This is a unique edition in that it includes a list of
all residents, not just telephone subscribers.
Anderson W, Church Cottage
Arnold H W, Albert Cottage
Austin A E, Lower Suffield
Badham Mrs E, Catley Suffield
Baggott T, Long Acre
Baggott C, Bosbury Suffield
Baggott D, Barland
Bailey A, Swinmore
Bates Mrs M, The Village
Baldwin J, Lower Cold Green
Baldwin A J, Stanley Hill
Ballard F A, Fox Hill
Baskerville F, Yew Tree Cottage
Bayliss T, Swinmore
Beaumont J, The Townend
Beith G, Noverings
Bettington Mrs C, Old Country
Bettington W, Broad Oak
Bettington C, Dowding’s Brook
Bettington W, Slatch Wood
Bishop T, The Oak Inn
Bosley J, Novering’s Farm
Bosley T C, Note House
Bosley T E, Catley Cross
Box W, Woodlow
Brant F J, The Village
Brewer Mrs C, Catley Suffield
Brice W S, Shinn’s Croft
Bridges W, Woodlow
Buchanan Mrs J R, Bosbury House
Buck Mrs M, Noverings
Bufton Mrs D, The Bridge
Bunn A G, Swinmore Farm
Cale Mrs K, Palace Farm
Campion H V, Elm Cottage
Chadd E R, The Red House
Chadd Mrs E, The Village
Clayton H, Fox Hill
Collett G, The Village
Collett W B, The Village
Cook J W, Shinn’s Croft
Copestake T, Lower Cold Green
Cosford U R, The Stores
Cotton J, The Hill
Cotton A, The New House
Cunningham Miss, The Paddals
Curtis E J, North Farm
Daniels W, Catley Suffield
Davies Mrs H, Ails Croft
Davies S, Norbridge
Davies C, Barland
Davies H, The Village
Davies J, The Village
Drew Mrs F, Post Office
Dutson W, Catley Suffield
Dykes Mrs E, The Crown Hotel
Edwards J, Broadcroft
Evans S, Old Country
Eversham Mrs E, Ocker Hill
Farmer Mrs M, The Paddals
Farmer Mrs M, Red House
Field C, Ails Croft
Fletcher A, Lower Mill
Foster F, Bowley Lane
Gibbs E H, Stanley Hill
Godwin R, The Nashend
Goodchap E T, Little Catley
Goodchap Mrs J, The Gardens
Goodchap C H, Gospel Yew
Goldsmith A F, The Aurals
Granville Mrs A J, The Village
Green J, Brier Croft
Green W, School House
Green W, Lower House
Griffiths C, Foxhill
Grindley Rev H E, The Vicarage
Gwynne W A, Bosbury Suffield
Hadley W, Ails Croft
Haffield Mrs M A, The Village
Haffield H, Old Court Cottage
Havard Mrs J, Catley Suffield
Hawkins, J, New Inn
Haynes T, Martins
Hickman R W, Staplow House
Hickox C, Pow Green
Hill T, Noverings Lodge
Hill J, Grange Cottage
Hird J H, Slatch Wood
Hoare W, Lye Field
Hodgkiss J, The Nelmes
Homes Mrs E M, Gold Hill
Homes H I, Upleadon
Homes M V, Upleadon Court
Hope A, Catley Suffield
Humphreys A J, The Green
Innes A, Upper Mill
Jackson W, The Bentleys
James T, Norbridge
Jay H A, Old Stanley
Job J K, The Firs
Jones T, Fox Hill
Jones J, The Moats
Jones W, Stanley Hill
Jones G, Lower Suffield
Jones J, Stanley Hill
Jones W, The Verne [Farm]
Jones A, Bosbury Suffield
Jones E, Barland
Jones J, Catley Suffield
Jones E W, The Nest
Jones A, Brichend [Birchend]
Kempson Miss J, Harbour Hill
Lane W S, The Farm
Lane Mrs L, Old Court [Farm]
Larner G, Swinmore
Layton A J, Hill Park
Lewis A, The Village
Lloyd W, Shilloo
Manico F E, Norbridge
Mason Mrs M, Slatch Wood
Mason T, Norbridge
Mason T, Catley Rye
Matthews J, Catley Suffield
Matthews J, The Bell Inn
Meeikle M E, The Slatch
Millard H, Grange Cottage
Millington W jun, Lower House
Mountford G, Swinmore Common
Mountford H, The Verne
Norman Mrs A, the Village
Norman F, The Old Vicarage
Nutt J, Winsordine
Ockey Mrs M E, Rose Mount
Oram Mrs J, The Village
Palmer W, Catley Suffield
Palmer G, Fox Hill
Palfrey E C, Cot Meadow
Parker Miss M C, Ails Croft
Parker W F, The Village
Parsons Mrs B, The Village
Paterson H H, Stanley Hill
Philpotts H E, The Village
Payne T, The Merrings
Peachey D, Winsordine
Pears T, Harbour Hill
Pember E. Lye Field
Powell J, The Village
Preece J, The Village
Price J, Great Catley
Price A K, Birchwood
Pritchard W, New House, Swinmore
Pritchett E N, The Grange
Pullen H, Fox Hill
Richards C W, Norbridge
Rouse G, Broad Oak
Rouse E, the Village
Rudge Mrs E, The Village
Russell W, Lower Townend
Russiel L G, The Village
Scrivens Mrs M, The Village
Shew E G, Upper Cold Green
Shinn J, Catley Suffield
Shinn W, Mill Croft
Shuck G, Brook House
Smith R, Catley Suffield
Spencer J, The Village
Spencer E H, Harbour Hill
Stevens J, Pow Green
Stinton W, The Village
Summers F, Grange Cottage
Thomas Mrs S, The Village
Thomas J, Bowley Lane
Thomas G, Long Acre
Thompson E B, Temple Court
Thomas J H, Old Court Cottages
Thompson M, Old Country
Thompson C, Swinmore
Tottenham R, The Orchards
Turner R J, Catley Court
Turner A J, Holly Mount
Turner J, Brier Croft
Turner S, Pow Green
Wade Miss C M, The Paddals
Walter J, Sugar Croft
Walker W, Bosbury Suffield
Walsh C F, Birchwood
Warner H, Warsaw Cottage
Wellings C, Broad Oak
Wheeler J, The Village
Wheeler W, Stoneyard’s Green
Williams T A, Shilloo
Wood W, Stanley Hill
Woodhouse J G, Catley Suffield
Young Mrs E, Brier Croft
Young Mrs H, Brook Inn
Vobe Mrs E, Old Country
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