Diocese of Hereford Probate Records 1700 to 1858
Testators ‘of Bosbury’
W = Will     A = Letters of Administration     A+W = Letters with Will Annexed     ¶ = Transcribed
Year on Will Family Name Full Name Date of Will Docs Date of probate Executors
1702 Hill Richard Hill 4 April 1700    W 18th April 1702 Eleanor Hill
1702 Taylor Henry Taylor   W 30th April 1702 Ann Taylor
1703 Dalley Henry Dalley   W 30th March 1703 Esther Dalley
1703 Potter John Potter   A+W 30th June 1703 Meliora Potter, John Mason, John Potter
1703 Buckenhill Peter Buckenhill   W 9th October 1703 Constance Dudson
1705 Potter Melina Potter   W 9th February 1705 Ann Mason
1705 Milward John Milward 2 May 1704 W 24th October 1705 Susan Milward
1707 England Richard England alias Englia   W 5th January 1707/08 Margaret England
1707 Englia Richard Englia alias England   W 5th January 1707/08 Margaret England
1707 Nash Richard Nash 2 September 1707    W 15th January 1708/09 William Nash
1708 Mutlow Elizabeth Mutlow 28 October 1708    W 19th January 1708/09 Samuel Chadd
1708 Mutlow John Mutlow   A 21st February 1708/09 Margaret Mutlow
1708 Sheppard Richard Sheppard 15 February 1706    W 8th October 1708 Joyce Shepphard
1709 Bundy Daniel Bundy   W 4th March 1709/10 Elizabeth Bundey
1710 Bennett Richard Bennett 30 October 1704    W 31st March 1710 Ann Philpott
1710 Chad Thomas Chad 20 April 1710    W 5th June 1710 Ann Chad
1710 Mutloe Thomas Mutloe   A 13th October 1710 Ann Ravenhill
1711 Chadd Thomas Chadd   A 3rd November 1711 Ann Chadd
1712 Browne Francis Browne   W 26th April 1712 Susan Browne
1712 Browne Susan Browne   W 26th June 1712 Ann Jones
1711 Turner Joseph Turner 9 November 1711    W 6th October 1712 James Turner
1712 Prosser James Prosser   W 9th February 1712/13 Frances Prosser
1713 Tompkins Martin Tompkins   A 17th February 1713/14 Elizabeth Pennell
1713 Turbervile William Turbervile   A 27th June 1713 Mary Turner
1714 Unett William Unett 3 September 1714 W 13th November 1714 Ann Unett
1715 Traherne Thomas Traherne   W 7th September 1715 Sara Traherne
1716 Smith Joseph Smith   W 4th April 1716 Edward Smith
1716 Symonds John Symonds   W 13th October 1716 Sara Symonds, Mary Symonds, Hester Symonds
1717 Hanks Thomas Hanks   W 1st May 1717 Joyce Hanks alias Dalley
1717 Huck Anthony Huck   W 9th October 1717 Henry Huck
1717 Symonds Thomas Symonds   W 28th October 1717 Debora Symonds
1718 Alcott Thomas Alcott   W 22nd November 1718 ?Mary Alcott
1718 Lilly Thomas Lilly   W 9th October 1718 Elizabeth Lilly
1719 Bartley Richard Bartley 1 May 1718 W 2nd June 1719 James Bartley
1719 Braxton Alice Braxton   W 24th October 1719 Susan Braxton
1719 Bundy John Bundy   W 21st November 1719 John Wooding
1719 Collins Peter Collins   A 4th February 1719/20 Sara Collins
1720 Andrews Rebecca Andrews   A 13th June 1720 Sara Treherne
1721 Chadd Samuel Chadd   W 1st May 1721 Elizabeth Chadd
1722 Meeke Thomas Meeke   A 28th February 1722/23 Sara Meeke
1722 Parker Richard Parker   W 30th June 1722 Sybil Parker
1724 Sanders John Sanders   A 9th October 1724 Ann Sanders
1724 Lawrence Charles Lawrence   W 12th November 1724 Alice Lawrence, Elizabeth Lawrence
1724 Dally Hester Dally   A 28th November 1724 William Dally
1724 Daunton Benjamin Daunton   A 12th December 1724 John Hill
1725 Booth George Booth   W 1st December 1725 John Hurst
1725 Cowles William Cowles   W 17th December 1725 Mary Cowles alias Winsmore
