Ice Maze Puzzle

How to Start

  You are on patch of land at the upper left. What you have to do is make a series of leaps between the ice floes that will take you to the land at the bottom right corner. Each floe has a number that indicates how far you must leap - across or down, not diagonally!  When you decide which floe you want to land on, click or tap there.


  The design of this puzzle is by Robert Abbott but the original idea comes from Sam Loyd’s puzzle, “Back from the Klondike,” which was first published in Loyd’s newspaper column in 1898. “Back from the Klondike” is a very complicated puzzle as it uses a huge grid of 325 numbers. Loyd used the puzzle as a contest in the newspaper, and he made it overly complex so he wouldn’t get too many correct entries. You can have a look at the original puzzle.
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