Bosbury Players present . . .

In the 1980’s Bosbury Women’s Institute began the tradition of amateur dramatic shows in the village. Wanda Noakes of Bosbury and Shirley Lewis of Ledbury were involved in the first production and had a particular interest in pantomimes. When Wanda moved away from Bosbury, the church organist, Herbert Baber, and his wife Bridget took on the idea. She had formerly taught drama at St James’s School in West Malvern and she directed several productions. She encouraged the company to spread its wings and take off with ‘Blithe Spirit’ in February 1994. Alan Soper directed his first production, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’, in December 1994 and the company has continued successfully to the present day.

Here follows a list of their 44 productions (and one by the Junior Players) up to the end of 2021 with the cast and director(s). You can see each programme as a compressed portable document file if you click / tap or beside a title.

There is a short quiz at the bottom of the page to test your knowledge of the characters in the plays.

1988-16/17 Dec.     Little Red Riding Hood by Trudy West   

Red Riding Hood - Lynne Ardrey, The Wolf - Gill Andrews, The Prince - Linda Sinker, The Dame - Dorothy Hall, Gran - Mary Graff, Colonel Fogey - Tony Cooper, Ben Bogey - Barrie Scott, Jenny - Penny Tennant-Thomas, Joey - Ann Williams, William - Max Williams, Impie - Ben Graff, Huntsmen - Robert Lane, Robert Hood-Wright, Richard Kaye, Villagers and Clerks - Olive Bramley, Chris Millington, Felicity Goldrick, Barbara Kaye, Claire Bayliss, Lizzie Cooke, Maxine Bramley, Pigeons - Mary Bayliss, Karen Cooke, Amanda Presley, Kate Lees, Sprites - Jolene Marsh, Amanda Presley, Nicola Lawley, Kamilla Noakes, Caroline Kaye
Musical Director - Herbert Baber, Producers - Wanda Noakes & Shirley Lewis

1989     Murder in the Red Barn by Christopher Denys

Players included Gill Andrews and Mary Graff. If anyone has more information please let me know.

1991     Jack and the Beanstalk by Queenie Godsall   

Dame Ermyntrude - Dorothy Hall, Dame Emily - Ian Baker, Jack - Linda Sinker, Baron - Robert Lane, Baron’s Daughter - Elizabeth Cooke, Butcher - John Westwood, Fairy Godmother - Barbara Kaye, Magic Hen - Pat Brown, Baron’s Henchman - Tony Cooper, Charlie The Pantomime Horse - Gill Andrews, Tracey Delahaye, Bo Peep - Nicola Lawley, Miss Muffet - Elka Scott, Lucy Locket - Jolene Marsh, Kitty Fisher - Maxine Stanley, Jack & Jill - Madeleine Sinker, Kirsty Simon, Tommy Tucker - Sonia Barnes, Simple Simon - Karen Cooke, Giant Kids - Oliver Kaye, David Wright, Paul Sinker, David Tennant-Thomas, Edward Millington, Sam Cale, Simon Brown, Fairies - Jackie Bayliss, Suzanne Kaye, Jessica Wright, Holly Cale, Kate Marsh
Musical Director - Herbert Baber, Producer - Bridget Baber

1992     The Old Game by Hans Sachs This 15-minute Shrovetide play was written by a German shoemaker in 1554 as “Der dot Man wur Lebentig”. Hans Sachs was a writer of “master-songs” and appears in Wagner’s opera ‘Die Meistersingers von Nurnberg’. An English translation of the play was published in 1930 and this is is most likely the text used for this production. An article by Adrian Petch and the published play script.

1993-19/20 Feb.     The Sleeping Beauty by John Crocker   

Lord Dan - Adrian Bevan, King Cole - Tony Cooper, Queen Coke - Ben Graff, Sir Round - Doreece Gunter, Sir Render - Zena Gunter, Daffy the Dragon - David Tennant-Thomas, Fairy Dreamawhile - Mary Morgan, Fairy Carrabosse - Linda Sinker, Spinning Jenny - Penny Tennant-Thomas, Pickles - Ian Baker, Princess Beauty - Pat Brown, Prince Ferdinand - Gill Andrews, Kitchen Maid/Princes Future/Fairy Graceful - Bethan McGladdery, Fairy Beautiful - Jolene Marsh, Fairy Tuneful - Olive Bramley, Fairy Peaceful - Chris Millington, Fairy Thoughtful - Anne Williams, Fairy Gleeful - Vera Martin, Courtiers and Servants - Amanda-Jane Bramley, Karen Cooke, Suzanne Kaye, Simon Williams, Samantha Williams, Jessica Wright
Musical Director - Herbert Baber, Director - Bridget Baber