1726 Huck Henry Huck   W 4th May 1726 Elizabeth Huck
1727 Turbervile Joseph Turbervile   W 15th June 1727 Thomas Solloway, Richard Hill
1727 Haffield Richard Haffield   A 11th July 1727 Ann Haffield
1727 Lilly John Lilly   W 2nd August 1727 John Lilly
1727 Mills Edward Mills   A 12th August 1727 Ann Mills
1729 Alcott John Alcott   A+W 20th August 1729 Thomas Alcott, William Hartland, Elizabeth Alcott
1729 Lilley Elizabeth Lilley   W 11th November 1729 Thomas Lilley
1729 Prichard James Prichard   W 3rd January 1729/30 Ann Prichard
1729 Wood Richard Wood   W 3rd February 1729/30 Mary Wood
1731 Jones John Jones   W 25th September 1731 Elizabeth Jones
1731 Derry John Derry 20 June 1731 W 20th June 1732 Susan Derry
1735 Turner Samuel Turner   W 6th August 1735 Richard Hill, Thomas Dangerfield, Robert Dangerfeild snr. and jnr.
1737 Cocks Abel Cocks   W 27th August 1737 Ann Cocks
1738 Mutlow John Mutlow   W 13th May 1738 James Alcott, John Turberville
1738 Hartland Peter Hartland   W 9th October 1738 Margaret Hartland
1739 Chadd William Chadd   A 15th March 1739/40 John Chadd
1742 Hall Elizabeth Hall   W 12th July 1742 Mary Hall
1744 Woodyate William Woodyate 8 March 1744 W 1st August 1745 Elizabeth Woodyate
1745 Beard Anne Beard   W 13th January 1745/46 Ann Beard
1746 Nicholls Thomas Nicholls   W 7th June 1746 Ann Nicholls
1748 Knight Margery Knight   A 16th May 1748 Thomas Minatt
1748 Chetwind Thomas Chetwind   A 18th June 1748 Mary Chetwind
1748 Barrett Thomas Barrett   A 10th October 1748 Anne Barrett
1749 Clarke James Clarke   A 25th September 1749 Samuel Clarke
1749 Jones John Jones   A 26th September 1749 Hephzibah Jones
1752 Blakeway Elizabeth Blakeway   A 27th August 1752 Elizabeth Apperley
1753 Nash William Nash   W 13th November 1753 John Nash
1754 Jones William Jones   W 6th July 1754 Margaret Jones, Thomas Chetwin, Samuel Ball
1755 Foxall Ann Foxall   W 15th November 1755 William Foxall
1755 Hartland George Hartland   A 29th January 1755 Elizabeth Hartland
1756 Jones Margaret Jones   W 19th June 1756 Samuel Ball
1756 Wargent William Wargent   A 19th October 1756 Mary Archer
1757 Manton Susanna Manton   W 11th January 1757 James Alcott
1760 Meek John Meek   A 2nd February 1760 Ann Meek
1761 Tyler William Tyler   A 18th April 1761 Jane Tyler
1761 Traherne Thomas Traherne   W 30th September 1761 Mary Traherne
1762 Price Walter Price   W 13th November 1762 Sarah Price
1763 Dowding John Dowding   A 17th March 1763 John Dowding, Mary Dowding
1763 Brimwell Edward Brimwell   W 4th July 1763 Susannah Brimwell
1763 Hall James Hall   A 29th December 1763 Mary Hall
1764 Williams Samuel Williams   A 4th January 1764 Richard Williams
1764 Browne Mathew Browne   A 21st March 1764 Francis Browne
1764 Jones John Jones 8 July 1764 W 1st July 1773 Edward Jones
1766 Philpott John Philpott   A 1st March 1766 Philiss Philpott
1767 Brown James Brown   W 2nd April 1767 William Brown
1767 Chadd Benjamin Chadd   A 2nd June 1767 Thomas Solloway
1767 Pritchard Francis Pritchard   A 5th August 1767 Hester Edwards
1767 Pritchard Joseph Pritchard   A 15th August 1767 John Symonds
1768 Lewis James Lewis   A 1st July 1768 Ann Lewis
1768 Burton Thomas Burton   W 16th August 1768 Elizabeth Gardiner
1769 Chadd John Chadd   W 1st May 1769 Sherborne Chadd
1766 Jones John Jones 20 November 1766    W 30th September 1769 Robert Jones
1769 Mutlow Elizabeth Mutlow   A 9th December 1769 John Mutlow
1770 Chadd Thomas Chadd   W 15th August 1770 John Chadd
