The Account of Anne Bridge of Bosbury, undated

Summary:  Transcription of the original account document of Anne Bridge describing the property of her late husband. James Bridge, of Bosbury which is held at the Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre, reference A81/II/5.

Anne Bridge now widow and late wife of James Bridge of Bosbury, yeoman, deceased, concerning the disposing of his goods in the Inventory which is [hereby?] exhibited unto the wor[ship]ful ?Court’s Baylie Chancellor of the Diocese of Hereford* disposed by me the said Anne according as follows:

Imprimis For my husband, his funeral, in all kind of charge laid out by W[illia]m Bridge, my son in law, the which I am to pay him £3

Item as touching the apparel of the said James Bridge my husband, I gave p[ar]t thereof to Richard Bridge, brother to my said husband and p[ar]t thereof to Richard Mutloe, my son and p[ar]t thereof to John Mutloe, my son and p[ar]t thereof to Catherine ?Bartley, daughter to my said husband to make her children clothes and the rest thereof to the servants of my said husband 26s. 6d.

Item I delivered to the said W[illia]m Bridge, forty shillings 3d. which that was in my husband his purse and ... to discharge the expense and charge that I was at in the consitory Court in all points concerning the administration and the comptes [accounts] to be taken in the proceedings of the same and also to discharge my servants wages for service done to my husband in his last life time 40s. 2d.

Item the said W[illia]m Bridge hath laid out for me concerning the administration and the proceedings therein 36s.

Item he hath paid for making and engrossing the inventory 2s.

Item he hath paid for me to my husband his servant ma[?n] 12d.

And to his servant maids vis. 8d.

Item for the tack of my swine 10s.

Item to Tho[mas] Homme for curing my swine that were diseased 2s.

Item I owe unto the said Wm Bridge for corn since the decease of my husband 20s.

And for houseroom and firewood 6s. 8d.

Item the s[ai]d William hath paid for me in rent ?xvis. 6d.

Item in rent 2s. 6d.

Item to Mr Collins for ?tythes 3s. 4d.

Item he hath laid out for me for a gown 26s. 8d.

Item for cloth to make me a partlet & a kerchief 4s.

Item for a pair of shoes 16d.

And for a pair of shoes for my maid 14d.

Item he paid for me to Watkins the butcher of my husband for debt 2s. 10d.

And to Blackway the smith 12d.

Item discharged to Catherine Bartley daughter to my said husband in debt due from her father £3 13s. 4d.

Item I delivered unto the said Catherine Bartley one of the best beds with the furniture due unto her before the decease of my s[ai]d husband

Item I delivered unto her one vallowe [fallow i.e. pale brownish or reddish yellow] cow due unto her daughter Jane before the decease of my s[ai]d husband 40s.

Item with the carpet and the bench cloth in the inventory mentioned I made apparel for the s[ai]d Jane dwelling with me.

Item as touching the pewter, brass, iron stuff, table boards, form, chairs, stools, cushions, coffers, bedsteads and beds with all kinds of furniture belonging to the same beds and also the bags and painted cloths they are yet in my possession except one pewter dish which I gave to Margaret Mutloe my daughter and that which before ?p….ed I have ?.. and the carpet and bench cloth which I bestowed as aforesaid.

Item the butter and cheese and fruit malt oats and barley I have spent in diet of myself and them that were with me for the ?ly ?y... and ?h... I converted to my own use the wheat and ?pigs I have yet.

Item saddles bridles and other implements thereto pertaining I have yet in my p[ossessio]n

Item the wooden vessels, treen ware, napiery ware, tester of bed, tools of husbandry and other old baggage stuff and the tack of the team I have yet in my po[ssessio]n.

Item the corn, grain, hay and fodder both in the house and barns and also on the ground I have sold for £20.

As touching the vi [six] kine I have sold five of them for ix?li [hole in paper] and the vith [sixth] cow I d[elivere]d as aforesaid

Item the ?br..e lambs I have yet and I owe Wm Bridges for their meat.

Item as touching the oxen, three of them are gone for herriott to the king’s majesty and Mr Ruddall maketh title to the fourth for a herriott.

Item the two mares I sold for £3.

Item the five young beasts I sold for £6.

Item as touching the swine, I sold the four ?shootes and the four weaning pigs for 10s.
< And five of the swine I killed and spent and four I have yet.

And as concerning the poultry I have spent them except a gander and two old geese which I have yet in my po[ssessio]n

Item now of late Mr Collins had for a mortuary 10s.

Item it cost me the making and exhibiting of my accounts 13s. 3d.

And as touching the money I have received, I have bestowed some p[ar]t thereof upon the maintenance of my p[er]son and the residue I have to continue my estate when my debts be ded[uct]ed and paid out the same [paper worn] above £20 ? shillings.


* James Baylie of All Souls’ College Oxford, Bachelor of Civil Law 9 July, 1594, Doctor of Civil Law 6 July, 1599, was chancellor to the Bishop of Hereford. From Rescript: Alumni Oxonienses 1500-1714 at

Transcribed by Dr. Sylvia Pinches, 2014.
Note: amounts in Latin where clear have been converted
into normal numbers and £ replaces li.

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