1993     Gosforth’s Fete by Alan Ayckbourn   

Millie - Penny Tennant-Thomas, Councillor Mrs Pearce - Chris Millington, Gosforth - Adrian Bevan, Vicar - Jim Argent, Stewart - Clive Webb
Producer - Zena Gunter

1993     The Music Cure by G. B. Shaw ↑

Lord Reginald Fitzamby - Adrian Bevan, Doctor - Tony Cooper, Strega Thundridge - Bridget Baber
Producer - Linda Sinker

1993     Bang You’re Dead by Paul Reakes ↑

Lydia Spink - Zena Gunter, Marcus Harwood - Owen Beale, Theo Spink - Tony Cooper, Amelia Trim - Gillian Andrews
Producer - Doreece Gunter

1993-4 Dec.     Not Quite Pantomime - The Pantomime Play by Douglas Jackson   
This is the sole production of the Bosbury Junior Players.

Red Riding Hood - Jessica Wright, Mr Hood - Andrew Smith, Mrs Hood - Karen Cooke, The Wolf - Simon Brown, Digger - Kieran Orr, Puff/Pusskin - Sam Cale, Velvet - Janet Brown, Simple Simon - Elliott Talbott, A Pieman - Andrew Smith, The Old Woman - Peter Sangway, Miss Muffet - Vickie Davies, Spider - Ben Price, Bo-Peep - Jackie Bayliss, Wee Willie Winkie - Richard Green, Grandma - Robert Kay
Directors - Melissa Farbon, Bridget Baber

1993-4 Dec.     Not Quite Pantomime - Pantotat by Peter Horsler ↑

Mrs Sneed - Doreece Gunter, Mrs Cape - Zena Gunter, Marcia Finch - Bridget Baber, Pearl Dean - Linda Sinker, Angela - Jacquie Stewart, Jo - Anne Williams, Daphne - Pat Brown, Tina - Maggie Lindley, Lulu - Penny Tennant-Thomas, Debbie - Melissa Farbon, Wendy - Gill Andrews, Della Wilde - Margaret Honey
Directors - Chris Millington, Tony Cooper

1994-18/19 Feb.     Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward   

Edith - Gill Andrews, Ruth - Zena Gunter, Charles Condomine - James Sommerville, Doctor Bradman - Alan Soper, Mrs Bradman - Pat Brown, Madame Arcati - Linda Sinker, Elvira - Mary Morgan
Director - Doreece Gunter

1994-2/3 Dec.     The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde   

Algernon Moncrieff - Owen Beale, Lane - Tony Cooper, Jack Worthing - James Sommerville, Lady Bracknell - Bridget Baber, Gwendolen Fairfax - Gill Andrews, Miss Prism - Doreece Gunter, Cecily Cardew - Lynne Ardrey, Canon Chasuble - Ray Honey, Merriman - Chris Millington
Producer - Alan Soper

1995     The Pirates of Penzance (1) by Gilbert & Sullivan †   

Major General Stanley - Robert Hood-Wright, The Pirate King - James Sommerville, Samuel - Brian Ing, Frederic - Alan Soper, Sergeant of Police - Robert Lane, Mabel - Linda Sinker, Edith - Elizabeth Knowles, Kate - Elaine Armstrong, Ruth - Margaret Edgar, Narrator - Bridget Baber
Musical Director - Herbert Baber, Producer - Bridget Baber

This was a concert performance.

1995-30 Nov. 1/2 Dec.     Beauty and The Beast by Bridget Baber   

Beauty - Lynne Ardrey, Prince Ferdinand - David Wall, Dolores - Zena Gunter, Drucilla - Frances Morel, Candy - Doreece Gunter, Snowdrop - Michelle Rogers, Frou-Frou - Gill Andrews, Batty - Owen Beale, Jemima - Ken Rogers, Joy - James Sommerville, Marmaduke - Robert Lane, Benjamin Bountiful - Ken Forrest, Servants - Lucy Blake, Peter Blake, Chorus - Caroline & Felicity Ardrey, Holly Cale, Cally & Debbie Cafful, Lauren Castleford-Hemming, Natasha Charles, Rachel Lane, Kate Marsh, Charlotte & Katherine Young
Musical Director - Herbert Baber, Director - Bridget Baber

1996     The Joy Ride by Georgina Reid   

Leofric - James Sommerville, Margery - Renata Burrows, Old Moll - Gill Andrews, Thomas - Alan Soper, Godiva - Lynne Ardrey, Lady Hilda - Linda Sinker, Christina - Zena Gunter, Edgar - David Wall, Serving Wenches - Barbara Allerhand, Ann Williams, Pat Matthews, Singer - Robert Lane
Director - Alan Soper