1770 Brush Philip Brush   A 8th December 1770 Catherine Brush, Sarah Corbett
1771 Prichard John Prichard   W 27th August 1771 Ann Prichard
1771 Taylor James Taylor 11 May 1771 W 27th April 1772 Thomas Taylor, Catherine Taylor
1772 Hill John Hill   W 20th October 1772 John Hill, William Turberville
1772 Kendrick Ambrose Kendrick 2 April 1772    W 1st December 1777 Richard Kendrick
1773 Huck Henry Huck   A 17th June 1773 Elizabeth Bosley (sister)
1774 Davis John Davis   W 30th May 1774 Edward Davis
1775 Wade William Wade alias Ward   W 19th May 1775 Anne Wade alias Ward
1775 Ward William Ward alias Wade   W 19th May 1775 Anne Ward alias Wade 
1775 Nash John Nash   W 7th August 1775 Sarah Bullock
1776 Traherne Mary Traherne   A+W 23rd April 1776 Samuel Jones
1776 Mould Joseph Mould   W 22nd May 1776 Moses Sankey
1776 South Hannah South   W 29th June 1776 Thomas Taylor
1776 Terrett John Terrett   W 15th November 1776 Mary Terrett (widow)
1777 Perkins Thomas Perkins   W 26th July 1777 John Davis
1777 Badham Edward Badham   W 15th November 1777 Alice Badham
1778 Trahern William Trahern   A 15th May 1778 Ann Wilkes
1779 Jones Edward Jones   A 19th January 1779 John Jones (son)
1779 Chetwinn Thomas Chetwinn   A 20th October 1779 Ann Chetwin (daughter)
1780 Meakings Susannah Meakings   W 11th April 1780 Thomas Rudge, Richard Barrett
1781 Stephens William Stephens   W 18th January 1781 Hester Stephens
1781 Davies John Davies   W 26th May 1781 Ann Dovies (widow)
1781 Allcott John Allcott   W 23rd June 1781 James Hartland
1781 Nash Elizabeth Nash   A 16th August 1781 Sarah Bullock, John Wood
1783 Gardiner Thomas Gardiner   A 1st July 1783 Elizabeth Gardiner
1784 Everalds Thomas Everalds   A 17th February 1784 Elizabeth Everalds
1784 Woodyate Edward Woodyate 16 March 1784 W 22nd November 1784 Charles Bennett
1785 Hallings Richard Hallings   W 29th April 1785 Edward Owens
1786 Hill John Hill   W 4th February 1786 Elizabeth Hill
1786 Jenks Edward Jenks   A 2nd June 1786 Jane jenks
1786 Taylor James Taylor   A+W 4th December 1786 Thomas Taylor (brother)
1787 Barrett Richard Barrett 18 August 1787    W 23rd August 1788 Ann Barrett, Edward Fifield, James Hartland
1788 Hallings Richard Hallings   A+W 8th October 1788 John Philpotts, William Holbrook
1788 Owens Edward Owens   W 8th October 1788 John Philpotts, William Holbrook
1789 Gwynn Benjamin Gwynn   W 3rd February 1789 Susannah Gwynn
1789 Jones Edward Jones   W 6th June 1789 Job Pengrey
1791 Kendrick Richard Kendrick   W 7th May 1791 James Hartland, William Holbrook
1792 Weaver John Weaver   W 3rd November 1792 Thomas Wright, John Barrett
1793 Bullock Sarah Bullock   W 4th October 1793 Leonard Hill, Joseph Calder
1793 Davis Ann Davis   W 16th March 1793 John Davis
1793 Hill James Hill   W 9th November 1793 James Williams, John Archer
1793 Williams Thomas Williams   W 10th May 1793 Elizabeth Williams, John Vevers
1794 Hill Thomas Hill   W 20th December 1794 Thomas Hill, Richard Hill
1794 Palmer William Palmer   A 25th October 1794 Mary Ann Palmer
1798 Turner Stephen Turner   W 10th July 1798 Samuel Turner
1798 Watkins Hannah Watkins   A+W 30th June 1798 Jane Hall
1799 Hardwicke Henry Hardwicke   W 27th April 1799 Robert Drew
1799 Thomas David Thomas   W 4th May 1799 Jeremiah Thomas
1800 Davis John Davis   A 22nd November 1800 William Davis (brother)
1800 Hill Mary Hill   A 22nd March 1800 Mary James (daughter)
