Website Developers Tools

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It took me ages to find these tools for testing a website. If you write your .html and .css files in Notepad (or the more useful Notepad++) rather than using Wordpress or similar, these tools will check the coding, page loading speed, security and many other aspects to get your website working well. If you view the coding of my web pages, feel free to copy any useful bits. Note that the links below open in a new tab or window.

 Online HTML Editor 
 Nibbler Website Testing  Various factors scored out of 10
 Online Javascript Editor 
 Javascript Validator 
 Dead-link Checker 
 Multiple website malware scans 
 W3C HTML Validator 
 W3C CSS Validator 
 Website Analyser  Traffic Light page analysis
 Image Compressor 
 SEO Web Page Analyser 
 .htaccess check
 Google PageSpeed Insights 
 Minify Javascript 
 Webpage Coding Tips 
 Pixel Grid 
 Dead Centre Text 
 Programmers Notes