1996-17/18 May     Brush with a Body by Maurice McLoughlin   

Sarah Walling - Zena Gunter, Cynthia Walling - Gill Andrews, Dermot Flaherty - Ken Rogers, Mrs Darcy - Pat Rogers, Henry Walling - Owen Beale, Paul Martell - Robert Lane, Sybil Walling - Linda Sinker, Detective Inspector Hardy - Alan Soper, Sergeant Bray - David Wall, Rosita Hernandez - Anez Retnug [a pseudonym?], The Hon. Pamela Colefax - Lynne Ardrey
Director - Doreece Gunter

1998-27/28 Mar.     The Mikado (1) by Gilbert & Sullivan †   

The Mikado - Robin Peers, Nanki-Poo - Alan Soper, Ko-Ko - Robert Hood-Wright, Pooh-Bah - Robert Lane, Pish-Tush - Michael Hames, Yum-Yum - Linda Sinker, Pitti-Sing - Elaine Fleming, Peep-Bo - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Katisha - Margaret Edgar, Narrator - Lynne Ardrey, School-Girls, Nobles, Guards, Coolies - Gill Andrews, Frances Bradley, Ilse Burrows, Ken Forrest, Emma Guise, Marilyn Harrison, Len Hunt, Brian Ing, Shirley Lewis, James Sommerville, Jill Upton, David Wall, Ann Williams
Musical Director - Herbert Baber, Producer - Alan Soper

1998-12 Dec.     A Christmas Cabaret - What the Dinosaur by Richard Tydeman   

Compere - David Wall, Ug - Robert Lane, Onk - Alan Soper, Ink - Gill Andrews, Stone Age Dolly Birds, Oola - Linda Sinker, Oomph - Lynne Ardrey, Confucious & Curtain - Robert Hood-Wright
Producer - Shirley Lewis

After the interval, Big Black Block from ‘The Mikado’ sung by Robert Hood-Wright, Robert Lane and Alan Soper.

1998-12 Dec.     A Christmas Cabaret - Restoration Piece author not known ↑

Compere - Alan Soper, Sir Militant Malpractice - David Wall, Sir Solemnity Sourpuss - Robert Lane, Lady Wanton Malpractice - Lynne Ardrey, Simple - Linda Sinker
Producer - Shirley Lewis

1999-2/3/4 Dec.     The King and I by Rodgers & Hammerstein   

Captain Orton - Robert Lane, Louis Leonowens - James Houlbrooke, Anna Leonowens - Linda Sinker, Interpreter - Gill Andrews, The Kralahome - James Sommerville, The King - David Wall, Lun Tha - Ian Gifford, Tuptim - Elaine Fleming, Lady Thiang - Margaret Edgar, Prince Chululongkom - Hywel Rees, Sir Edward Ramsay - Robin Peers, Royal Wives - Gill Andrews, Ilse Burrows, Rachel Hay, Carolyn Houlbrooke, Jill Upton, Royal Children - Felicity Ardrey, Catherine & Mary Fleming, Megan Hay, Felicity Houlbrooke, Natalie Raitt, Hannah Robinson, Harriett, Isabella & Rebecca Sommerville, Charlie Sutton, Guards - Marilyn Harrison, Helen Sommerville
Musical Director - John Sabey, Director - Alan Soper

2000-1/2 Dec.     Lady Audley’s Secret by Brian J. Burton (from Mary Braddon)   

Robert Audley - David Wall, George Talboys - James Sommerville, Luke Marks - John Sabey, Phoebe Marks - Gill Andrews, Lady Audley - Lynne Ardrey, Alice Audley - Rhinedd Krinks, Sir Michael Audley - Ken Forrest, Martin - Doreece Gunter
Director - Alan Soper

2001     Iolanthe by Gilbert & Sullivan   

Lord Chancellor - Alan Soper, Earl of Mountararat - Robin Peers, Earl Tolloller - John Sabey, Private Willis - Robert Lane, Strephon - Ian Gifford, Queen of the Fairies - Margaret Edgar, Iolanthe - Elaine Fleming, Fairies, Celia - Elizabeth Knowles, Leila - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Fleta - Lynne Ardrey, Phyllis - Emma Sproat, Narrator - Robert Hood-Wright, Fairies - Felicity Ardrey, Madeline Brewin, Bridget Corlett, Marilyn Harrison, Julie richards, Felicity Rogers, Shirley Tasker, Jill Upton, Peers - David Chaundy, Jim Rogers, James Sommerville
Musical Director - Mary Baron, Director - Linda Sinker

