7 September 1200
Master Swan
18 August 1290
Stephen de la Felde appointed by Bishop Swinfield on the death of Thomas ...
13 March 1302
William de Toby appointed by Bishop Swinfield
26 September 1321
Thomas de Maristo (Marisco) appointed by Bishop Orleton on resignation of William de Toby
20 April 1325/6
Henry Boter appointed by Bishop Orleton
6 June 1349
John de Hewynter appointed by Bishop Trillek on the death of Sir Henry Boter
21 July 1349
Richard de Brugge appointed by Bishop Trillek on the death of John de Hewynter
24 September 1349
Philip le Smythes appointed by Bishop Trilleck
8 July 1362
William Martyn, former vicar of Great Malvern, exchanged with Philip Smythe by Bishop Charleton
19 August 1363
William de Bakkeford, former vicar of Sellack, exchanged with William Martyn de Bedwardyn by Bishop Charleton
19 July 1364
Hugh de Kemeseye former vicar of Wiveliscombe, exchanged with William de Bakkeford by the Bishop of Bath & Wells
27 May 1383
Richard de Madderley former vicar of Powick, exchanged with Hugh de Kemeseye by Bishop Henry of Worcester
28 March 1386
Henry Hadderley former vicar of Forebridge, exchanged with Richard Taillour? by Bishop Henry of Worcester
14 April 1393
Richard Wolmer appointed by Bishop Trevenant
28 July 1400
David ap Kynebrios appointed by Bishop Trevenant
1 July 1420 [1418?]
John Combre, chaplain, appointed by Bishop Lacy on the resignation of David Rose
1427 Ralph Petyt?
7 March 1428/9
Thomas Petyt, chaplain appointed by Bishop Spofford on the death of John Combere
1 July 1439
Richard Oldbury, appointed by Bishop Spofford on the resignation of John Smyth?
4 November 1448 [1458?]
Lewis Barne former rector of Winforton, appointed by Bishop Spofford on the resignation of Richard Oldbury
2 August 1454 1464
William Odinglay former rector of St.Nicholas, Worcester exchanged with Lewis Barne by Bishop Stanbury
27 July 1471
William Harper appointed by Bishop Stanbury having deprived William Edingley of the living
3 March 1472/3
Edmund Fysshe appointed by Bishop Stanbury on the resignation of William Harper
20 December 1482
Reginald Call appointed by Bishop Milling on the death of Edmund Fysshe
30 January 1484
Thomas Fowler appointed by Bishop Milling on the resignation of Reginald Call
14 February 1508/9 [1507?]
Richard Townesend appointed by Bishop Mayhew on resignation of Thomas Fowler
26 September 1508
Roger Walker appointed by Bishop Mayhew on death of Richard Townsend
1508 Richard Rugge?
1 January 1513/14 [1512?]
Nicholas Smythe appointed by Bishop Mayhew on death of Roger Walker
31 October 1544
John Ferrour was appointed by Bishop Skipp on death of Nicholas Smythe.
20 July 1547
Thomas Blockley was appointed by Bishop Skipp on the resignation of John Ferrour.
15 November 1559
James Ap Rice [later Price]
14 June 1588
Anthony Collins
28 August 1607
George Wall was buried in Bosbury on 4th September 1641 [PR]  his will.
William Coke was appointed on the death of George Wall. He was the son of George Coke, Bishop of Hereford (1636 to 1646) who died in office. William became a prebendary at Hereford Cathedral in 1677.
19 February 1690/1 [PR]
Joshua Elmhurst was appointed by Bishop Herbert Croft on the death of William Coke who was buried on 9 February 1690/91 in Bosbury churchyard.
24 November 1709
Richard Langford appointed by Bishop Humphreys on death of Joshua Elmhurst.
8 April 1710
Humphrey Wynne appointed by Bishop Humphreys on cession of Richard Langford.
22 December 1724
John Jones appointed by Bishop Egerton on death of Humphrey Wynne.
13 August 1748
Matthew Browne was appointed by Bishop Beauclerk on the death of John Jones. He died in Bosbury in 1764.
