Bosbury documents held by the Herefordshire Archive Service at the
Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre, Rotherwas, Hereford.
Category Description Date(s) HARC Ref.
Agriculture Agricultural Show, Programmes 1923-1927 AS94/191-3
Apprenticeships John Presdee apprenticed to Joseph Mutlow tailor of Bosbury. 1850 K42/378/5
Apprenticeships James Jenkins apprenticed to James Chadd of Bosbury, boot and shoemaker. 1852 K42/378/6
Books Charles Bennett’s notebook: Temple Court accounts 1740-50 AS94/101
Books George Marshall’s rough notes on Herefordshire churches and other related items 1841 AA17/50
Books A Short Account of the Church, Episcopal Manor and Other Objects of Interest in Bosbury - Bentley 1881 P765
Books ‘A Guide to the Village of Bosbury’ by Rev.S.Bentley 1891 AA17/100
Books Notebook of William Bettington 1835-64 BS78
Books Swithun Butterfield Survey of Bishop’s Manor land 1581 AA59/A/2
Bridges Agreement for maintenance 1910 AB86/2/2
Bridges Temple Court Bridge Plans   CL33/141
Bridges Crown Culvert Plans   CL33/202
Bridges Bosbury Bridge Plans   CL33/214
Business Bill for building wheelwright’s shop 1895 AS94/142
Census Microfilm of census 1841 X73/3
Census Microfilm of census 1851 X7/1
Census Microfilm of census 1861 X77/1
Census Microfilm of census 1871 X78/1
Census Microfilm of census 1881 X81/1
Census Census Data 1971 CA10/7
Charities Notebook containing Poor Rate collection   AR67/115
Charities Poor Rate collection 1833 CB52/2
Charities Commissioners Minutes 1674 F44/1/ff.9,11,12,99
Church Transcript c,b 1559-1726 1559-1726 on open shelves
Church Postcard of church c. 1930 A076/6
Church Copy marriage settlement of Francis Brydges and Elizabeth Oswald. 16 August 1680 1680 A81/II/2
Church Probate inventory of James Bridges of Bosbury 17th C A81/II/5
Church Restoration, 1871 - new seating of church 1871 AA51/1
Church Vicarage papers 1908 AA61/33
Church Notes on Trust (Methodist Church) 1871-1933 AL29/11
Church Photocopy of parish register 1622-61 AO28
Church Bosbury Holy Trinity Cof E church - Monumental Inscriptions   AS88/277
Church Bosbury Non-Conformist - limited records   AS88/321
Church Bosbury Holy Trinity C of E church - Monumental Inscription   AS88/4
Church Bosbury Holy Trinity C of E church - Monumental Inscriptions   AS88/6
Church Printed notice for harvest festival 1875 AS94/161
Church Parish records   AT24
Church Bosbury General Registers, also contains notes on the tower being struck by lightning 1635, endowments of church, deaths in 1381, witnesses to lawsuit 1586 and a collection on a brief for Oswestry church 1658 1558-1768 AT24/1-3* MF261
Church Baptisms and burials, also contains answers given under act of 55 Geo. III for returns relating to the relief of the poor 1813-40 AT24/4-9* MF261
Church Coal charity accounts, includes note of extra allowance during cholera epidemic 1848-62 AT24/22-35* MF286
Church Vestry Minutes No. 1 1741-1796 AT24/25* MF286
Church Vestry Minutes No. 2 1797-1821 AT24/26* MF286
Church Vestry Minutes No. 3 1822-1852 AT24/27* MF286
Church Tithe Apportionment 1844 AT24/36* MF286
Church Marriages and Burials 1763-1917 AT24/10-16* MF262
Church Church Accounts 1844-1906 AT24/17-21* MF263
Church Transcripts of parish registers 1559-1726 B86/1
Church Photographic slide of church   BC84/181
Church Papers re. sale of Parsonage 1968-71 BP37/1
