Bosbury Grammar School, Herefordshire, UK
List of Schoolmasters, 1544-1911

  Recorded from a number of sources elsewhere on this website. Also the Bishop of Hereford’s Subscription Books transcribed in the Woolhope Society journal* and the school records held at the school building.
1544-1548Rev. Thomas Keyling
1608John Sidall
1619Rev. George Wall
1641Rev. William Coke
1684Rev, Joshua Elmhurst*
1709William Jauncey
1713-1740Rev. John Jones*
1749John Kidley*
1767Joseph Taylor
1795-1798John Williams
8 Feb 1798-1805  Joseph Thomas
1807-1812Christopher Young
1815-1818Rev. Thomas Lewis (report)
1818-1838School closed
1 May 1838-1848   Henry Treherne
From 1841 the Headmaster was the vicar (in this case, Rev. John
Hanmer Underwood); the schoolteacher was called the second master
1848-53Alfred Job Burrows
31 Oct 1856William Henry Bliss
1861-Jul 74Edwin Peacock
1876Owen Bishop
Dec 1877-1885Samuel Morgan
Oct 1885-1937John Knight Job
Bernard Jones

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