Bosbury Hearth Tax, 1665

Hearth Tax Assessment
Michaelmas 1665
Radlow Hundred
Compiled by Richard Rees Esq. William Gregory Esq. Justices of the Peace and Nicholas Philpott gent. Clerk of the Peace, Hereford

Transcribed by J. Harnden 1984

R4. Bosbury
Thomas DANNETT   9HMAAlso rater
Thomas BRIDGE gent   7HMA? - BRIDGES Also rater
John ALLEN   2HMA Also rater
John GADYARE   2
The Slast farme   3
Edward POWELL   2HMA? - Edmond
James MARDEN   1
James POWELL   1
--- HOLDER widow   4
--- JAMES widow    1
Peter HARBERT    3-? Stopt up
--- POWELL widow    3HMA - Johan
John POWELL gent   5
Mary HADNEY   2
John JAMES   1
Gyles POWELL   2HMA - Giles
Jane HAFOLD   1
John NASH   2HMA
Thomas KNIGHT   1
Richard MIRICHOP   1
George WARNER   1
William COOKE   2
William POWELL   4HMA
(63 hearths)03:03

Presumably 63 hearths at 1 shilling tax per hearth equals £3 3s.
HMA is as the Hereford Militia Assessments. Reproduced courtesy
of the Herefordshire Record Office.
February 2011, Barry Sharples
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