Church Slides of Church, Tony Brown collection   BP46/35
Church Video tape of Church   BR92/11
Church Programme for Bosbury Flower Festival 1999 CC7/2
Church Internal and external photographs of Bosbury Church. A leaflet entitled ‘A Short Guide to the Church of the Holy Trinity Bosbury Hfds’ 1989, 1995 CE91/2/11
Church A leaflet entitled ‘A Short Guide to the Church of Holy Trinity’ 1995 CE91/2/11
Church Drawing of Bosbury Church - Hill Collection 1917 CF50/116/p.375
Church Notes on monumental inscriptions at Church of the Holy Trinity - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.374-388
Church Drawing John Harford’s tomb - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.377
Church Drawing of gravestone, Stephen Swinfield - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.378
Church Radlow Hundred - Sum charged on parish 1742 CF50/19
Church Notes on monumental inscriptions   CF50/98/307-314
Church Amalgamated Deanery magazines 1954-55 CL23/5/1-2
Church Short description and picture   CN5/19/16
Church Recusancy Returns 1767 HD2/16/28
Church Presentments to Articles of Enquiry (printed) 1716 HD5/14/100
Church Presentments to Articles of Enquiry (printed) for parishes 1719 HD5/15/25
Church Drawing of church 1879 IC43/8
Church Drawing of church 1879 K43/8
Church ‘A guide for visitors’ 1992 P449
Church Pamphlet: Guide to church   P655
Church Church of the Holy Trinity, Bosbury; architectural notes   P847
Church Register of oaths: papists record   Q/ROP/? Iv
Estates Note House Estate 1905 M5/5/34
Estates Grange Estate 1930 M5/5/35
Estates Bosbury House Estate 1938 M5/5/37
Estates Estates of Bishop of Hereford   AA59
Estates Brydges estates 1791 AS80/5
Estates Catley Cross Estate: Deed 1841 AW44/27
Estates Estates of the Bishop of Hereford: records of management 1943-49 BP41/1
Estates Particulars of the estate of Philip John Miles, M.P. for Gloucestershire 1836 BZ43/1/2
Estates The Farm Estate 1850 CN37/17
Estates Probate copy of the will of Richard Barrett of Bosbury, made 1787 and proved 1788: with this, bundle of legacy receipts, etc. 1787-1788 D96/4
Estates Deeds etc. of the Mynors family properties, including estate in Evanjob, Rads. - with plan, piece of land in Cedar, Queensland, also mortgage by the Rev. Ed. Higgins to Rev. Michael Hopton and Thomas Baskerville Mynors of Moats Farm in Bosbury. 1825-1913 D96/5
Estates Appointment by Robert Baskerville Rickards Mynors and Ellen Gray his wife (nee Higgins) of Bosbury Estate to Willoughby Baskerville Mynors, 1882: with this - settlement on the marriage of Miss Meredith with the Rev. Edward Higgins, 1833. 1833-1882 D96/6
Estates Settlements etc., of the Shayle family (George Shayle nephew of George Mayos) including settlement of Upleadon Estate, Bosbury, on the marriage of George Shayle with Miss Godsell, 1834: also including probate will of William Mayos, 1829, and probate will of George Shayle, 1880 1829-1880 D96/9
Estates Mortgage. 1. John Harford Pitt of Freetown, Tarrington, farmer and 2. George Masefield, Ledbury gent. Temple Court Estate Bosbury etc. left to J.H. Pitt by John Pitt. To secure £500. 19 August 1884 1884 D96/10
