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After Tilley’s postcards, pictures are arranged by subject:

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Tilley’s Postcards

Bosbury Church and Tower

1. The Church and Tower

Bosbury Edna Lyall’s Grave and Old Cross

2. Edna Lyall’s Grave and Old Cross

Bosbury Church screen

3. Church screen

Bosbury Church nave

4. Church nave

Bosbury Churchyard

5. The Churchyard

Bosbury The Stores

6. The Stores

Bosbury Bishop’s Palace Gateway

7. Bishop’s Palace Gateway

Bosbury Bishop’s Palace Gateway

8. Bishop’s Palace Gateway, courtesy of Shirley Eyles

North Ledbury Hounds meet at the Crown, 1908

8a. North Ledbury Hounds meet at the Crown, 1908

Main Street

Sketch of Bosbury Main Street

1. From H. Thornton Timmins’ “Nooks and Corners of Herefordshire” 1892 (fac.ed.1974)

Bosbury Main Street

2. From “A Short Account of the Church, Episcopal Manor and
other Objects of Interest in Bosbury, Herefordshire”; by
Samuel Bentley M.A. Vicar 1881

Bosbury Main Street

3. An 1891 drawing by Arthur Harrison for the frontispiece of
Rev. Samuel Bentley’s ‘History of Bosbury’, 1891.

Bosbury Main Street

4. An 1891 drawing by Arthur Harrison for the frontispiece of
Rev. Samuel Bentley’s ‘A Guide to the Village of Bosbury
in Herefordshire’.

Bosbury Main Street

5. Main Street

Bosbury Crossroads

6. Cross Roads

Bosbury Crossroads at a later date

7. Cross Roads later

Bosbury Crossroads at a later date still

8. Cross Roads later still courtesy of Dave Hill

Bosbury Main Street

9. The Village street courtesy of Bob & Diana Preece

Bosbury Main Street flooded in 1924

10. The flooded village street in 1924

Bosbury Main Street

11. Cross Roads around 1952

Bosbury Main Street

12. Main Street

Bosbury Main Street

13. Main Street by F.G.Moses, courtesy of Roger Harvey

Bosbury Main Street with Bridge House

14. Main Street in 1919

Leadon bridge

15. Leadon bridge courtesy of Dave Hill


Bosbury Church Bell Tower

1. Bell Tower

Bosbury Churchyard cross

2. Churchyard, Edna Lyall’s grave and the Old Cross

Bosbury Churchyard

3. The Churchyard

View of the Nave around 1910

4. The Nave of the church around 1910

Morton Chapel 1914, courtesy of National Monuments Record, Swindon

5. Morton Chapel 1914, courtesy of National Monuments Record, Swindon

Bosbury Church fire

6. South aisle damage after the church fire on 12th July 1917

Bosbury Church fire

7. Damage to the church south aisle and main rooves following the fire

Bosbury Church damage

8. Pen & ink drawing by Raymond T.Cowern, 1940

Bosbury Church drawing

9. Pen & ink drawing by Raymond T.Cowern, 1940

Bosbury Church bell

10. Tenor bell removed for retuning. Hereford Times 17 Aug 1951

Bosbury Church bells

11. The church bells laid out in the churchyard. Hereford Evening News 20 Jan 1965

Bosbury Churchyard

12. The churchyard, 1938

Bosbury Church

13. Church and Tower postcard pub. by H.C.Clarke, The Stores, Bosbury


1. Robert Baskerville Mynors and Ellen Higgins Mynors in 1861

2. Reverend Samuel Bentley, local historian, courtesy of Tim Ward

3. Alfred Parmee, butcher and landlord at ‘The Crown’
in his delivery cart with the family dog cart, 1909

Bosbury - Mrs Marian Buck

4. Mrs Marian Buck at Noverings

5. Mr Edward Thomas Lane with Jenny, the Red Cross Donkey, at Old Court Farm

6. Mr Edward Thomas Lane with Helen, Elsie and W.S.Lane at Old Court Farm.
Jenny also raised £533 in Tenbury, £650 in Worcester and £90 in Crickhowell.
Picture by Tilley of Ledbury.

Bosbury - Philip Clissett

7. Philip Clissett in his garden at Stanley Hill

Bosbury - William Holmes

8. William Homes with his Ryland sheep at Goldhill

9. Carter’s boy

Bosbury - Ernest Scrivens

10. Ernest Scrivens of ‘The Cross’, courtesy of Lionel Jones

Bosbury - Temple Wide Boy

11. Geoffrey Griffiths of ‘Temple Court’, in Sport & Country Magazine
in April 1954 when he won Champion Hereford Bull with ‘Temple Wide Boy’
On his left is Ken Russell, vice-principal of the Royal Agricultural College,
on his right Robert Bentley, Secretary of the Hereford Herd Book Society.

12. Darts Team. Back - l. to r. Bill Phillipson, Gerald Pearman, William Preece,
Peter Walker, Edmund Bettington & Gerald Stevens. Front - l. to r.
Albert (Peter) Stevens, Brian Barnes, Peter Stevens & Ray Clarke

13. Bosbury Concert 10th & 11th December 1965
Compere was Dick Goodwin, front right.

14. Bosbury Show, 30th July 1966. l-r Trevor Parker, Chairman, Don Robinson,
Norman Jones, R. W. Parker, Mr. M. F. Higgins, President

15. Outside The Stores

Bosbury band, 1914

16. The Bosbury Band.

Bosbury hop pickers

17. Hop-picking in Bosbury. l-r  Mrs.Watkins, Mrs.Goodchap, Honor Goodchap,
Mrs.Adams, Susan Robson, Mrs.Robson, Margaret Robson,
courtesy of Pansy Watkins.

