The Brydges Tombs
Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre
reference BC79/2/51
Mr R B Phillips papers

from Samuel Bentley, History of Bosbury 1891

In the churchyard are two tombs encompassed with iron rails adorned with the arms of Brydges thus inscribed:

Tomb 1.5m from the wall

    Sepultus jacet Giulielmus Brydges
    De Old Colwall in parochial de
    Colwall Generosus Thomae Brydges
    Et uxore Joanna, filius natu maximus.
    Uxorem duxit Ursulam Johannis Drew
    De Dymock in Comitatu
    Glocesticensi Gen: Filiamque
    Giulielmum, Johannem, Thomam
    Richardum (quatuor mutui
    amous ?ignora) peperit filios
    multum a Conjuge multumque a liberis
    e vita migravit vicessimo
    tertio die Julii Anno Dom: 1704
    Aetatis sua 63


(Here) lies buried William Brydges of Old Colwall, Gentleman, in the parish of Colwall, the oldest son of Thomas Brydges and his wife Joan.
And his wife Ursula, daughter of John Drew of Dymock, Gent in the county of Gloucester.
His sons, William, John, Thomas & Richard (four pledges of mutual love).
Mourned very much by his wife and children, he departed from life on the twenty-third day of July in the year of our Lord 1704, he was aged 63.

On WB tomb cover, photograph courtesy of Catharine Knott

Tomb 0.5m from church wall:

    In memoriam Thomae Brydges
    Generosi ayus obitus fuit sexto
    die Aprilis Anno Domini 1692
    aetatis 89
    Et jacet in hoc tumulo in aneribus
    Gulielmi Brydges Gent: ? Patris


In memory of Thomas Brydges, Gentleman, whose death was on the sixth day of April in the year of our Lord 1692, aged 89. And he lies in this tomb near the remains(?) of his father William Brydges, Gent.

To clarify, Thomas (d. 1692) was the father of William (d. 1704) but mention is made of an earlier burial of Thomas’s father, also called William. BSS

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