Estates Deeds etc. relating to properties of the Barrett family - Priors Court, Ledbury, acquired by them, 1799, Burtons, acquired 1812 and several pieces of land in Bosbury (specified). Items include abstract of settlement on the marriage of Timothy Geers with Mary Winford, 1695, copy of the will of Timothy Geers, 1747, marriage licence Richard Bennett with Betty Fawk, 1770, copy, 1731 of settlement on marriage of Thomas Geers with Sarah Lutwyche, abstract of settlement on the marriage of Sarah Winford with Sambrooke Freeman, 1757 1718-1869 D96/20
Estates Plans for Cold Green; Swinmore; Townend   D96/85-90
Estates Estates of Rochester Bridge Trust: deeds   E3/227-236
Estates Estates of the Bishop of Hereford. Leases of fisheries, lands and houses owned by the Bishop and Estate Books which contain lists of leases granted, with an index of tenants
Estates Moorend Court Estate, sale particulars 1925 J33/47
Estates Bosbury House Estate sale particulars 1938 J33/51
Estates Bryd[g]es family, Tibberton and Bosbury   K12; E31; A81; K11; K8
Estates Bonnor Estates: records 1892-1916 MSB/47
Farm sales Vern Farm 1891 CN37/88
Farm sales Land near Upper Cold Green Farm 1890 AR67/109
Farm sales Lower Cold Green Farm 1912 AR67/110
Farm sales Land and Cottages 1927 AR67/114
Farm sales Gold Hill Farm 1977 AR67/134
Farm sales Cold Green Farm 1953 AS94/209
Farm sales Sale particulars, various farms   AS94/209-218, 286
Farm sales Great Catley, Little Catley, Catley Court Farms 1882 AS94/215
Farm sales Hill Farm, Holly Mount, Stanley House including plans 1888 AS94/217
Farm sales Gold Hill Farm (sale notice) 1977 AS94/218
Farm sales Lower Cold Green Farm 1912 AS94/286
Farm sales Cold Green Farm 1979 AS94/309
Farm sales Cold Green farm 1979 AS94/309-10
Farm sales Upper Coldgreen Farm and Cottages at the Bridge 1896 CN36/24
Farm sales Shirkway Farm 1892 M5/2/14
Farm sales Pauncefort Court, Shirkway Farm, Court-y-Park Farm, Verne Farm 1899 M5/2/17
Farm sales Verne Farm 1891 M5/2/18
Farm sales Lower Cold Green Farm 1912 M5/2/19
Farm sales Nelmes Farm 1924 M5/5/32
Farm sales Nelmes Farm 1945 M5/5/33
Farm sales Noverings and Noverings Farm 1950 M5/5/36
Farm sales Broad Oak Farm, Upper & Lower Townsend Farm & Birchend 1938 M5/5/37
Farm sales Sherlows Farm 1910 M5/5/38
Farm sales Farm Sale Elton to Mayo and Harman 1740 MSS.411
Farm sales Property of Richard Hill 1806-1813 MSS.G2/145
Farm Sales Merriotts: particulars 1634 K12/4
Farms Nether Court: deed   A81/II/102
Farms Nelmes: deeds 1608 A81/II/86
Farms Temple Court: deeds 1611-32 A81/II/88-92
Farms Fenhouse: deed 1640 A81/II/90
Farms Noverings Farm: deed 1640 A81/II/90
Farms Noverend: deed 1637 A81/II/94
Farms Old Court Farm: notebooks 1859-60 AR67/102-107
Farms Upleadon Farm: papers 1880-1966 AR67/96-101
Farms Bentleys farm: plans re listed building status 1985 AS83/5/6
Farms Goldhill: records of   AS94
Farms Letters about fire at Leadon Court 1899-1900 AS94/242
Farms Red House and Old House: deeds 1809-1839 AS94/280-82
Farms Deeds to farm 1744-1876 AS94/283-5
Farms Old Court: deeds 1828-48 AS94/288-9,299
Farms Upleadon Court: tenancy agreements 1899-1955 AS94/295
Farms Whitticks farm: deeds and papers 1774-1851 AS94/296
Farms Temple Court: Historical Notes - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.388-9
Farms Lland correspondence, papers & registered files: Green Farm, Orchard Farm, North Farm, Beaconhill Farm, Birchwood Farm, Lower House Farm and Aurals Farm.   CP85
Farms Merriotts: particulars 1648 K12/5
