred pounds.

  And as to all the rest and residue of my personal estate I direct my Executor (after payment of my funeral and other expenses) to pay and divide the same between my nephews and nieces the seven children of my sister Mary Pritchett namely William Lilly Pritchett, Edward Pritchett, Mary Williams (the wife of James Williams) Florence Pritchett, Edith Pritchett, Kate Pritchett and Alice, the wife of John Pritchett, in equal shares.

  I appoint the said James Barrett to be Executor of this my Will and do hereby revoke all former Wills made by me. In witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this twenty-fourth day of August one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one.

  Signed by the said Emily Barrett as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names as witnesses having first observed the words “Emily Iles” written between the second and third lines from the bottom of the first page.
Sarah Summerfield 87 Ryland Road Edgbaston Birmingham       Jas. Owen Ledbury

ATTACHMENT A printed affidavit form with hand written words inserted as shown in italic type. A seal is attached.

Probate       The District Registry at Hereford

BE IT KNOWN, that at the date hereunder written, the last Will and Testament of Emily Barrett wife of James Barrett, late of Staplow House in the Parish of Bosbury in the county of Hereford deceased, who died on the fifth day of September 1891 at Staplow House aforesaid within the District of the counties of Radnor, Brecknock and Hereford was proved and registered in the District Probate Registry of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice, at Hereford and that Administration of the personal estate of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to the said James Barrett the husband of the said deceased, the sole Executor named in the said Will he having been first sworn well and faithfully to administer the same.

And it is hereby certified that an Affidavit in verification of the Account of the said estate has been delivered duly stamped wherein it is shown that the gross value of the said estate amounts to £1844.11.7 and no more.

Dated the twentieth day of January 1892.
J. C. Paris
District Registrar

Extracted by William Masefield, Solicitor, Ledbury

Transcribed by Barry Sharples, 2012

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