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I hope you have been able to navigate through menus on the Bosbury History Resource website but here also is a content list for the website in case it proves useful.

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Maps to locate Bosbury
Bosbury Place-names Origins
Historical Fonts
Modern Fonts
Census -Introduction
1801-1831 Villagers
Bosbury 1841 Villagers
Bosbury 1851 Villagers
Bosbury 1861 Villagers
Bosbury 1871 Villagers
Bosbury 1881 Villagers
Bosbury 1891 Villagers
Bosbury 1901 Villagers
Bosbury 1911 Villagers
Bosbury Free Grammar School Pupils 1876-87
Bosbury 1921 Villagers
Bosbury 1939 Villagers - Registration
Bosbury Surnames
Bosbury Population
Bosbury Voters 1802
Bosbury People in the Workhouse
Bosbury Land Record 1839
Farms and Owners 1839
Bosbury Emigrants
Bosbury in Trade Directories menu
Bosbury in Lascelles’ Directory 1851
Bosbury in Kelly’s Post Office Directory 1856
Bosbury in Cassey’s Directory 1858
Bosbury in Slater’s Directory 1859
Bosbury in Post Office Directory 1863
Bosbury in Littlebury’s Directory 1867
Bosbury in Slater’s Directory 1868
Bosbury in Post Office Directory 1870
Bosbury in Littlebury’s Directory 1876
Bosbury in Post Office Directory 1879
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1885
Bosbury in Jakeman & Carver’s Directory 1890
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1895
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1900
Bosbury in Jakeman & Carver’s Directory 1902
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1905
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1909
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1913
Bosbury in Jakeman & Carver’s Directory 1914
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1917
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1922
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1929
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1934
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1937
Bosbury in Kelly’s Directory 1941
Bosbury Voters 1852
Bosbury Landowners 1873
Bosbury Cricket Match 1909
Ledbury Almanack 1920
Ledbury Almanack 1921
Ledbury Almanack 1922
Ledbury Almanack 1923
Ledbury Almanack 1926
Ledbury Almanack 1927
Ledbury Almanack 1930
Ledbury Almanack 1932
Ledbury Almanack 1934
Ledbury Almanack 1936
Ledbury Almanack 1938
Ledbury Almanack 1940
Ledbury Almanack 1941
Ledbury Almanack 1942
Ledbury Almanack 1944
Ledbury Almanack 1947
Ledbury Almanack 1950
Ledbury Almanack 1951
Ledbury Almanack 1954
Ledbury Almanack 1957
Ledbury Almanack 1959
Ledbury Almanack 1961
Ledbury Almanack 1963
Ledbury Almanack 1965
Ledbury Almanack 1966
Ledbury Almanack 1968
Ledbury Almanack 1970 3/- (15np)
Ledbury Almanack 1973 25p
Ledbury Almanack 1976
Ledbury Almanack 1977
Ledbury Almanack 1979 60p
Ledbury Almanack 1981
Ledbury Almanack 1988
Ledbury Almanack 1995
Ledbury Almanack 1999
Ledbury Almanack 2002
Bosbury Show Catalogue names
Bosbury Concert 1965
Bosbury 1976 Tilley’s Almanack
Bosbury Personal Histories
Personal Histories - Robert Buchanan
Personal Histories - Marian Buck
Personal Histories - Philip Clissett
Personal Histories - John Stedman
Personal Histories - Geoffrey Griffiths
Personal Histories - Hamish Moffat
Personal Histories - Ada Ellen Bayly
High Sherrifs
Family Trees
Bosbury Schoolchildren 1958
Bosbury Individuals
Parish Registers
Parish Registers - Introduction
Bosbury Parish Registers described
Baptism Search
Marriage Search
Burial Search
Baptism Records in full
Marriage Records in full
Burial Records in full
BMD Further Research
1510 Chantry Licence
Bosbury Vicars 1200-1996
Bosbury Vicars in more detail
1764 Vicars’s appointment
Bosbury Church Memorials
Bosbury Graves
Bosbury Church Graveyard
Bosbury’s Lost Gravestone
Bosbury Bells, 1966
Bosbury Bellringers
Sunday School letter
Brydges tombs
Margaret Brydges tomb
Church Windows
Bosbury War Memorials
Bosbury Church Renovation 1844
Bosbury in Family Search
Bosbury People at Munsley Church
Bosbury People at Bishops Frome Church
Bishops of Hereford
Bosbury Workhouse
1999 Flower Festival
2002 Jubilee Songs of Praise
legal documents / 68 pages
Bosbury Wills Catalogue
Ledbury Wills Catalogue
Ledbury Wills 1500 to 1585
Ledbury Wills 1586 to 1599
Ledbury Wills 1600 to 1619
Ledbury Wills 1620 to 1659
Ledbury Wills 1660 to 1669
Ledbury Wills 1670 to 1679
Ledbury Wills 1680 to 1689
Ledbury Wills 1690 to 1700
Ledbury Wills 1701 to 1899
Bosbury Probate Records 1700 - 1858
About the Probate Bond
1512/13 Will of William Wooding
1554/55 Will of Rowland Morton
1603 Inventory of James Bridge
Account of wife of James Bridge
