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Extracts concerning Bosbury from David Ross’s story of Herefordshire in the English Civil War, Logaston Press, 2012

[1645] While there can be little doubt that the troops based in Hereford were well stocked, they were frequently ordered out to support Royalist detachments which were harassing or being harrassed by Massey ... The forest of Dean was also fought over ... Skirmishings took place around Ledbury, and Massey brought a force as far as Bosbury where he captured a captain and his troop. [Webb MSS ii 123 at HARC]

The Scottish Army laid siege to the Parliamentarians holding the city of Hereford in July/August 1645.

The Commons had passed an ordinance that the counties of Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire should be taxed ‘to the payment of the Scotts Army’, but promises of food and money supplies were not fulfilled and the army ‘never saw a farthing’ of the £200 a day supposed to be levied for its upkeep. This is borne out by the experience of William Pullen and Richard Woodlake, constables of Bosbury, who used their own cash to buy up cattle, bedding and provisions against warrants isssued by Scots officers, but also appear to have requisitioned goods from some inhabitants who later sued them in Chancery for ‘what the petitioners took upp of them by virtue of the said warrants’. The constables had to appeal to the Committee for Indemnity, after the war, to get their money back and avoid the debt.
[State Papers 24/75 at NA quoted in Sherwood - ‘Civil Strife in the Midlands’]

When the fighting had ended in 1649, sale of Church property began again.

In 1649 Sylvanus Taylor bought [the manor of] Bosbury for £728 10s. 6¼d, ... and in 1650 John Birch spent £2,475 12s. 5½d. on half of the Bishop’s Palace [in Bosbury] (Sylvanus Taylor had the other half) ...
[Rawlinson ‘History of Antiquities’ 1ff. Capes W.W. ‘The Cathedral during the Civil War’ in Hereford Diocesan Messenger June 1911 pp.137-9]

Sourcebook courtesy of Philip Weaver, 2022
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