almanack cover
BOSBURY exchange.
Bosbury telephone subscribers.
Adam, Mrs G., Holly Mount, Stanley Hill
Adamson, J. B., 2 Grange House, Grange Road
Alexander, W. J., The Wheatsheaf, Fromes Hill
Anderson, H. S., The Grove, Halmonds Frome
Andrews, J. H., Upper Townend
Andrews, G. T., The Grange
Aubrey, D., Merrings Farm
Bagley, J. H., Marley Hall Farm, Staplow
Balcon, R., Harbour Hill
Baldwin, C. R., Sally Trees Cottage
Baldwin, E. E., Broad Croft, Foxhill
Bakewell, N. J., Ivy Cottage, Halmonds Frome
Barlow, E. M., Newstead, Fromes Hill
Bashford, C. F., Chaptors, Bishops Frome
Batson, R., The Old School, Fromes Hill
Bayliss, L. K., 5 Forge Bank
Beaumont, Miss C. L. S., Old Hillend, Much Cowarne
Beaumont, Martin A., Birchwood Farm
Beaumont, W. L. M., 49 Forge Bank
Beavon, C. L. F., Nashend Farm, Bosbury
Bennett, A. E., The Slatch
Berriman, Mrs R. C. G., Fairview, Much Cowarne
Betteridge, Miss M., Quatsford, Staplow
Birch, E J, 1 Pool Close, Evesbatch
Bird, W. G., Orchard Farm, Bosbury
Blackband, J., The Gardens
Blake, P., 3 Moreton Cottages
Blandford, Gerald, Mayfields Farm, Coddington
Blandford, B., Strangewood Farm, Coddington
Bleakley, J. A., Staplow Stables
Blunt, B. R. W., Temple Court
Bonnard, Brian, The Woodhouse, Staplow
Bosbury Construction, The Orchard, Foxhill
Bosbury Garage
Bosbury House Farm, C. V. Collett
Bosbury House Farm, Bosbury House
Bosbury House Farm, Marley Hall
Bosbury Press Ltd
Bosbury Taxis, P. & M.
Bosbury V. C. School
Bosbury V. C. School, Canteen
Bosley & Son, Catley Cross
Bowler, G. J., Bridge End House, Much Cowarne
Bowler, P. V., Bridge End Farm, Much Cowarne
Box, E. G., Malvern View
Box, J. & Sons, Woodcroft Farm
Box, L. C., Notehouse Farm, Bosbury
Box, W. M. E., Little Noverings
Boyce, J. R., Hawkers Hill Cottage
Brooks, R. J., Parsons Cottage, Staplow
Broome, A. J., Norbridge Farm
Brown, C. J., Flat, Mill End Farm, Castle Frome
Buckley, N., Dobyns, Evesbatch
Bunn, J., Harbour Hill Cottage
Burrows, J. V., Brookland, Bishops Frome
Busk, H. M. J., North End Farm, Bosbury
Byfleet, H. S., Yew Tree Cottage, Castle Frome
Cale, E. L. J., Palace Farm, Bosbury
Cann, Mrs K. M., Broad Oak Farm
Carey, M. J., Long Friday, Southfields Lane
Carter, D. O. , Hillhouse, Fromeshill
Castle Frome Farms, Birchend Farm
Castle Frome Post Office
Chapman, E. T., Pit House Farm, Coddington
Chapman, Lt Col F. J., Appletree Hill, Coddington
Cider Mill Garage & Cafe
Clarke, G., 4 Pool Close, Evesbatch
Clayton-Morris, V., Cherry Orchard, Coddington
Clinton, J. R., Woodleigh, Staplow
Close, Mrs M. I., Hafren, Coddington
Cluley, H. J., Tethersend
Clutterbuck, B. C. W., Clissetts, Stanley Hill
>Cole, G. W., Dunsinane, Coddington
Collard, P., Callow Marsh, Much Cowarne
Congreve, W. L., Chicane
Cook, I. J., Sunnyside
Cooke, J. E., 2 Hillfield, Catley
Cooke, J. F., Oak Inn, Staplow
Cooper, C. A., Hill House
Cox, P. T. B., Delvern House
