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‘FamilySearch’ is a organisation supported by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormon Church) and was set up to help people to trace their ancestors. Church members believe that if you know the name of an ancestor who lived before the Mormon Church was set up, the dead ancestor can be baptised into the Church. The ancestor’s spirit will then be brought into the presence of God and united with all the rest of their Mormon family already in Paradise. A vast amount of useful data has been collected from all over the world, including Herefordshire.

Accessing the database.

As at July 2013, ten sets of transcriptions cover Bosbury baptisms (1559-1897), marriages (1559-1901) and burials (1559-1812) and the Batch numbers are as follows:

P017241 Baptisms 1559-1812 
C017065 Baptisms 1564-1721 
C017066 Baptisms 1708-1848 
C017242 Baptisms 1813-1861 
C017067 Baptisms 1848-1897 
M017241 Marriages 1559-1812 
M017242 Marriages 1813-1855 
M017243 Marriages 1559-1763 
M017244 Marriages 1762-1901 
B003587 Burials 1559-1812 

Enter the Batch number of the set which you want to search. To go into the records, enter first and last names or click on one of the Life Events and type in a range of years (all sets just cover Bosbury). To find everyone in a particular year simply enter the particular year in both boxes and nothing else.


There are some points to mention. The LDS record is not complete. In 1759, it doesn’t include the marriages of James Clarke and Margaret Gwilliam on 19th February, John Weaver and Eleanor Gardiner on 30th June and William Symonds and Mary Stoaks on 29th July. Also there seem to be occasional errors. It records the marriage of Johannes Fareley to Elizabetham Troyt on 2nd April 1627. Having checked the LDS microfilms in Herefordshire Archive and Records Office, the bridegroom’s name is John Finch.