1604 Will of John Mutlow
1614 Will of James Alcock
1615 Will of William Barnes
1619 Will of William Brydges
1627 Will of William Bridge
1630 Will of Roger Walker
1641 Will of George Wall, Vicar
1670 Will of John Powell
1673 Will and Inventory of William Parsons
1700 Will of Richard Hill
1704 Will of William Bridges of Colwall
1708 Will of Elizabeth Mutlow
1719 Will of Elizabeth Lilley
1729 Will of Richard Wood
1742 Will of John Brydges
1786 Will of John Stedman
1787 Will of Richard Barrett, Esquire
1804 Will of Elizabeth Brydges of Ledbury
1819 Will of Philip Stedman, Esquire
1839 Will of James Alcott
1850 Will of William Sivell of Ledbury
1860 Will of Robert probert
1891 Will of Emily Barrett
1905 Will of Samuel Willcox
1916 Will of Thomas Lewis
Bosbury Apprenticeships Indentures Catalogue
Bosbury Records in the Court Books of the Bishops of Hereford 1407 to 1581
Acts of Parliament which affected Bosbury
Finding Days and Dates
Day for any Date
Easter Date
Regnal Year to Calendar Year
General Terms used in Historical Documents
Legal Terms in Wills and Land Records
Inventory Terms in Legal Documents
Occupations in Wills and Land Records
Church Terms in Wills
Measurements in Wills and Land Records
Land Conveyances by Final Concord
1545 Letters & Papers
Bosbury Chantry Valuations, 1547
Bosbury Custumal, 1647
1690 Land Conveyance
1699 Marriage Agreement
1701 Apprenticeship
Turnpike Riots, 1735
Charity Land Conveyance, 1750
John Stedman Inventory
Senate Ruling, 1816
1828 Lease
1828 Release
Places of Worship Licences
1836 Sparkman Affidavit
1838 Lease
1839 Tithe Commutation Apportionment
1845 Apprenticeship
Railway News
1853 Apprenticeship
1854 Apprenticeship
1855 Abstract of Title
Bosbury Church Land, Order in Council, 1880
1888 Apprenticeship
1916 War Memorial Land Conveyance Indenture
1845 Parish Hall Conveyance
1945 Wayleave Agreement
1966 Land Conveyance
end of legal documents
About the Ledbury Newspapers
Bosbury in Ledbury newspaper reports
Bosbury School, November 1812
Worcester Society visit
Agricultural Wages Order, December 1941
Bosbury School in January 1965
Bosbury in Newspaper Snippets
Bosbury Marriages
Bosbury Obituaries
Land & Property Notices
Bosbury Bankruptcies
Bosbury Concert Review
Photos, postcards & pictures
Bosbury at War
Herefordshire Musters 1539 and 1542
Bosbury War Memorials
Bosbury War Memorial unveiling
Soldiers who Died
Alan Buchanan - Obituary
Bosbury War Memorials analysed
Newspaper Reports in WW1
A Survivor’s Story
Soldiers who Survived
Letter from William Jones 1914
WW1 Service Medals
Glossary of terms in WW records
Parish Map
Village Centre Map
Village East Map
Churchyard map
1577 County Map
1665 Speed Map
1754 Taylor Map
1808 Smith Map
1831 OS Map
1833 Duncan Map
1835 Bryant Map
1840 Tithe Map
1886 OS Map
1887 OS Map
1897 OS Map
1903 OS Map
1904 OS Map
1926 OS Map
1937 Land Utilisation Survey
194 War Office Map
1953 OS Map
1960 OS Map
2009 Buchanan Tryst land
2014 OpenStreetMap
Bosbury in the ‘Domesday’ Book, 1086
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Robinson, 1872
Edwin Russell
Bosbury in Timmins, 1892
A Visit to Bosbury
Bosbury in Watkins, 1902
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in ‘A History of Coddington’ 1924
Bosbury in Mee, 1938
Bosbury in Pevsner, 1963
The Bosbury WI records, 1965
Sharpe, 1966
Domesday Project, 1986
Woolhope Club visit, 1993
Inns, 2003
Black Country Bugle, 2005
Bosbury in Shoesmith, 2009
The Storekeeper 2010
Whitehead 2015
James Hill’s Notebook (1814-1885)
Charles Bennett’s Account Book, Temple Court, 1740
William Bettington’s Notebook (1814-1885)
Letter from Mrs Buck, 1920
A Hop-picking Story
‘The Farm’ ledgers
About the United Brethren
Wilford Woodruff’s Journal 1840
Latter-Day Saints Conference 1840
Bosbury LDS Emigrants
Wesleyan Chapel 1899
Stanley Hill Chapel photos
Swinmore Chapel photos
Bosbury School 1548
1548 Transcriptions
1812 report in ‘The Courier’
Bosbury Endowed School in Carlisle 1818
Report of the Commissioners for Inquiring concerning Charities 1819-1837
Grammar School records 1835-65
Grammar School Schoolmasters 1544-1911
Grammar School Pupils 1876-87
Parliamentary Report on both schools
Scheme of Administration 1890
1915 Leach
Letter 1944
Herefordshire Council report, 1960
Hereford Evening News, 1965
Grammar School Minutes 1848
Land Conveyance 1848
hereford Journal Report, 1849
The Buchanan Trust
The Buchanan Trust Charity
John Barron and the Buchanan Trust
The Buchanan Trust Partnership 2012
Bosbury Farms & Properties
Bosbury Listed Buildings
Bosbury Milestones
Newspaper Notices
Merrings Sale 1811
The Razees (Bosbury House), 1835.
