Minutes of the Conference Held at Stanley Hill, Castle Froome, Herefordshire, June 21st, 1840

The Preachers and Members of the Froome Hill Circuit of the United Brethren met at the house of Elder John Cheese, on Stanley Hill, Herefordshire, England, June 21st, A.D. 1840, at ten a. m., according to previous notice, when the meeting was called to order by Elder Thomas Kington, and Elder Wilford Woodruff was chosen President, and Elder J. Benbow, Clerk of the meeting. After prayer by Elder Richards, and remarks by the President concerning the business of the day, it was
Moved by Elder T. Kington, and seconded by Elder J. Benbow, that this meeting be hereafter known by the name of the “Froomes Hill Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,” organized and established by the will and commandment of God in the United States of America, on the 6th day of April, A.D. 1830, this being the 15th day of the third month of the eleventh year of the rise of the church. Carried unanimously.

Moved by Elder Richards, and seconded by Elder Kington, that
Thomas Clark, Charles Price, James Hill, and Samuel Jones be ordained Elders;
Also that John James, Joseph Shinn, Henry Jones, James Baldwin, John Morgan, Samuel Badham and John Dyer, be ordained Priests;
And that Robert Hill, George Brooks, James Skinn [Shinn], and James Watkins be ordained Teachers. Carried unanimously; and ordained under the hands of Elders Woodruff and Richards.

John James,Priest,to have the care
of the Church at,
Froome’s Hill.
John Morgan,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
John Parry,dittoditto Stanley Hill.
Joseph Pullen,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
Robert Hill,Teacher,dittoditto
James Burns,dittoditto Ridgeway Cross.
Wm. Possons,dittoditto Moorend Cross.
Wm. Jenkings,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
Thos. Jenkings,Teacher,dittoditto
Jonathon Lucy,dittoditto Colwall.
Thomas Jones,dittoditto Pale House
Wm Williams,Teacher,dittoditto
John Preece,dittoditto Ledbury.
Joseph Firkins,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
Samuel Warren,dittoditto Keysend Street.
Joseph Shinn,ditto Assistant,dittoditto
James Shinn,Teacher,ditto Keysend Street.
James Baldwin,dittoditto Wind Point.
John Allard,Teacher,dittoditto
George Allen,dittoditto Woferwood Common.
Rough Leasowe, Birchwood, Tunbridge, and Dunsclose, will all be united in one Branch, called Dunsclose.
Samuel Badham,Priest,to have the care
of the Church at,
James Williams,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
Edward Phillips,dittoditto Ashfield & Crowcutt.
George Brooks,Teacher,dittoditto
John Meeks,dittoditto Old Starridge.
Henry Jones,ditto Assistant,dittoditto
John Gailey,dittoditto Hope Rough.
Benj. Williams,dittoditto Shucknell Hill.
Ishmael Phillips,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
John Powell,dittoditto Lugwardine.
John White,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
John Dyer,dittoditto Marden.
Francis Burnett,dittoAssistant,dittoditto
James Watkins,Teacherdittoditto
William Evans,dittoditto Stokes Lane.
William Davis,dittoAssistantdittoditto
John Sanders,dittodittodittoditto
Thomas Vernon,Teacherdittoditto
John Fidoe,dittoditto Bishop Froome.

Moved by Elder Richards, and seconded by Elder Kington,
That Elder Thomas Clark have charge of the Churches at Dunsclose, Old Starridge, Ashfield, and Crowcutt; that Elder Samuel Jones have charge of the Churches at Keysend Street, Wind Point, Colwell, Pale House, and Malvern Hill; that Elder Phillip Green have charge of the Churches at Shucknell Hill, Lugwardine, and Marden; that Elder John Cheese have charge of the churches at Stokes Lane, Woferwood Common, and Bishop Froome; that Elder Charles Price have charge of the Churches at Ledbury, Moorend Cross, and Ridgeway Cross; that Elder James Hill have charge of the Churches at Hope Rough and Stanley Hill; that Elder John Benbow have charge of the church at Froome Hill. Carried unanimously.

Moved by the President, and seconded by Elder Richards, that Elder Thomas Kington be the presiding Elder over all the churches composing this conference. Carried unanimously.

After remarks by the President, the meeting adjourned till two o’clock, P.M.
During the recess ten persons were baptized.

Assembled at two o’clock, according to adjournment, and administered the sacrament to several hundred saints; after which twenty were confirmed, and twenty children blessed under the hands of Elders Woodruff and Richards, accompanied with observations by the President, explanatory of the ordinance.

Moved by Elder Richards and seconded by the President, that Elder Thomas Kington represent this conference to the General Conference at Manchester, on the 6th of July next. Carried unanimously.

Moved and carried, that the Clerk of the Conference present to the presiding Elder, T. Kington, a copy of the minutes of this Conference for safe keeping; also, a copy to present to the General Conference at Manchester.

These minutes were then read, article by article, and accepted by the conference.

The President, followed by Elder Richards, then proceeded to give such instruction to the Saints concerning the order of the Church, and several duties of the members, as the Spirit directed; and bore testimony to the multitude, of the truth of the work, followed by Elder Kington, when it was moved by Elder Richards, and seconded by the President, that this conference adjourn to the 2lst of September next, ten o’clock a.m., at this place. Carried unanimously.

After prayer and singing, the assembly dispersed, and the Elders and Officers went into Council, when it was moved by Elder Richards, and seconded by Elder Kington that we proceed to establish and organize monthly Councils of the Officers of the Froome Hill Conference, to commence on Friday, the 3d day of July next, at half-past seven o’clock, in the several divisions respectively assigned to the different elders, viz. :-

ElderThomas Clark,President, &James Meeks,Standing Clerk,Dunsclose.
***Samuel Jones,dittoWilliam Williams,dittoWindpoint.
***Phillip Green,dittoFrancis Burnett,dittoLugwardine.
***John Cheese,dittoGeorge Allen,dittoStokes lane.
***Charles Price,dittoThomas Jenkings,dittoMoorend Cross.
***James Hill,dittoJoseph Pullen,dittoStanley Hill.
***John Benbow,dittoJohn Morgan,dittoFroome Hill.

Moved by Elder Richards and seconded by Elder Kington, that a Monthly General Council of the past Officers of this Conference, be holden at Stanley Hill, to commence on Friday, the 17th of July next, at Half-past 7 o’clock, P.M. Elder Thomas Kington, President, and Elder John Benbow, Standing Clerk. Carried unanimously.

The President then proceeded to explain the nature of the priesthood, and the duties and privileges of the several officers and gave such instruction as their situation required; followed by Elder Richards, who explained many important principles connected with the building up of the kingdom.

The Minutes of the Council were then read, item by item, and accepted, when the Council adjourned; and after singing “the Spirit of God,” &c. the brethren separated, with feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving that God had been with his people, and that the spirit of union and love had prevailed in all the deliberations of the day.


REMARKS, - The different Branches in this region are so scattered, that it has not been possible to ascertain the number of members connected with each individual Church, but the whole number of the Churches connected with the Bran Green and Gadfield Elm, and the Froome Hill Conference, together with a small Branch of 12 members, 1 Priest, and 1 Teacher at Little Garway, is 33 Churches; 534 members; 75 Officers, viz.- 10 Elders, 52 Priests, and 13 Teachers; and for the comforting of the Saints, and with heartfelt gratitude to our Heavenly Father, we would say, that it is less than four months since the fulness of the gospel was first preached in this region, which is a proof that God is beginning to make a short work in these last days.   W. WOODRUFF.

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