Cridland, G. A., The Old Country Inn
Cundale, L. F., Stanley Hill Farm
Davidson, J., 3 Lower Walton Cottages, Bishops Frome
Davies, D. J., Yewtree Cottage, Foxhill
Davies, E.I., The Firs
>Davies, G, Rose Bank, Castle Frome
Davies, G, Upper Vinetree, Fromeshill
Davies, J. R., Nashend Farm, Bosbury
Davies, M., Catley Cottages
Davies, O. J, 5 Uplands, Fromes Hill
Davies, P. J., 3 Pow Green
Davies, R., The Mill End, Castle Frome
Davis, O. G., Rest Haven, Lower Southfield
Davis, W. T., The Dormers, Lower Southfield
Dawson, T. R. H., Old Rectory, Evesbatch
Day, M., Upper House, Wellington Heath
Delahaye, R. J., 2 Forge Bank
Duncan, G. M., Southfield, Bosbury
Edwards, Lt Col V., The Paddals, Bosbury
Edwards, T. H., 1 Bowley Lane
Evans, P. O., Kettlebrook Cottage, Coombe Hill
Evans, Y., The Gables, Old Country
Eveleigh, W. P. K., Brook Farm, Evesbatch
Fir Tree Service Station, Much Cowarne
Fisher, I. T., Field Cottage
Fletcher, E., 14 Forge Bank
Footman, E. R., Birchlea
Ford, A., New House, Cottons Corner
Fowles, N., Pitchcroft, Bishops Frome
Francis, A., 18 Forge Bank
Francis, I. R., 15 Forge Bank
Franklin, R. H., The Cottage, Bosbury
Frome Valley Produce, Town Farm, Castle Frome
Fromes Hill P. O., 1 Uplands
Glinos, J. A., Fairlands, Castle Frome
Goodchap, F. C., Woodcroft Farm
Goodchap, L. N., Gospel Yew
Gough, R., Lower Vinetree, Bishops Frome
Green, Rev D. E., The Vicarage
Greenly, M., Walton House, Lower Walton Lane, B Frome
Grocott, J., Bridge Cottage
Gunter, F. W. J., The Brook
Hadley Agri. Services, Slatch Farm
Hall, E., 13 Forge Bank
Hall, S., Briarscroft
Hatton, Mrs M. H., Rosemount, Stanley Hill
Hawkes, H. W. G, The Garden Cottage, Quatsford
Hawkins, J. H., The Farm
Haxton, M. T., Little Noverings
Henry, H., Underhill Cottage, Catley Southfield
Herbert, A. R., Mayfield, Bishops Frome
Herefordshire C. C., 15 Uplands
Hill, C. A. , 1 Uplands
Hill, J. W., Ailscroft
>Hill, Peter, Bridge End Cottage, Much Cowarne
Hodgetts, T., Beauchamp Bungalow, Acton Beauchamp
Hodgeson, P. J., Stonehouse Farm, Mathon
Hodgson, D., Phelps Cottage, Coddington
Holloway, G. E. & E G, Sevington Farm, Acton Beauchamp
Holloway, Miss W. H., Sunny Outlook, Acton Beauchamp
Holworthy, Maj Gen W. W., The Cross, Coddington
Hone, T. S., Bosbury House
Hone, Mrs M. E., Woodmans, Old Country, Bosbury
Hood-Wright, R. G., Norbridge
Hopkins, R. A., 8 Upper Court Road
Horton, H., 2 Upper Court Road
Howe, M. J., The Bakery
Huck, M. J., Oak Tree Cottage, Evesbatch
Hudson, C. E., 1 Birchend Cottages, Paddels Lane
Huffer, C. J, The Briars, Bishops Frome
Hughes , A, Pax Cottage
Hughes , O R, End House, Bosbury House
Hull, E A, The Old Vicarage
Hyett, R G, National Hunt Jockey
Ingles, J L, Pegs Farm, Wellington Heath
Innes, R A, Little Catley
Jackson, M A, 1 Forge Bank
James, E A, Church Cottage, Coddington
Jenkins, R I, Aurels Farm
Johnson, D V, 3 Forge Bank
