“The antidote to Sudoku” - Barry Sharples

How To Play

Tap / click on the numbers, once to select, twice to hide or three times to restore them. The object of the puzzle is to shade in squares until the board complies with these three rules:

* No two numbers the same on any row or column
* No two filled-in squares side by side in a row or column
* When solved, all the empty squares must be joined together either left, right, up or down but diagonals don’t count

You can use the circles to show numbers that you definitely don’t want to shade.  For help check the Hitori Toolbox

Hitori was invented around the year 1990 by the Japanese game publisher, Nikoli Co., Ltd., and first appeared as an original puzzle in their publication Puzzle Communication Nikoli issue #29 in March 1990. Hitori, or ひとり in Japanese, literally translates to “alone”, and its full Japanese name is Hitori ni shite kure ひとりにしてくれ meaning “leave me alone”.

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