A.P.Whitehead M.C. B.A.       Education Department,
County Offices, DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION     D/JS           Hereford
Tel.No.—Hereford 307122nd November, 1944.

Rev. A. Orton
Bosbury Vicarage

Dear Sir,

Bosbury Boys’ Morton Endowed School.
Bosbury Girls’ & Infants’ School.

The staffing and organisation of the two Schools in Bosbury is under very active consideration at the present time especially in regard to the provisions of the New Education Act, and as an interim measure I am directed to request that the Managers will agree to the following proposal, namely that the children in the two schools, shall be divided as follows:-

The Bosbury Boys’ School shall become temporarily a mixed Secondary School for the children of 11 and over (at the present time they number 22)

That the present Girls’ & Infants’ School shall become a Primary School for Infants’ and Juniors up to the age of 11 (at the present time there are 26 juniors and 24 infants, there will thus be a total of 50 children in the present Girls’ & Infants’ School.

This organisation depends on the ability of the Managers or the Authority to secure an Assistant Teacher for the Girls’ & Infants’ School. As a second best, if an Assistant Teacher is not available it is proposd that the Boys’ School should be a mixed school for the older children from 9 upwards and the Girls’ School for Juniors and Infants up to the age of 9. This would give 32 children for the Boys’ School and 40 for the Girls’ School.

It is considered advisable for the present, to continue to use both Schools as the accomodation and lavatory provision is not sufficient at either School for the total number of children.

I should be glad to receive early acquiescence on the part of the Managers.

Yours faithfully

[signed] A.P.Whitehead

Director of Education

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