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Barry Sharples

Audio introduction 

Hello. My name is Barry Sharples and I lived in Bosbury for over 20 years. I learned a lot about the village’s history in particular working with the local history group, the Bosbury Chroniclers, and the Herefordshire branch of the Victoria County History project. The information on this website has been assembled by a number of people whose names you will find recorded on the various pages. Also many thanks to my many correspondents from all over the world who have helped me add to and amend the information given on a number of subjects.

I must mention the book entitled ‘Bosbury’ published by VCH in 2017 which is available from the Bell pub, local bookshops and online.

I hope you enjoy exploring the rich and varied strands of Bosbury’s history.

You can contact me direct on email at   .

Barry Sharples, 2019.

PS  I also have a personal Miscellany Website covering many interests including plants, art, history, days & dates etc. It also includes a puzzle website called the Web Puzzle Compendium which contains hours of harmless fun for all ages. These are not games, there are no time-limits or shoot-ups, sorry - the emphasis is on ingenuity and determination.

PPS  As you explore you will discover that six historical typefaces are used in this website.

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