Farms Lower Cold Green Farm: sale plan. 1912 M5B/156/15A
Highways Highway alterations   Q/RSL/1838
Historical Notes Mary Cope of Bosbury - accidentally burned when her clothes caught fire and died from burns. 7 January [no year]   A95/V/W/e/37
Historical Notes John Preece of Bosbury - accidentally killed after his horses bolted and he fell beneath a plough. 8 July [no year]   A95/V/W/e/68  
Historical Notes Printed letter to people of Bosbury re Free Trade 1852 AR67/116
Historical Notes Letters and papers of the Inett Family c1760-c1900 AR67/162
Historical Notes     BC79/2/51
Historical Notes Notes by Inett Homes of Bosbury, agricultural engineer and archaeological recorder 1914-1987 BD20
Historical Notes     BD20/19/2
Historical Notes     BD20/23/2
Historical Notes Chair Maker - (Philip Clissett - Bosbury).   BD20/30
Historical Notes     BD20/97/DRAWER 4/320
Historical Notes Grid Ref. 67 / 43 Bosbury - Upleadon [These are slides taken by Inett Homes]   BD20/97/DRAWER 4/304-306
Historical Notes Grid Ref: 67 / 43 Bosbury - Guildhall [sic] [These are slides taken by Inett Homes] nbsp; BD20/97/DRAWER 4/307-319
Historical Notes Grid Ref: 67 / 44 Bosbury - Philip Clisset and his workshop [These are slides taken by Inett Homes]   BD20/97/DRAWER 4/321-323
Historical Notes Grid reference 69 / 41 Bosbury - Staplow   BD20/97/DRAWER 4/384
Historical Notes Bosbury - Old Photos   BD20/97/DRAWER 4/388 - 390
Historical Notes Grid reference 71 / 43 Bosbury - Lower Townend   BD20/97/DRAWER 4/557 - 560
Historical Notes Allcott of Woodcroft in the parish of Bishops Frome, gent, 1829, and a copy will of James Allcott of The Farm in the parish of Bosbury, 1839. Pedigrees and copies of baptism, marriage and burial certificates of the Alcott family of Bishops Frome and Bosbury.   BJ43/42
Historical Notes Notes on church and parish   BM81/1/4/3
Historical Notes Notes on church and parish - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.374-389
Historical Notes Temple Court - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.388-9
Historical Notes Extract from ‘Blount’s Tenures’   CF50/98/15
Historical Notes Berrington’s Memo’   CF50/98/70
Historical Notes Review of Bentley’s Book on Bosbury c.1895 K38/F/S1
Historical Notes Legend of Prince Rupert at Bosbury, letter 1903 K38/F/S2
Historical Notes Papers concerning John Bosley’s settlement. Bosley originally had his settlement in Much Marcle but went to work in Bosbury being hired at the Mop fair in Ledbury for a Mr. Grundy. He worked there from Michaelmas, 1812 to Michaelmas, 1813.   F35/RC/IV/E/365-385
Historical Notes Papers concerning Temple Court. 18th C. CF50/116/388-389
House sales Freehold property 1878 AR67/144
House sales Houses, land and cottages 1853 AR67/149
House sales Conveyance of property 1845 AR67/95
House sales Dowding’s Brook 1878 BY46/2/7
House sales Bosbury House 1911 CN37/187
House sales Vern Farm 1891 MS/2/18
House sales Bosbury Toll House 1871 Q/CE/1
Houses Grubbs Barn: deed 1707 A81/II/100
Houses Copy of court roll, Upleadon 1586 A81/II/85
Houses Conveyance of Upleadon 1611 A81/II/88
Houses Barcham House: deed 1623 A81/II/91
Houses Flea Hill: deed 1649 A81/II/96
Houses Cottage at the Green: deed 1653 A81/II/97
Houses Final concord. Messuage and land in Bosbury as conveyed to William Bridges. Trinity 1641 1641 A81/II/98