Townsend family

18. The Townsend family ~1901.  Ernest Thomas and Kate Townsend with their
children Percy Samuel, Ernest William (youngest) and Henry James,
courtesy of Iain and Jane Baird

Bosbury Youth Club

19. A fundraiser for Bosbury Youth Club.  l-r back - June Cooper, Rev. Douglas Green,
Margaret Edwards, Pansy Watkins, Ann Lymm - front Tony Cooper, Joyce Shiner
courtesy of Pansy Watkins

Ellen Mayo Quebb Cottage August 1915

20. Ellen Mayo sitting outside Quebb Cottage,
now demolished, August 1915.

Ted Pearman and Tut Tut

21. Ted Pearman, landlord at The Bell, and Tut Tut.

On the gate at Bosbury Show in 1920s

22. Mr. R.A.Paul on the gate at Bosbury Show in 1920s, courtesy of Elizabeth Brace


cricket 1909

1. 17 June 1909 Ladies v. Gentlemen’s cricket match

1909 ladies cricket team

2. 17 June 1909 The Ladies Team

1909 gents cricket team

3. 17 June 1909 The Gents Team

both cricket teams

4. Men and Women together (see also the full group)


Bosbury Girls School pupils

1. Bosbury Girls School, c.1848, courtesy of Andrew Dyke

Bosbury Girls School - Mary Ann Arrowsmith

2. Miss Mary Ann Arrowsmith and ‘Aladdin’ at Girls School, 1909

Bosbury Girls School

3. Bosbury Girls School building, courtesy of Pat Mowbray

Bosbury Infants School

4. Bosbury Infants School, 1921, courtesy of Elizabeth Smith

Bosbury Grammar School

5. Bosbury Grammar School boys, 1928, courtesy of Richard L. Preece

6. Bosbury Schoolchildren around 1958, courtesy of Roy and Gill Baldwin


bosbury show 1907

1. The Bosbury Show 1907, courtesy of Tim Ward

bosbury show 2 1907

2. The Bosbury Show 1907 (2), courtesy of Tim Ward

war memorial unveiling

3. 23 April 1916 Unveiling bronze war memorial tablet

north ledbury hunt

4. North Ledbury Hunt at the Crown Hotel, courtesy of Mr and Mrs R. Lambert

north ledbury hunt 1910

5. North Ledbury Hunt meet at Bosbury House, 1910, courtesy of Tim Ward

hunt at Bosbury House 1910

6. Hunt in the driveway to Bosbury House, around 1910

hounds in main street 1910

7. Hounds in the main street outside The Bell, around 1910

hounds at the Crown

8. Hounds outside The Crown, around 1910

hounds at the Crown

9. Coronation Garden Party at the Vicarage, June 1911, courtesy of Dave Hill

Bosbury Show spectators 1920

10. Bosbury Show spectators 1920, courtesy of Dave Hill.

Bosbury Show Jalopy Racing 1969

11. Bosbury Show Jalopy Racing 1969. Severn Valley Jalopy Club.

 Cricket match 2022

12. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022, Fancy Dress Cricket Match, courtesy of Guy Mathiot.

 Church Cream Tea 2022

13. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022, Church Cream Tea, courtesy of Guy Mathiot.

 Village Hall Picnic 2022

14. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022, Village Hall Picnic, courtesy of Guy Mathiot.


1. The Bell Inn, courtesy of Jo Manuschka

2a. The panelled room at ‘The Old Crown Hotel’, 1914

2b. The panelled room at ‘The Crown’, 1930

3. The Note House Farm, courtesy of Jo Manuschka

4. Cold Green, courtesy of Dave Hill

5. Village Stores around 1905

6. Uriah Cosford sitting in his delivery
cart outside the Stores, 1909

7. The Village by H.C.Clarke, The Stores

8. Scraperboard engraving of ‘The Dog’ and church tower by Peter J.Manders

9. Philip Clissett’s workshop

10. Bishop’s Palace Gateway by Raymond T.Cowern, 1940

11. The Old Forge, Pow Green, courtesy of J. Knott

12. Swinmore Wood Cottage, courtesy of R. Millington

Aerial view of the Dog farmhouse

13. ‘The Dog’ from the air, courtesy of Jenny and Bill Rees

14. The old vicarage between the Church and the river

15. The church and the old vicarage which, when the vicar moved into the
new vicarage, became known as the Parish Rooms

16. Side view of the Parish Rooms

17. The new Vicarage (now ‘Great Gables’)

18. Back view of the new Vicarage

19. The Brook Inn around 1907, courtesy of Roger Harvey

20. Bosbury House around 1912

21. Temple Court around 1910, courtesy of Dave Hill

22. Upleadon-Court around 1910, courtesy of Dave Hill

Odds & Ends

1. Hop Token, Old Court Farm, courtesy of Butcher Row House Museum

2. Hop Token, Old Court Farm

Bosbury best bitter label

3. May 2013 A new beer from Wye Valley Brewery
using ‘Cascade’ hops from Townend Farm

Ossett Brewery beer labels

4. 2015 Two new beers from Ossett Brewery
using ‘Cascade’ and ‘Jester’ hops from Townend Farm

Players cigarette card

5. Pre-war Players cigarette card

back of the cigarette card

6. The back of the cigarette card

Players cigarette card showing Stanley Hill cottage

7. Another pre-war Players cigarette card, courtesy of Terry Rowell

The Bosa herd sign

8. The sign at Temple Court Farm, 2013

Aerial view of the village

9. Bosbury from the air by Airpics, Harpenden, Herts around 1986


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