2002-29/30 Nov.     The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley   

Stationmaster - Ken Reeve, Teddie Deakin - Chris Chislett, Miss Bourne - Gill Andrews, Elsie Winthrop - Linda Sinker, Richard Winthrop - James Sommerville, Peggy Murdoch - Rhinedd Krinks, Charles Murdoch - Robert Lane, Julia Price - Lynne Ardrey, Beatrice Price - Anne Williams, Dr Sterling - John Sabey
Director - Alan Soper

2003-3/4/5/6 Dec.     The Gondoliers by Gilbert & Sullivan   

Sasperella - Julie Richards, Fiametta - Liz Knowles, Vittoria - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Giulia - Lynne Ardrey, Gianetta - Linda Sinker, Tessa - Elaine Fleming, Contadine - Felicity Ardrey, Marilyn Harrison, Biddy Hood, Katie Knight, Helen Sommerville, Shirley Tasker, Jill Upton, Francesco - Ken Forrest, Antonio - Robert Lane, Giorgio - Mike Hakes, Cornetto -James Sommerville, Oratorio/Narrator - Robert Hood-Wright, Garibaldi - David Chaundy, Marco - Alan Soper, Giuseppe - Ian Gifford, Bambini - Mary & Catherine Fleming, Stephanie Lane, Jordan & Kate Richards, Luiz - Jim Rogers, The Duke of Plaza-Toro - Robin Peers, Duchess of Plaza-Toro - Margaret Edgar, Casilda - Nicky Knight, Don Alhambra del Bolero - John Sabey, Inez - Shirley Tasker, Guest appearance - Shirley Lewis
Producer - Linda Sinker

2004     Pride and Prejudice by Helen Jerome (from Jane Austen)   

Mr Bennet - David Wall, Mrs Bennet - Linda Sinker, Elizabeth - Lynne Ardrey, Jane - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Lydia - Liz Knowles, Hill - Elaine Fleming, Mrs Lake - Anne Williams, Mr Collins - Chris Chislett, Mrs Gardiner - Jean Colley, Maggie - Felicity Ardrey, Charles Bingley - James Sommerville, Miss Bingley - Gill Andrews, Mr Darcy - Robert Lane, Mr Wickham - Keith Mowbray, Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Shirley Tasker, Col. Fitzwilliam - Ken Forrest, Lady Lucas - Rhinedd Krinks, Charlotte Lucas - Julie Richards, Capt. Denny - Ken Reeve
Director - Alan Soper

2005     Patience by Gilbert & Sullivan   

Colonel Calverley - Mike Stokes, Major Murgatroyd - Robin Peers, Lieut.The Duke of Dunstable - John Sabey, Reginald Bunthorne - Alan Soper, Archibald Grosvenor - Ian Gifford, Mr Bunthorne’s Solicitor - James Sommerville, Lady Angela - Linda Sinker, Lady Saphir - Liz Knowles, Lady Ella - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Lady Jane - Margaret Edgar, Patience - Elaine Fleming, Rapturous Maidens - Lynne Ardrey, Madeline Brewin, Jean Colley, Teresa Guest, Biddy Hood, Rhynedd Krinks, Angela Lloyd, Julie Richards, Helen Sommerville, Shirley Tasker, Jill Upton, Officers of Dragoon Guards - Andrew Crowther, Mike Hakes, Mike Hood, Brian Willder, Drummer Boy - Jordan Richards, Small Maidens - Catherine, Eleanor & Mary Fleming, Ella & Zoe Guest, Stephanie Lane, Natalie Raitt, Kate Richards, Katherine Stokes
Musical Director - Hilda Hawcutt, Director - Robert Lane

2006-30 Nov. 1/2 Dec.     Charley’s Aunt by Brandon Thomas   

Jack Chesney - James Sommerville, Charles Wykeham - Mike Stokes, Brasset - Ken Reeve, Lord Fancourt Babberley - Chris Chislett, Kitty Verdun - Lynne Ardrey, Amy Spettigue - Gill Andrews, Sir Francis Chesney - David Wall, Stephen Spettigue - Robert Lane, Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez - Linda Sinker, Ela Delahay - Teresa Guest, Miscellaneous Appearance - Nala Repos [a pseudonym?]
Director - Alan Soper

