Bosbury taxes in reign of Henry VIII, 1523-1545

Extract 1
Radlow Hundred
1523 Subsidy Act
Second Payment in 1525

National Archives ref. E179/117/91

Account of William Wattis collector of the second payment of the subsidy granted by parliament which began on 15th April in the 14th year of the reign of King Henry VIII at the order of Rowland Morton and another, Commissioners.

National Archives ref. E179/117/95

D(e) Edward Walwyn T. £10 - 10s.
John Haffield T. £10 - 10s.
John Johnson B. £5 - 2s. 6d.
John Farley B. £5 - 2s. 6d.
Thomas Farley B. £6 - 13s. 4d.
Nicholas ap Howell B. £4 - 2s.
Richard Nash B. 40s. - 12d.
Robert Brown B. £6 - 3s.
Hugh Leythe B. £6 - 3s.
Richard Brooking B. £3 - 18d.
James Hope B. £4 - 2s.
John Hope B. £4 -2s.
Richard Kent B. 40s. - 12d.
Richard Knight B. £3 6s. 8d. - 20d.
William Cornell B. 40s. - 12d.
William Barnes B. £4 - 2s.
Richard Hope B. £40 - 40s. exonerated
John Blake B. 40s. - 12d.
John Mathyn St. 20s. - 6d.
John Brown B. 40s. - 12d.
Humphrey Taylor B. 40s. - 12d.
Edmund Webb St. 20s. - 6d.
Richard Lawrence B. 40s. - 12d.
Hugh Hill B. 40s. - 12d.

S(um)m(a) £4 14s. 6d.

Note: Each name is preceded by ‘D(e)’ and ‘T’ = pro Terris = for lands, ‘B’ = pro Bonis = for goods, ‘St.’ = pro Stipendio = for wages. The value of the taxable item is given first then the tax amount owed usually in pence. The old English monetary system in use is 12 pence (d.) equal to 1 shilling (s.) and 20 shillings equal to 1 pound (£ - an abbreviated capital L for the Latin word ‘libra’, originally a pound weight but later used to mean the currency, a pound sterling). The name ‘Jacobus’ in the document has been translated as James as by the fifteenth century, the name Jacob was used by Jewish people and James by Christians taken from the bible transltion.

Extract 2
Radlow Hundred
1534 Subsidy Act
Second Payment in 1536

National Archives ref. E179/117/112

Hereford.  This indenture made the 12th day of March in the 28th year of the reign of our sovereign lord King Henry the Eighth (1537) witnesseth that we, Thomas Baskerville and John Biryton, commissioners by virtue of the kings commission to us & others directed and by agreement among ourselves allotted to the hundred of Radlow in the county of Hereford for the taxation of the king’s subsidy granted to his highness in his parliament holden at Westminster in the 26th year of his most noble reign do certify by these indentures to the right honorable the treasurer and barons of the king’s Exchequer the names & surnames of all those persons inhabitants within the said hundred which be chargeable to the payment thereof of the sums of their assessments as hereafter followeth; in witness whereof as well to the one part hereafter to be delivered to the said treasurer and barons as to the other part of the same to be delivered to Harry Lorymer of Ledon whom we have named to be chief collector thereof we have set our seals and signes manuell theaforesaid day and year.

Note: A ‘signe manuell’ or ‘sign manual’ was the legal term for a person’s signature in his own handwriting.

Antony Washborne G. £24 - 12s.
Thomas Mintridge G. £20 - 10s.
Richard Hope G. £20 - 10s.
John Halfhide G. £20 - 10s.
John Johnson G. £20 - 10s.

Extract 3
Radlow Hundred
1543 Subsidy Act
Anticipation in 1545 of the Third Payment

National Archives ref. E179/119/50 badly damaged fragment

Anthony Washborne T. £19 ---
Edward Bridge T. ---
Gabriel Blake B. £20 ---
Thomas Mintridge B. £10 ---
John Hawfield B. £13? ---
Richard Woodyend B. £12? ---
Thomas Woodyatt B. ---
James Barkeley B. ---
William Mutlow B. £15 ---
James Bridge B. ---
Humphrey Farley B. ---
John Hope jun. T. ---
De executoribus sive administratoribus bonorum & catallorum John Hope
Thomas Brewer B. £20 ---
Thomas Farley B. ---
Sum ---

