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How to Start

  First of all the plan is to help the Principality link all of its 54 islands by bridges.
   ● The number on the island is the number of bridges that must go to the island
   ● Every island must be linked to every other island via a continuous chain of bridges
   ● No alternative routes - this would be a waste of money for our small community
Bridges can go up and down or across but not diagonally and, of course, can’t cross each other. To build a bridge, click/tap on an island and either drag the mouse pointer to the next island or click/tap on the next island. You have built a bridge. You can repeat this to place a double bridge, and repeat again to remove the bridge completely. This puzzle is more widely known as Bridges or Hashiwokakero (Hashi for short) and was originally published by Nikoli in Japan. There are a host of Bridges puzzles on Kevin Stone’s puzzle site.

If you were thinking of setting up a parcel delivery service around the Principality when the bridges are built, could you visit more than half the islands in one road trip without backtracking?

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