2007-28/29/30 Nov. 1 Dec.     My Fair Lady by Lerner and Loewe   

Eliza Doolittle - Elaine Fleming, Professor Henry Higgins - Alan Soper, Colonel Hugh Pickering - Robert Lane, Alfred P. Doolittle - David Wall, Mrs Higgins - Shirley Tasker, Freddie Eynsford-Hill - Mike Stokes, Mrs Pearce - Lynne Ardrey, Zoltan Karpathy - Mike Hood, Mrs Eynsford-Hill - Gill Andrews, George the Bartender/Footman - James Sommerville, Jamie/Prince of Transylvania - Mike Hakes, Mrs Hopkins - Teresa Guest, Lord Boxington - Robin Peers, Lady Boxington - Shiela Peers, First maid - Liz Knowles, Second maid - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Constable/butler - Brian Willder, Flower girl - Biddy Hood, Queen of Transylvania - Margaret Edgar, Cockneys, servants, ladies, gentlemen - Bill Fleming, Jean Colley, Patricia Hooper, Jill Upton, Rhinedd Krinks and members of the cast, Cockney children - Catherine, Eleanor and Mary Fleming, Ella and Zoe Guest, Katharine and Molly Stokes
Musical Director - John Sabey, Producer - Linda Sinker

2008     Oh What a Lovely War by Joan Littlewood   

Field Marshal Sir John French - David Wall, General Sir Douglas Haig - Mike Hood, Staff Officer - Alan Soper, Officer at Station - Robert Lane, Chaplain/Vicar - Chris Chislett, ADC to French - Margaret Edgar, ADC to Haig - Lynne Ardrey, Sergeant - James Sommerville, Corporal/French Ambassador/General Lanzerac - Bill Fleming, Driver - Jill Upton, Nurse Betty/Angel - Elaine Fleming, Nurse Jackie - Biddy Hood, Grandfather/Möltke/General Moranneville - Brian Willder, Mother - Julie Richards, Bertie - Mike Stokes, Mabel - Liz Knowles, Rose - Molly Stokes, Dickie - Zoe Guest, Mrs Pankhurst - Angela Lloyd, Kaiser Wilhelm II - John Sabey, Russian Ambassador - Bill Backhouse, Sir Edward Grey - Roger Gill, Muse - Linda Sinker. Other parts were played by Gill Andrews, Madeline Brewin, Jean Colley, Catherine & Eleanor Fleming, Teresa Guest, Marilyn Harrison, Pat Hooper, Ruth Jeffries, Helen Sommerville, Shirley Tasker, Ken Reeve and members of the cast.
Musical Director - John Frith, Director - Alan Soper

2009     The Farmer’s Wife by Eden Philpotts   

Samuel Sweetland - Chris Chislett, Araminta Dench - Lynne Ardrey, Louisa Windeatt - Angela Lloyd, Thirza Tapper - Teresa Guest, Mary Hearn - Shirley Tasker, Churdles Ash - Jean Colley
Director - Alan Soper

2009     Between Mouthfuls by Alan Ayckbourn ↑

Waiter - Alan Soper, Pearce - James Sommerville, Mrs Pearce - Lynne Ardrey, Martin - Mike Stokes, Polly - Teresa Guest
Director - Linda Sinker

2009     Ruddigore by Gilbert & Sullivan   

Robin Oakapple - Mike Stokes, Richard Dauntless - Michael Faulkner, Sir Despard Murgatroyd - Alan Soper, Old Adam Goodheart - Mike Hakes, Rose Maybud - Teresa Guest, Mad Margaret - Linda Sinker, Dame Hannah - Elaine Fleming, Zorah - Liz Knowles, Ruth - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Sir Roderic Murgatroyd - Keith Parks, Sir Gilbert Murgatroyd - Chris Chislett, Villagers - Gill Andrews, Lynne Ardrey, Jean Colley, Biddy Hood, Pat Hooper, Jill Upton, Professional Bridesmaids - Eleanor Fleming, Katherine & Molly Stokes, Shirley Tasker, Ancestors and Bucks and Blades - Bill Backhouse, Bill Fleming, Mike Hood, Robin Peers, James Sommerville, Andy Taylor, Brian Willder
Musical Director - Penny Vere, Director - Robert Lane

2010     Brief Encounter by Noel Coward   

Albert Godby - Bill Fleming, Myrtle Bagot - Linda Sinker, Beryl - Teresa Guest, Dolly Messiter - Ruth Jeffries, Laura Jesson - Lynne Ardrey, Alec Harvey - Mike Stokes, Train announcer - David Wall, Fred Jesson - James Sommerville, Waitress - Biddy Hood, Cello/organ player - Shirley Tasker, Mrs Rolandson - Jean Colley, Doctor - Mike Hood, Stanley - Ken Reeve, Mary Norton - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Bill - Chris Chislett, Johnnie - Brian Willder, Policeman - David Wall
Director - Alan Soper