Houses List of names relating to property at Bosbury 17thC A81/III/6
Houses Proceedings by John Brydges concerning properties 1743 AF/14
Houses Dowding Brook - papers etc. 1879-1885 AR67/112-113
Houses Deeds to a copyhold house and land 1712-1878 AR67/72-91
Houses Assignment of a messuage and close 1661 AR67/92
Houses Lease of a house and garden 1817 AR67/94
Houses Stanley House: deeds 1884-1915 AR7/8-15
Houses Storridge: admission to 1833 BJ43/25/13
Houses Aurals Cottage: land correspondence, papers & registered files   CP85
Houses Cotmeadow: land correspondence, papers & registered files   CP85
Houses Staplow: lease 1629 K12/2
Houses Alterations to the Old Chapel 1927 K21
Houses Upleadon: plans   K5/
Houses Noverends: deeds 1788, 1808 K8/56, 60
Houses Cottage and land called Staple Croft 1714 O4/3
Houses Photograph and Article, Thatchers at Pow Green Cottage   Y54
Inclosure Order dividing land in Bosbury 1871 BY46/1/4
Inclosure Inclosure map 1872 CJ22
Inns Bell Inn: Conditions of sale 1853 AR67/108
Inns Brook Inn: tenancy agreement 1949 AS94/294
Land sales Sale of coppice wood 1721 BF77/14
Land valuation Land Tax Schedule 1910 AG9/49
Land valuation Valuation List 1974-1989 CJ11/15
Land valuation Valuation List 1972 CJ11/18
Lands Deeds to lands 1586-1813 A81/II/83-99
Lands Land in Upleadon 1631 A81/II/92
Lands Part of abstract of title of William Bridges to lands in Bosbury 1616-1632 A81/II/93
Lands Admission and surrender William Gwillim to William Bridges. Land in Lye Field 11 October 1639 1639 A81/II/95
Lands Particular of lands exchanged 1788 A81/III/9
Lands Marriage settlement 1711 AE82/1/1
Lands Deeds 1671; 1759 AH83/11;19
Lands Croft called Stapley Croft and land at Woodley Corner: deeds 1705-08 AH83/14-15
Lands Deeds to parcels of land 1890-1901 AS94/292
Lands Deeds to lands 1467-1721 BF77/12-14
Lands Devised in will 1837 C14/1
Lands Copy of marriage settlement between Alice Allcok of Bosbury and Thomas Allcok, tanner, her son, and Elizabeth Edwards of Dudalls Hope in Bodenham and John Hallward of Hammish, Herefords. and Bensalem Edwards of Dudalls Hope, brother of Elizabeth. Thomas Allcok is to marry Elizabeth Edwards and the settlement concerns property in Bosbury and a life annuity to Alice Allcok. undated F35/RC/MII/376
Lands Mentioned in bankruptcy 1824 F9/6
Lands Bosbury deeds (and other parishes) 1823-1874 HD1/7
Lands Grant of land 1551 MSS.906
Lands Mentioned in will 1810 O14/8
Lands Deed to Staple Croft 1714 O4/3
Lands Marriage settlement 1693/4 P75/4
Manors Rentals 1250-1288 AA59/A/1
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1475-1476 AM33/1
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1483-1485 AM33/2
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1616-1620 AM33/6
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1622-23 AM33/8
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1555-1558 AM33/9
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1496-1497 AM33/13
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1591-2 AM33/16
Manors Court rolls and compoti 1599-1600 AM33/17
Manors Admissions and surrenders of a house in Bosbury 1712-1878 AR67/72-91
Manors Deeds 1690-1706 AW68/1-2
Manors Manor of Bosbury: copies of court roll 1688-1839 BJ43/25
Manors Notes on Manor of Bosbury - Hill Collection 18thC CF50/116/p.389
