Coin Puzzle

How to start   The aim is to place 50 gold coins in the correct positions on the board. The numbers show the number of coins along each row and down each column and how they are grouped together.  There is at least one empty space cell between groups and the groups are in order, so 1 2 1 means a single coin, some space, a group of two coins, some more space, another single coin.   Click once on a cell to place a coin, twice to mark a definite space where you are sure there is no coin. A third click on the same cell clears it.  Check progress with the Check button, get a Hint and toggle a Pause to take a break and hold the timer (which is only there to give you an idea how time is passing.  If you really have to give up, just click on Give Up which shows the answer.

History:   The puzzle idea came from a Japanese graphics editor, Non Ishida, in 1987. She called her creations 'Window Art Puzzles'. Mr Tetsuya Nishio came up with the same idea independently. These puzzles all have hidden pictures and are known variously as ‘Nonogram’ (James Galgety) ‘Griddler’ (Telegraph Newspapers) ‘Hanjie’ and ‘Picross’ (Nintendo).  However this is the basic Coin Puzzle with no hidden picture.
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