Johnson, W P , Pool Farm, Acton Beauchamp
Jolly, Martin , Moorend, Castle Frome
Jones, B , Bridge House, Bosbury
Jones, F A, Gold Hill, Bosbury
Jones, G E, Hazeldean, Coddington
Jones, J, The Manse, Fromes Hill
Jones, M, The Lodge, Temple Court
Jones, Mrs J O, 2 Leadon Cottages, Fromes Hill
Jones, Roland L, Hill Park
Jones, T E, Juggs Green Farm, Staplow
Jordan, D K, 2 Cold Garden
Judge, H, The Old Farm, Coddington
Kannreuther & Co, Leadon Court
Kendrick, S R, The Hacketts, Halmonds Frome
Lamb, H C, Noverings Lodge, Bosbury
Lane, E R, Old Court
Lane, Mrs H P, Sedgemoor
Lane, M, The Cedars
Lawley, P J, Tygwyn, Brook Lane
Lawrence, A J, White House, Bishops Frome
Leake, M C, Cold Green Farm
Lee, F C W, White House, Bishops Frome
Leese, J W, Shepherds cottage, Bishops Frome
Leighton Court Farms, Leighton Court
Lloyd, D J, The Forge
Lloyd, E A E, Cheyney Court Lodge, Bishops Frome
Lock, F H, Town Farm, Castle Frome
Logan, Mrs E, Mullions, Coddington
Mackie, D L, Sintons End Farm, Acton Beauchamp
Macklin, D, 6 Morton Cottages
Majors Arms, Bishops Frome
Martin, M G, Dowding Brook
Manning, M B, Hill Farm, Castle Frome
Marsham, P, Kings Acre, Coddington
Mason, G H, 3 Uplands, Fromes Hill
Melton, A C S, Lower Hillend Cottage, Much Cowarne
Merriman, G A, Callow Marsh, Much Cowarne
Mid-West Calf Supply, Furlongs, Fromes Hill
Moore, B , 19 Mill End Cottage, Castle Frome
More, J, Lower Townend Farm, Coddington
Morgan, A G, Old Bridgend Cottage, Much Cowarne
Morgan, B A, The Furlongs
Morris, G C J, Old Rectory, Coddington
Morris, L , Birchend Farm, Castle Frome
Moule, I S, Pound Cottage, Hook Lane
Murray, J S, Woodlow Farm
Murray, V E, South Cottage, Lower Southfield
Nugent, T F, Riddings Farm, Coddington
Oliver, S J, Hill Farm, Cradley
Orgee, G, Redcastle Farm, Castle frome
Orgee, J, Upper Moorend, Castle Frome
Page, F A S, Whitehouse
Page, J E B, Middle House, Bosbury House
Parker, F, The Orchards, Fox Hill
Parker, J & Sons, Lower Walton, Bishops Frome
Parker, M E, Sponend Farm, Fromes Hill
Parker, R W, The Cottage, Staplow
Parker, T L, Cheyney Court, Bishops Frome
Parker, T L, 1 Yew Tree Cottage
Parry, A S, Jobey’s Cottage, Coombe Hill
Parry, J, Priors Court, Staplow
Parry, N F, Green Farm, Coddington
Partridge, J E , The Hill, Stanley Hill
Paterson, G, Pool House, Fromes Hill
Payne, T, Hill Brow, Fromes Hill
Payne, W H, Coney Croft
Peacock, S, 1 The Wolverns, Bishops Frome
Pearman, G E, Lichen Cottage
Peers, R H, Town Farm, Castle Frome
Percival, M H, Little Woodings, Old Country
Perks, E G, Grove Cottage, Castle Frome
Phillips, J, Coombe Hill, Coddington
Phillips, J, Locks Hill Cottage
Phillips, R, 28 The Uplands, Fromes Hill
Pitt, G, Castle Frome Post Office
Ponter, S, 8 Moreton Cottage
Poore-Saurin-Watts, E R, Coddington Court
Porter, R, Evesbatch Cottage, Bishops Frome
Porter, S. H. L., Stanley House
Postle, I. D., Briar Croft, Catley