2010-24/25/26/27 Nov.     Fiddler on the Roof by Stein, Bock & Harnick   

Tevye - Alan Soper, Golde - Margaret Edgar, Tzeitel - Elaine Fleming, Hodel - Teresa Guest, Chava - Katherine Stokes, Shprintze - Molly Stokes, Bielke - Eleanor Fleming, Yente - Ruth Jeffries, Motel/Russian Singer - Mike Stokes, Perchik/Bottle Dancer - Robert Lane, Lazar Wolf - John Colley, Mordcha - James Sommerville, Rabbi - Bill Backhouse, Mendel - Mike Hakes, Avram - Keith Parks, Nachum - Brian Willder, Grandma Tzeitel - Shirley Tasker, Fruma-Sarah - Liz Knowles, Constable - David Stone, Fyedka - Bill Fleming, Shandel - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Street Vendor - Jean Colley, Rifka - Gill Andrews, Yussel - Robin Peers, The Fiddler - Derek Walker, Villagers - Andy Taylor, Jill Upton, Shiela Peers, Russian Dancer - James Marcham
Musical Director - Penny Vere, Director - Linda Sinker

2011-30 Jun. 1/2 Jul.     The Day After the Fair by Frank Harvey (from Thomas Hardy)   

Edith Harnham - Lynne Ardrey, Arthur Harnham - James Sommerville, Letty Harnham - Elaine Fleming, Anna - Teresa Guest, Charles Bradford - Alan Soper, Sarah - Carolyn Houlbrooke
Director - Alan Soper

2011-30 Nov. 1/2/3 Dec.     Me & My Girl by Rose, Furber, Gay & Fry   

Sir John Tremayne - Robin Peers, Maria, Duchess of Dene - Margaret Edgar, Sir Jack Tremayne - Mike Hakes, Sir Jasper Tring - Bill Backhouse, Lord Battersby - Keith Parks, Lady Battersby - Shirley Tasker, Lady Jacqueline Carstone - Teresa Guest, Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke - Robert Lane, Mrs Worthington-Worthington - Pat Hooper, Lady Brighton - Ruth Jeffries, Hon. Mrs Stainsley-Asherton - Gill Andrews, Charles - Bruce Tasker, Cook - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Bill Snibson - Bill Fleming, Sally Smith - Elaine Fleming, Mrs Brown - Liz Knowles, Bob Barking/Pearly King - Brian Willder, Constable - Mike Hood, Boy - Eleanor Fleming, Girl - Molly Stokes, Pearly Queen - Angela Lloyd, Maids, Footmen & Cockneys - Jean Colley, Biddy Hood, Andy Taylor, David Wall and members of the cast
Musical Director - Penny Vere, Director - Alan Soper

2012-28/29/30 Nov. 1 Dec.     Pirates of Penzance (2) by Gilbert & Sullivan   

Major General Stanley - Alan Soper, The Pirate King - Bill Fleming, Samuel - Bruce Tasker, Frederic - Mike Stokes, Sergeant of Police - Keith Parks, Mabel - Teresa Guest, Edith - Liz Knowles, Kate - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Ruth - Elaine Fleming, Pirates - Andy Taylor, Bill Backhouse, Brian Willder, Charles Taylor, James Sommerville, Ken Reeve, Mike Hakes, General Stanley’s Daughters Eleanor Fleming, Katherine Stokes, Margie Wall, Molly Stokes, Chaperones Biddy Hood, Gill Andrews, Jean Colley, Jill Upton, Shiela Peers, Shirley Tasker, Police members of the cast
Musical Director - Martin Wall, Producer - Robert Lane

2013     Oklahoma! by Rodgers & Hammerstein   

Aunt Ella - Liz Knowles, Laurey - Elaine Fleming, Jud Fry - Keith Parks, Curly - Mike Stokes, Will Parker - Robert Lane, Ike Skidmore - Alan Matthews, Cord Elam - Charles Taylor, Andrew Carnes - James Sommerville, Slim - Andy Taylor, Tom - Robin Peerss, Ali Hakim - Bill Fleming, Ado Annie Carnes - Teresa Guest, Gertie Cummings - Margie Wall, Ellen - Jean Colley, Kate - Gill Andrews, Vivian - Biddy Hood, Dream sequence - Laurey - Ellie Fleming, - Curly - Molly Stokes, - Jud - Fran Hughes, Girls - Jill Upton, June Jeffery, Liz Matthews, Shiela Peers, Sheila Sheringham, Shirley Tasker
Musical Director - Martin Wall, Director - Alan Soper

