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There have been very few books concerned solely with Bosbury with the notable exception of Rev. Samuel Bentley’s A Short Account of the Church, Episcopal Manor, and Other Objects of Interest in Bosbury, Herefordshire written in 1881 and History and description of the parish of Bosbury, in the diocese and county of Hereford written in 1891. Having said that, here are extracts from various guide books, history books and articles arranged in date order.

 The Domesday Record 1086 
 Transcript of bishop’s rental c.1288 
 Bishop Swinfield’s Household Expenses, 1289 
 Swithun Butterfield’s Property Survey, 1578 
 Bosbury in The Civil War, 1645-49 
 Pictorial Guide to Niagara Falls, 1842 
 The Church Intelligencer, 1844 
 Heraldry of Herefordshire, 1848 
 Hereford Journal, 1858 
 Robinson, 1872 
 The Union Leader in Bosbury, 1872 
 Samuel Bentley, Short Account, 1881
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 Matthew Arnold - Arthur Mynors story, 1882 
 Samuel Bentley, 1891
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 Timmins, 1892 
 A Visit to Bosbury, 1894 
 Watkins 1902 
 The Harford Annals, 1909 
 A History of Coddington, 1924 
 Mee, 1938 
 Pevsner, 1963 
 WI Scrapbook, 1965 
 Sharpe, 1966 
 John Gildon of Hereford, 1972 essay
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 Domesday Project, 1986 
 Woolhope Club visit, 1993 
 Eisel & Shoesmith, Inns, 2003 
 Black Country Bugle, 2005 
 Shoesmith, Moated Sites, 2009 
 The English Storekeeper at Rincon, 2010 
 Whitehead, Bosbury Parish Church, 2015 © 

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