Bosbury Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Trust

Resolution appointing New Trustees

At a Special Meeting of the Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Bosbury in the Ledbury Circuit duly convened according to the provisions of the Morel Deed and held in the Chapel of Bosbury on the 22nd day of July 1899 the Reverend Edmund Potts superintendent in the Chair.

Present Messrs Philip Clissett, John Hooper and Richard Edwards, Trustees and the following 8 Trustees having died namely John Morris, William Clissett, William Chadd, Elisha Perrins, William Bunn, Edward Williams, George Hale and John Jackson.

And the following two Trustees now desiring to retire and to be discharged from the Trusts viz. Richard Dew and William Harding.

And the following Trustees being willing to continue in the Trusts namely Richard Edwards, Philip Clissett and John Hooper.

And the following persons being members of the Wesleyan Methodist Society, having been nominated by the Superintendent Minister.

Resolved. That the following persons be and they are hereby appointed to be Trustees of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and premises at Bosbury in the Ledbury Circuit, together with the said continuing Trustees, namely
James Banner, Gentleman, Ledbury
Hubert Bray, Clothier, Ledbury
John Thomas Bray, Bookseller, Ledbury
Harper Bebbington, Grocer, Ledbury
Harvey Bebbington, Grocer, Ledbury
Lewis Jones, Stationer, Ledbury
William Madders, Grocer, Ledbury
Michael Lewis, Ironmonger, Ledbury
Dennis James Hill, Monumental Mason, Ledbury
Alfred George Bunn, Farmer, Bosbury

Signed by Chairman, Edmund Potts and Trustees, Philip Clissett, John Hooper and Richard Edwards

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