2014     The Mikado (2) by Gilbert & Sullivan   

The Mikado - Robin Peers, Nanki-Poo - Mike Stokes, Ko-Ko - Robert Lane, Pooh-Bah - Keith Parks, Pish-Tush - Bill Fleming, Yum-Yum - Teresa Guest, Pitti-Sing - Liz Knowles, Peep-Bo - Margie Wall, Katisha - Elaine Fleming, Way-Togo - James Sommerville, Japanese Gentlemen - Mike Hakes, Alan Matthews, Andy Taylor, Charles Taylor, Ash Timney, Brian Willder, Schoolgirls - Gill Andrews, Lynne Ardrey, Jean Colley, Linda Fishwick, Biddy Hood, June Jeffery, Liz Matthews, Shiela Peers, Michelle Timney, Jill Upton, Three Little Upstarts - Ellie Fleming, Frances Hughes, Molly Stokes
Musical Director - Martin Wall, Producer - Elaine Fleming, assisted by Robert Lane

2015     The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay   

Peachum - Robert Lane, Mrs Peachum - Liz Knowles, Lockit - Bill Fleming, Lucy Lockett - Elaine Fleming, Macheath - Mike Stokes, Filch/Dancer - Ellie Fleming, Diana Trapes - Shirley Tasker, Jemmy Twitcher - Charles Taylor, Mrs Coaxer - Michelle Timney, Crook-Finger’d Jack - Andy Taylor, Dolly Trull - Jean Colley, Wat Dreary/Player - James Sommerville, Mrs Vixen - Gill Andrews, Nimming Ned - Alan Matthews, Betty Doxy - June Jeffery, Harry Padington/Beggar - Laurie Standish-Hayes, Jenny Diver - Margie Wall, Mat of the Mint - Keith Parks, Mrs Slammekin - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Ben Budge - Matt Street, Suky Tawdry - Lynne Ardrey, Nick - Ash Timney, Molly Brazen - Biddy Hood, Drawer - Bruce Tasker, Lindy Loosen - Jill Salmons, Arfur/Dancer - Molly Stokes, Milly Winsome - Linda Fishwick, Pinch/Dancer - Fran Hughes, Kitty Fisher - Jill Upton, Chubb - Bruce Tasker
Musical Director - Martin Wall, Director - Alan Soper

2016-30 Nov.1/2/3/4 Dec.    Salad Days by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade   

Jane - Molly Stokes, Timothy - Laurie Standish-Hayes, Lady Raeburn - Lynne Ardrey, Sir Clamsby Williams - James Sommerville, The Tramp - Jean Colley, Older Jane - Jill Salmons, College Principal - Gill Andrews, Timothy’s Mother - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Timothy’s Father - Robert Lane, Aunt Prue - Liz Knowles, PC Boot - Bill Fleming, Rowena - Teresa Guest, The Bishop - Alan Matthews, Troppo - Elaine Fleming, Ambrose - Andy Taylor, Fosdyke - Mike Stokes, Nigel - Matt Street, Shopgirl - Linda Fishwick, Fiona - Fran Hughes, Waitress - June Jeffery, Slave - Keith Parks, Electrode - Biddy Hood
Musical Director - Kate Cheetham, Director - Alan Soper

2017-29/30 Nov. 1/2 Dec.    Guys and Dolls by Frank Loesser   

Nicely-Nicely Johnson - Bill Fleming, Benny Southstreet - Laurie Standish-Hayes, Angie the Ox, Master of Ceremonies, Waiter - Andy Taylor, Sarah Brown - Liz Knowles, Arvide Abernethy, Joey Biltmore, Crapshooter - Robert Lane, Mission Band, Agatha - Gill Andrews, Mission Band, Hot Box Doll - Biddy Hood, Mission Band, Tourist - June Jeffery, Harry the Horse, Texan Tourist - Keith Parks, Lt Brannigan, Cuban Dancer - Alan Matthews, Nathan Detroit - Alan Soper, Miss Adelaide - Teresa Guest, Sky Masterson - Mike Stokes, Hot Box Doll, Mimi - Jean Colley, Hot Box Doll, Cuban Dancer - Katalin Cooper, Hot Box Doll, Cuban Dancer - Jill Salmons, General Matilda B. Cartwright, Hot Box Doll - Carolyn Houlbrooke, Big Jule, Drunk, Waiter - James Sommerville
Musical Director - Kate Cheetham, Director - Elaine Fleming

