Bosbury Voters in the Parliamentary Poll of 1774


An Alphabetical List of the Poll taken before John Stratford Collins, Esq. Sheriff of the County of Hereford on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the 12th, 13th and 14th Days of October for electing Two Knights of the Shire of the said County.

THOMAS FOLEY, of Stoke Edyth, Esq.
The Right Honourable THOMAS HARLEY, of Berrington.
Sir GEORGE CORNEWALL, of Moccas, Baronet.

pp. 37-44  RADLOW HUNDRED — 23 Bosbury Freeholders voted

Freeholders’ Names Places of Abode Places of Freehold F. H. C.
Yerrow ArrowsmithHandley CastleBosbury x x
John AlcottBosburyBosbury x x
George BennettHerefordBosbury x x
Thomas BridgesChadlesley CorbettBosbury x x
Robert BraceHerefordBosbury x x
Job BosleyRedmarleyBosbury x x
Edward DaviesBishops FromeBosbury x x
Thomas EvansTarringtonBosbury x x
Thomas GardinerBosburyBosbury x x
John GwillimBosburyBosbury x x
John HillBosburyBosbury x x
Richard HardwickBosburyBosbury x
Wiliam Holl (Hall?)BosburyBosbury x x
Joseph JaunceyMathonBosbury x x
Edward JonesBosburyBosbury x x
William LewisBosburyCastlefrome x x
Thomas NashBosburyBosbury x x
Daniel Price, ClerkBosburyBosbury x x
James PriceBromyardBosbury x x
James StarlingBosburyBosbury x x
Thomas TaylorBosburyBosbury x x
Joseph Taylor, ClerkBosburyBosbury x x
John WeaverBosburyBosbury x x


 FoleyHarleyCornewallNumber of
BROXASH 357  225  181  394
EWYAS LACY 75  97  140  175
GREYTREE 333  80  295  372
GRIMSWORTH 269  156  280  382
HUNTINGDON 129  109  74  170
RADLOW 335  83  268  349
STRETFORD 197  220  92  289
WEBTREE 140  42  183  208
WIGMORE 102  174  42  209
WOOLPHY 320  386  198  518
WORMELOW 193  59  218  258
  24501631 1971 3324
Majority in favour ofMr. Foley - - - 819
Majority in favour ofSir George Cornewall - - - 340

The printed copy of the poll is published by Gale ECCO Print Editions, Social Sciences from a digital scan of the book held at the British Library.

Transcribed March 2019. Barry Sharples

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