Kakuro Puzzle

Also known as ‘Cross Sums’ or ‘Kakro’ this puzzle is similar to traditional crossword puzzles as it has clues across and down but uses numbers instead of letters. The clues give you the total for each answer hence the earlier name, ‘Cross Sums’. Click here for more info

There are four Kakuro puzzles to choose from —

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Pencil in a possible number?

How to play  Place numbers in the empty squares by clicking or tapping a number on the pale blue row and then clicking or tapping in the chosen blank square on the puzzle. As you fill in the empty squares, the sum must equal the given clues across and down. Top numbers are across, bottom numbers down.

Also you can’t have the same number in two places in an answer e.g. 12 might be 6 2 4 but not 2 5 5.

When you have completed the puzzle, if you don’t get a Congratulations message, use the Check button to see if there are mistakes. If you need proof that there is an answer, there is the emergency Show Solution button.

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