Bosbury People at Munsley Church
Munsley Church Cover

The parish church of St. Bartholomew is situated near Bosbury in the neighbouring parish of Munsley. The Rev. Michael Hopton transcribed the two volumes of the Parish Register of Munsley covering 1708 to 1812 together with the Bishop’s transcript of the register before 1708. The Rectory of Munsley was united to the vicarage of Canon Frome in 1854 and Rev. Hopton was Rector from 1859 to 1871. Download the book here.



Mary Bond 29th May 1754 daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth ..... page 21

Richard Baldwin 23rd February 1772 son of John & Mary ..... page 24


William Went of Bosbury married Elizabeth Hopton, widow, of Bosbury 13th November 1662 ..... page 1

John Powel of Bosbury married Abigale Woodhouse of Munsley 1st November 1701 ..... page 11

John Morley of Bosbury married Susanna Jones of Bosbury 4th April 1703 ..... page 11

Thomas Nicols of Bosbury married Mary Patrick of Bosbury 13th April 1727 ..... page 42

Benjamin Jenkins of Munsley married Ann Lewis of Bosbury 11th July 1774 ..... page 47

Richard Hughs of Bosbury married Margaret Ridding of Munsley 23rd November 1780 ..... page 47

Richard Saunders of Bosbury married Ann Baker of Munsley 14th February 1791 ..... page 48

William Saunders of Bosbury married Catherine Preece of Munsley 25th February 1791 ..... page 48

John Pritchard of Bosbury married Nancy Gwatkin of Munsley 3rd November 1803 ..... page 48


John Burton of Bosbury on 5th April 1708 ..... page 32

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