2018-28/29/30 Nov. 1 Dec.     The Sorcerer by Gilbert & Sullivan   

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre (an Elderly Baronet) - Alan Soper, Alexis (of the Grenadier Guards, his son) - Laurie Standish-Hayes, Dr Daly (Vicar of Ploverleigh) - Bill Fleming, Notary - Keith Parks, John Wellington Wells (of J. Wells & Co., Family Solicitors) - Mike Stokes, Lady Sangazure (a Lady of Ancient Lineage) - Elaine Fleming, Aline (her daughter-betrothed to Alexis) - Teresa Guest, Mrs Partlett (a Pew Opener) - Liz Knowles, Constance (her daughter) - Lucy Dixon, Chorus of Villagers - Gill Andrews, Lynne Ardrey, Jean Colley, Linda Fishwick, Biddy Hood, Carolyn Houlbrooke, June Jeffery, Robert Lane, Jill Salmons, Helen Sommerville, James Sommerville, Kate Standish-Hayes, Andy Taylor, Jill Upton, Orchestra - Penny Vere, Andrea Russell, Jo Hughes, Fergal Hughes
Musical Director - Penny Vere, Director - Robert Lane

2019-27/28/29/30 Nov.     The Good Companions by Johnny Mercer and Andre Previn   

Mr Joe Brundit - Keith Parkes, Mrs Joe Brundit - Clare Davison, Susie Dean - Teresa Bellamy, Jerry Jerningham, Sam Oglethorpe - Andy Taylor, Elsie Longstaff - Liz Knowles, Jimmy Nunn - Iain MacKenzie, Morton Michum - Geoff Pullen, Inigo Jollifant - Robert Lane, Elizabeth Trant - Jenny Cromwell, Jess Oakroyd - Bill Fleming, Miss Thong - Katalin Cooper, Mr Billingham, Mr Fauntley, Mr Milbrau - Bill Chadney, Truby, Ridvers - Jean Colley, Mr Tarvin, Hugh Macfarlane, Ted - James Sommerville, Mrs Tarvin - Ruth Jeffries, Monte Mortimer - Alan Soper, Hilda, Albert, Thug - Biddy Hood, Mrs Oakroyd, Thug - Kate Standish-Hayes, Gooch - Christina Morgan, Mr Pitsner - Mike Stokes, Miss Callender, Waiter - Gill Andrews, Call Boy, Mrs Tipstead - Linda Fishwick, Lady Partlit, Photographer - Jill Salmons, Ethel Georgia - Penny Pullen, Ethel’s Companion - Nigel [Editor’s note: a Chihuahua with great stage presence] Orchestra - Kate Cheetham, Andrea Russell, Jo Hughes, Fergal Hughes, Ian Armstrong
Musical Director - Kate Cheetham, Director - Elaine Fleming

2021-1/2/3/4 Dec.     When We Are Married by J. B. Priestley   

Ruby Birtle - Teresa Bellamy, Gerald Forbes - Iain MacKenzie, Mrs Northrop - Kate Standish Hayes, Nancy Holmes - Christina Morgan, Fred Dyson - Keith Parkes, Henry Ormonroyd - Geoff Pullen, Alderman Joseph Helliwell - James Sommerville, Maria Helliwell - Jenny Cromwell, Councillor Albert Parker - Bill Fleming, Herbert Soppitt - Mike Stokes, Clara Soppitt - Clare Davison, Annie Parker - Elaine Fleming, Lottie Grady - Katalin Cooper, Rev Clement Mercer - Andy Taylor, Mayor of Cleckleywyke - Robert Lane, Lady Mayoress - Penny Pullen
Director - Alan Soper

† Joint production with The Pax Singers.

Individuals whose appearance in a number of programmes shows they provided steady support over the years include: Piano Accompanist - Hilda Hawcutt, Scenery Painter - Jill Upton, Prompt - Carol Chislett, Wardrobe Mistress - Rhynedd Krinks, Set Constructors - Pat Biddulph and Ray Honey, Stage Manager - Frank Krinks.


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3. Charlotte Lucas
4. Zoltan Karpathy
5. Cecily Cardew
6. Lazar Wolf
7. Lucy Lockett
8. Bill Snibson
9. Robin Oakapple
10. Ado Annie Carnes
11. Tuptim
12. Reginald Bunthorne
13. John Wellington Wells
14. Sky Masterson
15. Alec Harvey
16. Inigo Jollifant
      All have been produced by the Bosbury Players!

Many thanks to Alan Soper, Gill Andrews, Lynne Ardrey, Ken Reeve, Rhynedd Krinks and Bill Fleming.
Transcriptions and Quiz - BSS December 2021
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