Butterfield Survey
1839 Tithe Commutation Apportionment
1840 Tithe Map - Errata
Bosbury 1854 Inclosure Award
Bosbury 1865 Inclosure Award
Land Valuation 1910
Bosbury Taxes 1523-1545
Bosbury Hearth Tax 1665
Land Tax 1798
Bosbury Show poster
Bosbury Show Notes
Bosbury Races 1890
Bosbury Show Programme 1920
Bosbury Show Programme 1939
Bosbury Show Programme 1969
Bosbury Show Adverts
Bosbury Show Challenge Cups
The Knights Templars
The Knights Templars - 1859 report
The Knights Templars- Harris 1941
The Barland Pear in Bosbury
Bosbury Buses
Bosbury Players
Bosbury Youth Club
Bosbury Youth Club Lease
Bosbury Youth Club football certificate
Celtic Bell
Church Weather vane
Red Cross Donkey poem
Bosbury Oddfellows 1899
Voting in Bosbury
Herefordshire Archive Service documents
Baskerville typeface
pdf / 9
1792 Charity School Lands
Bentley Short Account
Bentley 1891
Bentley 1891 appendix D
Munsley registers
The Old Stone Chimney
1945 Parish Hall Conveyance
1950 Church Cottage Conveyance
1939 Bosbury Show Results
images and photos / 75
Bosbury Church Stained Glass Windows east ens
Bosbury Church Stained Glass Windows Buck window
Bosbury Church Stained Glass Windows west end
Bosbury Church Stained Glass south wall
Bosbury Church Stained Glass Windows chancel north
Bosbury Church Stained Glass Windows chancel south
Bosbury Church and Tower
Bosbury Edna Lyall’s Grave and Old Cross
Bosbury Church screen
Bosbury Church nave
Bosbury Churchyard
Bosbury The Stores
Bosbury Bishop’s Gateway
Sketch of Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Crossroads
Bosbury Crossroads at a later date
Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Main Street flooded in 1926
Bosbury Main Street
Bosbury Church Bell Tower
Bosbury Churchyard cross
Bosbury Churchyard
Morton Chapel 1914
Bosbury Church fire
Bosbury Church fire
Bosbury Church
Bosbury Church
Bosbury Church
Bosbury - Mrs Marian Buck
Bosbury - Philip Clissett
Bosbury - William Holmes
Bosbury - Ernest Scrivens
Bosbury band, 1914
Bosbury hop pickers
Bosbury Girls School - Mary Ann Arrowsmith
Bosbury Girls School
Bosbury Infants School
Bosbury Grammar School
kendrick grave
1872 Tilleys Almanack
1976 Tilleys Almanack
2002 Tilleys Alamanack
Richard Harford
William Bridges
John Brydges
Butterfield Arms
Fern Farm
Churchyard Cross
Fred Sharpe
Munsley Church
Bishops Frome Church by Philip Halling, 2012
arms of the diocese of Hereford
Vestry Minutes binding
bosbury workhouse details
Woodruff Journal
Woodruff Journal 2
Woodruff writing hand
1650 indenture
Bosbury religious meetings licence, 1832
Bosbury 1926 map
Bosbury map 1953
Original Ledbury Reporter masthead from 1897
Original Ledbury Guardian masthead from 1914
Ledbury Reporter and Guardian masthead
Ledbury Reporter masthead
Hereford Times April 1916
Hereford Times April 1916
Tyne Cot Cemetery, Belgium
Percy Valentine Fletcher
1676 decree
Merrings sales poster