Bosbury Church Photographs, 2020

This is a set of photographs taken to show more details than are currently available on the internet. Click or tap on the photos to enlarge them.
If you would like an even larger, full-size copy of a particular photo, please do contact me, Barry Sharples, at the email address given on the Introduction Page.

Earlier Norman church

1. The outside of the west wall shows the outline in the stonework of the earlier, smaller Norman church and the original Norman window.

John Harford tomb

2. The older and slightly smaller of the two Harford tombs in the Chancel. This is to John Harford and the “towme” was made by John Gildon of Hereford in 1573. It was commissioned by his son Richard.

Richard and Martha Harford tomb

3. The larger of the two Harford tombs in the Chancel to the memory of Richard and Martha Harford commissioned by Martha. It dates from 1578. Probably only the effigy and the inside of the arch are the work of John Gildon. He may have lost the contract and the strange caryatids and green men were carved by other, less skilled, hands.

Pulpit carving 1

4. The carvings on the pulpit are Jacobean and possible made in Flanders. This is the Adoration of the Magi.

Pulpit carving 2

5. This is the Agony in the Garden.

Pulpit carving 3

6. This is the Crucifixion

Pulpit carving 4

7. This is possibly the Flight of Hagar and Ishmael.


Created: March 2020

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