Manors Compotus of the Bishop   O43
Manors Lease 1686 P39/2
Maps and Plans Sewerage and Drainage plan 1966 AD32/274
Maps and Plans Relating to the new primary school 1966 AD32/276-278
Maps and Plans Bosbury enclosure map 1872 CJ22
Maps and Plans Map of Turnpike Roads in Ledbury District 1832 CO81
Maps and Plans Various Estates --- D96/86
Maps and Plans Cold Green Estate 1808 D96/85
Maps and Plans Swinmore Estate --- D96/87
Maps and Plans Townend Estate 1775 D96/89
Maps and Plans Slatch and Grainge Farms: plan 1841 K19/1
Maps and Plans Tithe map   M5/44/9
Maps and Plans Inclosure award 3 July 1854 1854 Q/RI/4
Maps and Plans Inclosure award 15 March 1865 1865 Q/RI/5
Photographs Photographs of church after fire in 1917 1917 AB48/72-74; AD71/82
Photographs Postcards   AD71/81-88
Photographs Photographs: misc. scenes   AO12
Photographs Postcards c.1906 B10/1-6
Photographs War memorial with roll   BN39/19
Photographs Slides of church   BP46/35
Photographs Internal & external photographs of Bosbury Church 1989 CE91/2/11
Photographs Bosbury Police Station   CH27/3
Photographs Photograph of Bosbury Police Station   CH27/3
Photographs Francis Frith Fiche   X102 Fiche B420
Photographs Bishops Palace Gateway   Y221/16/8
Photographs Misc.   YZ21/23/1
Rights of Way Rights of Way particulars 1952 AC14/1/16
Rights of Way Rights of Way Register 1952 CD31/21
Schools Plan of old girls school and access road to new school. 1966 AD32/276
Schools New Primary School Building Plans 1966 AD32/277-278
Schools Grant to Grammar School 1548 AJ24/1
Schools Grammar School & Meekings Charity records 1890-1971 CJ99/4/1
Schools Grammar School Foundation Scheme 1909-1973 CJ99/4/2
Schools Eulogy at funeral of Miss Arrowsmith, headmistress of Girls’ School 1916 AS94/225
Schools Notes on Grammar School endowed by Queen Elizabeth 18thC CF50/116/390
Schools Particulars of Trust Deeds, Boys’ and Girls’ Schools 1902 R95/52/7
Schools Photograph: Free Grammar School   Y221/16/7
Taxes Land tax Assessments 1938-1939 CL82/6/3
Taxes Land Tax Assessments from 1786 1786 - 1830 Q/Rel/6/4/1-33
Tithe Deeds 1690-1706 AW68/1-2
Tithe Tithe redemption certificates 1920-21 CA12
Tithe Lease of Tithes 1807 F55/58
Tithe Tithe agreement revoked. Agreement, 20 March 1631/2 between Thomas Vaughan of Tewkesbury and Marie Wright of Bosbury. Marie Wright assigned to Thomas Vaughan all the tithe of corn and grain arising in Snowdhill.
1631/2 F94/II/12
Tithe Moiety of tithes: agreement   G87/6/5
Visitation Visitation presentment 1716 HD5/14/100
Visitation Visitation presentment 1719 HD5/15/25
Water and Sewerage Water main extension 1966-67 BB32/24/1
Water and Sewerage Papers, agreement (with plan) for the construction of a sewage tank   K42/377/22
Wills Anthony Turner, Probate Copy 1662 K11/3579
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This page is based on an original card index at HARC but with additional information from the website A2A, from reference notes and examination of a number of items. The table will be refined over time. Please use it as a guide as to the material available but always check with the HAS catalogues when you visit the archives.   Items starred * have been returned to Bosbury Parish Church where they are in secure storage but available for inspection. BSS. Prepared May 2012. Latest update March 2017.