1802 Thomas David Thomas   W 11th August 1802 Jeremiah Thomas
1802 Williams John Williams   W 11th August 1802 John Williams
1803 Bourne Edward Bourne   W 30th April 1803 Edward Bourne
1803 Winnall John Winnall   W 5th December 1803 James Barrett
1804 Hartland James Hartland   W 5th October 1804 William Holbrook
1804 Watkins Ann Watkins   A 20th October 1804 Mary Tomkins
1807 Hartland Mary Hartland   W 26th March 1807 Mary Stone
1807 Thomas Jeremiah Thomas   A 6th August 1807 Ann Thomas
1808 Cole Thomas Cole   W 2nd February 1808 John Edwards
1808 Gardiner Thomas Gardiner   W 20th October 1808 William Allen, Richard Gardiner
1810 Bishop John Berkeley Bishop   W 8th January 1810 William Moore Gibbs
1810 Loggen Samuel Loggen   W 9th January 1810 Mary Mutlow
1810 Lewis William Lewis, Senior   W 15th January 1810 William Lewis, James Lewis
1810 Mutlow John Mutlow   W 19th May 1810 John Mutlow
1812 Mutlow Mary Mutlow   W 11th April 1812 John Lodge. Richard Kendrick
1812 Pritchard Thomas Pritchard   W 20th October 1812 James Barrett
1813 Turberville William Turberville   W 12th January 1813 Thomas Chetwin
1814 Pritchard John Pritchard   W 18th February 1814 James Allcott, Richard Kendrick
1814 Field James Field   W 18th July 1814 John Field
1815 Jenks Jane Jenks   W 2nd October 1815 William Jenks
1816 Stedman Ann Stedman   A 23rd August 1816 Robert Taylor (brother)
1817 Palmer Mary Ann Palmer   W 14th November 1817 Thomas Palmer
1818 Williams Richard Williams   W 24th February 1818 James Gregg, William Mayos
1818 Nelines Thomas Nelmes   W 7th November 1818 Ann Holbrook
1819 Alcott James Alcott   W 12th August 1819 James Alcott
1819 Jones Robert Jones   W 20th October 1819 Richard Jones, Ann Jones
1820 Watkins James Watkins   A 29th March 1820 Lydia Watkins
1821 Hall William Hall   W 12th April 1821 Thomas Chetwin, Thomas Brewew
1822 Kendrick Thomas Kendrick   A 4th June 1822 Maria Kendrick
1823 Thomas Joseph Thomas   A 13th January 1823 William Thomas (brother)
1823 Kitchin Arthur Kitchin   W 10th April 1823 Elizabeth Green
1823 Davies George Davies   W 24th April 1823 William Palmer
1824 Cooke John Cooke   W 20th August 1824 Peter Kendrick
1825 Kendrick Maria Kendrick   W 16th April 1825 Thomas Corbett, James Barrett
1826 Pritchard William Pritchard   W 3rd June 1826 William Palmer
1827 Lilley William Lilley   A+W 8th September 1827 Charles ?Trillo
1827 Hill Thomas Hill   A 23rd November 1827 John Hill (brother)
1828 Ball Sarah Ball   A 16th February 1828 Charles Ball (husband)
1828 Alford Thomas Alford   W 26th April 1828 Mary Alford
1828 Alford James Alford   A 26th June 1828 Ann Alford
1830 Mason Richard Mason   W 31st March 1830 Richard Matthews, Sarah Matthews
1830 Lodge John Lodge   W 10th August 1830 Rev.Joseph Higgins, Rev.Jeffrey Hebden
1830 Hill Sarah Hill   W 1st December 1830 Hannah Taylor
1831 Price Herbert Price   W 11th June 1831 Margaret Price (wife)
1830 Kendrick Richard Kendrick 8 October 1830 W 24th October 1831 Joseph Kendrick, Daniel Moore, Thomas Kendrick
1832 Mayos William Mayos   W 25th May 1832 John Mayos
1832 Thomas Charles Thomas   W 5th June 1832 James Barrett, Robert Phelps
1833 Hooper John Hooper   W 14th March 1833 Edward Hooper
1833 Kendrick Joseph Kendrick   A 13th December 1833 Thomas Kendrick (brother)
1835 Mayo George Mayo   W 9th April 1835 Elizabeth Mayo (widow)
1835 Pitt William Pitt   W 22nd April 1835 Robert Hartland
1836 Skinner Joseph Skinner   A 5th January 1836 Anne Skinner
