Sliding Doors Puzzle


How to Start  This puzzle is a form of the traditional sliding puzzle but movement is restricted. Each door tile can only move horizontally or vertically. The aim is to move the yellow arrow tile two places to the left in the least number of moves. The target is 36 moves. Click on a tile to move it and if it can move it will. Otherwise nothing happens. To start again, click the button and, if you have to give up, the ‘Solve’ button reveals all and ends your chance of solving it yourself. If you want details of the solution click here for a listing of the order of moving the tiles.

History  This puzzle seems to have been invented by mathematician, John Tromp and computer scientist, Rudi Cilibrasi, while working for CWI (Dutch Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) in Amsterdam in 2002. They named the configuration an Orimaze (Oriented Maze) and John Tromp describes it as a maze in which each cell remembers the direction (horizontal or vertical) in which it was left. You can only visit the cell from such a direction. Orimazes are block moving puzzles and the link to mazes appears when you discover a series of moves which leads you to a dead end. This is the special factor when compared with the similar ‘Fifteen Puzzle’ series and ‘Parking Lot’ puzzles.

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