Extract 4
Radlow Hundred
1543 Subsidy Act
Residue 0f the Third Payment in 1546

National Archives ref. E179/117/170

Humphrey Wooding B. 40s. - 2d.
Richard Tyler B. 40s. - 2d.
Thomas Sylvester B. 20s. - 1d.
Thomas Barkeley B. 20s. - 1d.
Thomas Bridge jun. B. 20s. - 1d.
Joan Bridge B. 20s. - 1d.
Cecilia Bridge B. 20s. - 1d.
Margaret Woodyatt B. 20s. - 1d.
John Hill B. 40s. - 2d.
John Went 7 B. 20s. - 1d.
Richard Blackyns B. 20s. - 1d.
Roger Stevens B. 20s. - 1d.
Thomas Mutlow B. 20s. - 1d.
Richard Nash 3 B. £9 - 18d.
Roger A Powell B. £6 - 12d.
John Wore 4 B. £9 - 18d.
Edward Tupsley B. £8 - 16d.
John Lethe B. 20s. - 1d.
Richard Brooking B. £4 - 4d.
Morris Dowding 3 B. 20s. - 1d.
Thomas Farley de le Eleme B. 40s. - 2d. [Nelmes?]
John Alake B. £4 - 4d.
John Allen B. £6 - 12d.
Nicolas? Farley B. 40s. - 2d.
William Cornell B. £4 - 4d.
Alice Butcher B. 20s. - 1d.
John Butcher B. 40s. - 2d.
Richard Tucker B. 20s. - 1d.
John Bullock B. £9 - 12d.
John Haffield 7 B. 40s. - 2d.
John Powell B. 20s. - 1d.
John Watkins jun. B. £10 - 3s. 4d.
John Watkins sen. B. 20s. - 1d.
Richard Byrre 8 B. 20s. - 1d.
John Knight 9 B. £7 - 14d.
Richard Knight B. £3 - 3dd.
John Hill de Villa B. £9 - 18d.
William Morris B. 20s. - 1d.
John Overton B. 40s. - 2d.
Walter Noxson B. 20s. - 1d.
Richard Black B. 40s. - 2d.
John Farley B. 40s. - 2d.
Richard Lawrence B. 20s. - 1d.
Mathilda Hill B. 20s. - 1d.
James Baron B. £9 - 18d.
Elizabeth Stevens jun. B. 20s. - 1d.
]acob Turner B. £15 - 5s.
Richard Lawrence B. £10 - 3s. 4d.
William Sakement B. £9 - 18d.
James Mintridge B. £5 - 10d.
Hugo Street B. 40s. - 2d.
Thomas Halle B. £8 - 16d.
John Cowper B. £9 - 18d.
Roger Woodyatt B. £5 - 10d.
Richard Seburne B. £8 - 16d.
Richard Alcock B. £3 - 3d.
Thomas Blackeway B. 40s. - 2d.
Roger Alcock B. £8 - 16d
Thomas Alcock: B. £6 - 12d.
John Finch B. £9 - 18d.
Richard Bacon B. £8 - 16d.
Richard Bacon jun. B. £5 - 10d.
Thomas Farley B. £8 - 16d.
William Tyler B. £4 - 4d.

S(um)m(a) 42s. 3d.

Extract 5
Radlow Hundred
1545 Subsidy Act
First Payment in 1546

National Archives ref. E179/117/152

We, Rowland Morton and George Dalabere, commissioners appointed to the hundred of Radlow within the county of Hereford for the taxation of the subsidy granted to the king’s majesty by the temporality at the parliament holden at Westminster in the 37th year of the king’s most victorious Reign have deputed and assigned Thomas Clinton esquire high collector for the collection of the same subsidy within the said hundred.

Richard Wooding B. £6 - 4s.
James Bridge B. £8 5s. - 4d.
Richard Bacon sen. B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
Thomas Farley B. £8 - 5s. 4d.
William Mutlow B. £9 - 6s.
Thomas Brown B. £9 - 6s.
Thomas Mintrige B. £10 - 10s.
Anthony Washborne T. £16 - 32s.
Gabriel Blake T. £3 - 6s.
Richard Horwell B. £10 - 10s.
John Harford T. £13 11s. 4d. - 27s. 4d.
John Hawfield B. £9 - 6s.
James Barkley B. £7 - 4s. 8d.
Richard Seborne B. £7 - 4s. 8d.
Roger Alcock B. £6 - 4s.
John Finch B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
Thomas Farley, Upleadon B. £8 - 5s. 4d.
William Sacrement B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
Richard Lawrence B. £7 - 4s. 8d.
Sybil Woodyatt B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
Thomas Hall B. £7 - 4s. 8d.
John Hill B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
Richard Nash B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
John Ore B. £6 - 4s.
Alice Hope B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
James Turner jun. B. £8 - 5s. 4d.
John Bullock B. £5 - 3s. 4d.
John Hope T. £7 - 14s.

Summa totalis huius hundredi £128 19s. probatur
[Signed] Rowland Morton George Dalabere
Herefordia Hundredum de Radlow per manus Johannis Pattissall gentilis xxii die Martii Anno Regis Henrico viii xxxvii mo (22 March 1546) cum obligatione & praestitit sacramentum

Based on extracts from ‘Herefordshire Taxes in the Reign of Henry VIII’ transcribed
by Michael Faraday and published by the Woolhope Naturalists Field Club in 2005.
ISBN 0 9505823 2 8.   Names and numbers have been translated from the Latin,
family names aligned with those in the parish registers and explanatory notes added.
November 2010, Barry Sharples
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