Polar Journey

Base the Pole



  Fuel stored at Base Camp

Fuel in tank     

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How to Start:  Use the Travel buttons to move the snowmobile. Your aim is to travel from Base Camp to the Pole using just 27 gallons of fuel.  (You’ll be airlifted home afterwards!)  There are six marker cairns (stone mounds) across the snowfield with fuel storage facilities at each.  The boxes in the row marked ‘Stores’ show how much fuel is held in storage at each marker and the tank of your snowmobile can carry a maximum of 4 gallons.  When you are at Base camp, your snowmobile is automatically refuelled.  The ‘Fuel in tank’ box shows how much fuel is in your tank.  The box marked ‘ - Fuel Transfer - ’ lets you put fuel into storage or back into your snowmobile tank.  A gallon of fuel is enough for you to travel from one marker cairn to the next.

You can also add a little bit of environmmental atmosphere!

By the way, which Pole is it you are travelling to?
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