How to Start   The aim of the Bubbles Puzzle is to burst as many bubbles as possible before the layers of bubbles reach the bottom. As a target to begin with try to reach a score of 250. In order to burst bubbles you need to connect at least three bubbles of the same colour together. Click or tap to release the bubble in the direction you want. With a mouse the pointer moves before you click, on a touchscreen it moves after you tap. (You can be more accurate with a mouse) Be aware that bubbles sometimes stick on to one another where you don’t expect. After a time, a new rows of bubbles will be added to the top. The game ends if any bubble crosses the bottom border.
Hint You can use the left and right edge of the gameboard to bounce new bubbles to reach awkward positions just like bouncing off the cushion in snooker. Bubbles which get separated from the rest, will burst as well. To the left of the pointer you will the see the colour of the next bubble coming up so you can plan your moves. It needs careful thought to decide where to send the bubbles. Good Luck!

Background   The Javascript engine for this puzzle was created by an Indonesiam programmer, Ahmad Ansori, on his website The presentation has been adjusted by Barry Sharples, 2021.

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