1836 Fincher Edward Fincher   A+W 9th June 1836 Catherine Fincher, Jeremiah Thomas, James Pitt
1836 Mayo Elizabeth Mayo   W 21st September 1836 George Shayle
1837 Wilks John Wilks   W 27th June 1837 Elizabeth Wilks
1837 Palmer Thomas Palmer   W 13th September 1837 James Barrett, Philip Stedman Sparkman
1838 Thomas Jeremiah Thomas   W 10th January 1838 Thomas Galliers, Thomas Godsall, James Barrett
1839 Jones John Jones   W 25th February 1839 Philip Stedman Sparkman
1839 Bennett Elizabeth Bennett   W 8th June 1839 Phebe Mutlow
1840 Chetwin Thomas Chetwin   W 19th February 1840 Thomas Kendrick, Thomas Turberville
1839 Allcott James Allcott 5 September 1839    W 14th August 1841 Sarah Alcott, Henry Poole, Thomas Godsall
1842 Lewis John Lewis   W 1st June 1842 John Lewis, Joseph Bird
1842 Hyde John Hyde   W 31st October 1842 William Palmer
1843 Carwardine Mary Carwardine   A 11th May 1843 James Carwardine
1842 Vobe William Vobe 23 June 1842 A+W 16th February 1843 William Vobe (son), Robert Jauncey, William Calder
1844 Alford Mary Alford   W ?30th November 1844 Henry Treherne, John Palmer
1846 Lewis James Lewis   W 31st December 1846 George Shayle
1847 Godsall Thomas Godsall   A 13th January 1847 George Godsall (father)
1847 Mayos John Mayos   W 20th February 1847 William Homes, Henry Trehearne
1847 Carwardine John Carwardine   W 10th April 1847 Mary Carwardine
1848 Needham John Needham   A+W 8th May 1848 Mary Need (cousin)
1848 Godsall Elizabeth Godsall   W 2nd September 1848 Elizabeth Kendrick
1849 Treherne William Treherne   W 24th July 1849 William Chadd, Hannah Russell
1851 Gardiner Joseph Gardiner the younger   W 12th April 1851 Thomas Gardiner
1851 Bullock Job Bullock   A 21st May 1851 Job Bullock (nephew)
1851 Palmer James Palmer   W 16th July 1851 Hannah Cooper
1851 Morris William Morris   W 25th October 1851 James Jenkins
1851 Turner Samuel Turner   W 9th December 1851 William Palmer, Richard Mason
1852 Bullock Maria Bullock   A 2nd April 1852 Job Bullock
1853 Matthews William Matthews   W 22nd October 1853 Jane Matthews, William Palmer, John Palmer
1854 Acton John Acton   A 17th January 1854 Alphae Acton (widow)
1854 Edwards Joseph Edwards   W 4th August 1854 Hannah Edwards
1855 Chadd Robert Chadd   W 25th April 1855 Joseph Chadd
1855 Maile Richard Maile   W 27th September 1855 Caleb Maile, Henry Gibbs
1855 Haynes Thomas Haynes   A 17th November 1855 Hannah Haynes
1856 Allcott James Allcott   A 14th August 1856 John Alcott (son)
1857 Hollings Thomas Hollings   W 16th February 1857 Elizabeth Pitt
1857 Hall William Hall   A 24th June 1857 Thomas Hall (grandson)
1857 Field Mary Field   A 6th November 1857 Hannah Mann (daughter)
1857 Vobe Ann Vobe   A 6th November 1857 William Vobe (son)
1857 Williams John Williams   A 6th November 1857 Hannah Tudge (daughter)

Information from the Hereford Diocese Probate Act Books 1700-1858 and Hereford Deanery Probate Act Books 1660-1858. These books contain a summary record of each probate grant and, where the original documents do not now exist, the Act Books are the only surviving reference. The basis for this list was a transcription from microfilms at the Herefordshire Archives and Records Office (ref. 133 to 139) prepared by Jean Dobson of Hereford, see http://www.jeandobson.co.uk/. Many thanks to her for permission to use this.

The Excel spreadsheet is available to download.
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