Farm Farm Owner
The Farm & Lower Mill James Allcott
Stanley Hill Farm Richard Badham
Old Court Farm John Barber, Esq
Temple Court Farm James Barrett, Esq
Gold Hill Farm Rev. C.H.T.Baumgarten¹
Brook House Farm Edward Bettington
Bentley’s Farm Thomas Bosley
Nursery Job Bullock
James Carwardine
John Carwardine
Thomas Chadd
Upleadon Farm James Cocks, Esq
Hill Farm George Coleman, Esq
James Collins
Sarah Davis
William Davis
Sugarcroft Farm Thomas Drinkwater
James Duffield
Joseph Edwards
Paddles Farm Joseph Gardiner
William Gibbs
The Grange & Riddings Farm James Gregg
Notehouse Farm Alice Haines
Long Acre Farm Thomas Haines
Little Catley Farm John Hancocks
Thomas Harford
The Merrings Farm Mary Hartland
Slatch Farm Thomas Heywood, Esq
Bosbury House Farm, Green Farm, Upper & Lower Townend Farms Rev. Edward Higgins
Ann Holbrook
John Homes, Esq
Richard Homes
Rev. John Hopton
Catley Cross Farm Richard Jones, Jr
Great Catley Farm Ann Kearney
Richard Kendrick
James Lewis
Shirkway John Mayos
Philip John Miles, Esq
Woodlow Farm Letitia Morris
Dodd’s Mill Thomas Morris
Long Acre Farm William Morris
Staplow Ann Mutlow
Cold Green & Shilo Farms John Mutlow
Lower House Farm Thomas Jones Norbury, Esq
Sarah Nott
Elizabeth Palmer
Notehouse Farm William Palmer
Dowding’s Brook Farm Robert Phelps, Esq
Thomas Pitt
Henry Poole
John Pritchard, Jr
The Nelmes Farm Thomas Ricketts
Upleadon Court Farm George Shayle
Nashend & Norbridge Farms Philip Stedman Sparkman
Timothy Spencer, Esq
Catley Court Farm Ann Thomas
Orchard Farm John Mann Vevers
Old Country William Vobe
Rev. Lee Warner
Hill House & The Aurals Farms Edward Wilson, Esq
Rev. Edward Woodyatt


Property Owner

Cottage and Garden James Adams Near Shinscroft, but no longer there
House, Garden and Orchard Mary Alford
Cottage and Garden Hannah Andrews
Cottage, Garden and Orchard James Barrett, Jr
House, Garden and Orchard James Baskerville
Cottage and Garden Edward Berry
House and Garden Joseph Bird
Cottage & Garden Thomas Bowkett
Cottage and Garden Robert Chadd
Homestead, Garden and Orchard Thomas Chadd
Cottages and Gardens William Chadd
Cottage Garden and Orchard James Davis
Cottages and Gardens Sarah Davis
Homestead, Garden and Orchard Daniel Edwards The Ouzels
House, Garden and Orchard Mary Field
Cottage Garden & Land John Freeman, Esq
Cottage, Garden and Orchard John Green
Cottage Garden and Land Ann Haines
Cottages and Gardens Robert Hartland
Cottage and Sling John Hide
Cottage and Garden John Hill
Cottage, Garden and Orchard Thomas Kendrick
Cottages and Gardens John Lewis
Cottage and Garden John Lewis, Jr
Cottage Garden and Orchard Ann Morgan
Cottage Garden and Orchard William Morris Stoney House
House, Garden and Orchard John Needham
Cottage Garden and Land James Palmer
Cottage and Garden Robert Price
Homestead, Garden and Orchards Samuel Price
House Garden and Orchard John Pritchard, Sr
Cottage and Garden William Reece
Cottage and Garden Edward Thomas Slatchwood Cottage
House and Garden Henry Treherne
House Garden & Smiths Shop William Treherne
Vicarage House and Garden Rev. John Hanmer Underwood (Glebe)
Cottage and Garden Ann Wood
Cottage and Garden Elizabeth Wilks
Cottage Garden and Orchard John Williams

¹ Reverend Charles Henry Thomas Baumgarten M.A. was living at Foley House in Great Malvern in 1851 and there is a memorial in Mathon church Sacred to the memory of the Revd C.H.T. BAUMGARTEN who departed this life May 9th 1875 Aged 76 years. There seems to be no confirmation record of his living at Gold Hill Farm in Bosbury.
² There is a declaration by Philip Stedman Sparkman dated 1830 which gives details of his birth in Detroit, USA, and his living in England, his mother’s move to America, marriage and his father’s death, his mother’s inheritance of the Razees Estate from her uncle, Philip Stedman, who died in 1820, and its subsequent disposal to Philip Howe Daniel. A sheet of paper folded in two and written on 3 sides. Signed by Philip Stedman Sparkman.

Research by B.S.Sharples, latest update November 2010

There are discrepancies between the 1839 Apportionment and 1841 census. Further research is needed to locate families and where they lived.

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