16 February 1764
William Skinner appointed by Bishop Beauclerk on death of Matthew Browne on this day
Author of “A Dissertation upon the Chronological Difficulties imputed to the Mosaic History, from the Birth to the Death of Jacob” London 1765 [BB]
25 July 1766
John Barroll went to New College, Oxford. He was appointed at Bosbury by Bishop Beauclerk on cession of William Skinner. After 14 months, he was transferred to Almeley.
10 October 1767
Daniel Price went to Brasenose College Oxford. He was appointed by Bishop Beauclerk on the cession of John Barroll. In 1772 he was made domestic chaplain to Bishop Beauclerk.
17 June 1776
William Reece appointed by Bishop Beauclerk on cession of Daniel Price
9 August 1777
William Allen went to Oriel College Oxford. He was appointed curate at Hereford St. Owen in 1759 and by Bishop Beauclerk made him vicar of Bosbury on the cession of William Reece. He left the parish on 3 June 1794 to become rector of Hampton Bishop where he died in 1808.
3 June 1794
Thomas Fairclough Otley was appointed by Bishop Butler on the cession of William Allen.
24 February 1801
John Lodge, formerly of Coddington, Bishop Butler exchanged him with Thomas Fairclough Otley. He died in Bosbury on 23 July 1830.
28 July 1830
John Hanmer Underwood was appointed by Bishop Huntingford on death of John Lodge on 23 July. He was born on 24 January 1803, and received his M.A. degree from Brasenose College, Oxford in 1825. He became a Prebendary of Hereford Cathedral in 1850 and died on 30 August 1856.
2 October 1856
The Ven. and The Hon Berkeley Lionel Scudamore Stanhope MA was Archdeacon of Hereford from 1887 to 1910. Born at Gaydon on 13 May 1824, he was the third son of Sir Edwyn Francis Scudamore Stanhope, brother of 9th Earl of Chesterfield. He was educated at Balliol College, Oxford. A Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, he was appointed Vicar of Bosbury by Bishop Hampden following the death of John Hanmer Underwood. He was made Rector of Byford from 1866 until he retired in 1908. He died on died on 21 March 1919.
21 September 1866
John Edmund Cheese was appointed by Bishop Hampden on cession of Berkeley Stanhope. He was educated at St. David’s College, Lampeter and attended their 50th Jubilee dinner in July 1877.
16 May 1879
Samuel Bentley was appointed by Bishop Atlay on the death of John Edmund Cheese. He was born in Middlesex in 1823 and went to St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge from which he graduated in 1849 being ordained the same year. He was 56 when he came to Bosbury from Bridgnorth with his wife Fanny his son, Herbert Lowndes Bentley, and three daughters. As an antiquarian scholar, he is famous for his two books of Bosbury history, the short version in 1881 and an expanded volume in 1891. In 1897 he was nominated to his college living in Newent, from which he resigned in 1905 when he retired. He moved to Torquay where he died in 1908 in his 85th year.
27 August 1897
Robert Burges Bayly appointed by Bishop Percival on cession of Samuel Bentley
Richard Toller Seddon was born in 1853 in Evesbatch, Herefordshire. He attended Malvern College, was ordained in 1878 and was made Rector of Evesbatch in 1884. He became vicar of Bosbury in 1906 but moved away and died at Borth on 9 July 1916. His twin brother, Thomas Rowley Seddon, also attended Malvern College and became a sheep farmer in New Zealand.
Thomas William Harvey was formerly vicar of St.Agnes, Bristol and appointed to Bosbury by the Bishop of Hereford. He died on 9 October 1916 leaving an estate of £4,460 12s. 3d.
Harold Edward Grindley M.A. graduated from Trinity College, Oxford. He was formerly vicar of Aymestrey, appointed to Bobsury by the Bishop of Hereford on the death of Thomas Harvey.
1927 Hugh K.L. Mathews
24 January 1943
Albert Orton was ordained in 1929 and was appointed Vicar of Awbridge and Rector of Shillingstone before being appointed to St. Anne’s, Brondesbury, in 1939.
1946 John E. Charrington
1954 W.J.C. Armstrong
1956 Douglas E. Green
1979 Michael H. Cross
1984 James R. Hawkins
1996 Susan Strutt

Prepared by Barry Sharples, July 2013, Updated October 2016.
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