Rebus Puzzles

Rebus puzzles are sometimes called Dingbats which
might cause confusion with the Windows font.
However rebuses were around in the 16th century.

Each of the boxes illustrates a single word.
Print out the page if you prefer and you will need
a pen and paper to write down your answers.
To get you started the first box gives the word ‘lemonade’.

The answers are hidden below.

When you have finished, press the button
to reveal them and check your score.
Did you work them all out correctly?

Here are the words in order across and down the page
Lemonade Crossroads Evergreen Stepladder
Assassinate Criminal Laminate Please
Water (H2O) Nightingale Repair Syrup
Singing Dominoes Tutu Sideburns
Backstroke Potatoes Hunchback Leftovers
Maze Redcoat Shutdown Covering
Reclining Shortcut Hindu Waterfall
Breakfast Weekend Desktop Multimedia
Blackbird Mayonnaise Earthquake Tricycle