Match Four

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How to Start

  Click and drag or touch and slide to move any piece across or down to make up lines of four or more of one colour. These pieces will be removed and new pieces added. Continue until you reach your goal of scoring 100 pieces removed in not more than 30 moves.


This may or may not help but remember you can move any piece to any position although it is simpler to move a piece in a straight line.

Latest news

Expert puzzler, Armin Kielack, has shown me how to solve this puzzle in less than 5 moves! If you feel you have mastered the one-line-at-a-time puzzle  here  is his ingenious method for you to try.

Armin’s method relies on the fact that as you move a piece others change places. So if you either click and drag or touch and drag a piece around moving other pieces as you go, you can create multiple lines of four or more pieces. Then when you release the mouse button or lift your finger, all the lines of pieces you created disappear and the count increases dramatically.

Good luck mastering this technique - it needs some digital dexterity.
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