Potton, E., Jasmine Cottage, Coddington
Presley, S. D., 10 Upper Court Road
Presley, T., 3 The Bungalow, Wellington Heath
Price, G. P., Cradley Hall
Pryce, D. M. R., Staplow House
Pudge, C. J., Frogend, Bishops Frome
Pudge, J. P., New House, Bishops Frome
Pudge, W. E., The White House, Much Cowarne
Pudge, W. R. & M. E., The Moorend, Much Cowarne
Pugh, H. J., Brickhouse Cottage, Catley
Pullen, L C, Church Bungalow, Fromes Hill
Quentin, J., The Larches, Foxhill
Quinton, A. C. S., 4 Leadon Cottage, Fromes Hill
Rees, W., The Dog
Reid, I., Malvern View
Rhee, W. D., 6 Uplands, Fromes Hill
Richard, K. E., Plough Cottage, Coddington
Rigby, F. M., Lower House, Bishops Frome
Roode, W. A. J., Southview, Fromes Hill
Rose, L. E., 7 The Uplands, Fromes Hill
Ross, R., The Green House, Evesbatch
Saunders, R. J., Alberts Cottage
Sexton, D. A., Mayfield, Fromes Hill
Shiner, G., The Maisonette, Central Stores
Shiner, J., Central Stores
Simcock & Sons, Hillend, Much Cowarne
Slater, .E, Pritchetts Cottage, Catley
Smith, John D., Nibley, Castle Frome
Smith, P. C., New House, Coddington
Smith, P. E. B., The Cross, Bosbury
Smith, R. N., 16 Forge Bank
Solven, Maj D. W., Becklow Cottage, Fox Hill
Southall, M. F., The Homestead, Fromes Hill
Spicer, F. W. J., Halfway House
Stevens, A., Cott Meadow
Swann, N. F., Kidley, Acton Beauchamp
Taylor, B. R., Windsordine Cottage
Tector, P. E., The Woodings, Old Country
Thomas, I. D. M., Lissadell, Coddington
Thomas, J, 11 Uplands, Fromes Hill
Thomas, Mrs S A, 17 Uplands, Fromes Hill
Thomas, P. M., Dodds Mill
Thompson, A. J. P., Millcroft Cottage, Foxhill
Turner, F., Beech House
Turner, R. C., Catley Cottage
Vernalls, A., 1 New Cottages, Castle Frome
Voyce, K. S. J., Stanley Hill
Wallis, A. R., Sevington Manor, Acton Beauchamp
Walton, Rev W. G., Greenfields
Ward, G. H., Tudor Cottage
Ward, H., Bargains farm
Watkins, M. J., Beacon Hill Farm
Watkins, W. S., Willow Cottage, Much Cowarne
Webb, K. J., Fairlawns, Much Cowarne
Webster, S. A., Orchard Cottage, Evesbatch
Welch, S., 46 Forge Bank
West, D. J., Church Farm, Coddington
Westwood, D. L., The Noverings Farm
Whittal, R. P. & P T, The Town Farm, Castle Frome
Whittal-Williams, R., Church Lea
Williams, J., Longhill, Coddington
Wise, G. S., The Pleck, Old Country, Mathon
Withnall, D., Noverings, Bosbury
Woodford, G. H. M., Sevington Manor, Acton Beauchamp
Wright, B. , 1 Staplow Cottages
Yapp, D. R., Moorend Cottage, Castle Frome
Yapp, W. J., Lower House Farm
Yeomans, R. J., Croft House, Fromes Hill
Young, A., Pegs Farm, Wellington Heath
Young, N. , Little Lapp, Halmonds Frome
Bosbury subscribers on TRUMPET exchange.
BALDWIN, G. A., Swinmore Farm
CLEGG, I. D., Sleepy Hollow, Swinmore
EVANS, T. A., The Vern, Munsley
HOMES, D. M., Upleadon Court
MILLINGTON, E., Swinmore
TRITTON, A. M., Swinmore House
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