Bosbury Voters Registered in 1851

 No. on
Name of Voter Place of Abode Nature of Qualification Street, Lane or other like Place in this Parish (or Township) and Number of House (if any), where the property is situate, or Name of the Property, if known by any, or Name of the occupying Tenant; or if the Qualifications consist of a Rent-charge, then the names of the Owners of the Property out of which each Rent is issuing or some of them, and the Situation of the Property.
 3086Allcott, JamesBishop’s FroomeFreehold land The Farm, Richard Hickman
 3087Acton, JohnGrange, BosburyOccupier at a rent of 50l.The Grange
 3088Bullock, JobFoxhill, BosburyOne-fourth share of freehold house and landFoxhill
 3089Baumgarten, Samuel HenryBognor in the county of SussexFreehold estateBosbury
 3090Barratt, JamesBosburyLand as occupierStaplows
 3091Bishop, WilliamBosburyFreehold house and landVillage
 3092Bury, WilliamBosburyFreehold landThe Fern
 3093Bettington, EdwardBosburyFreehold house and landBosbury
 3094Brown, EdwardLittle CatleyFreehold house and landBosbury
 3095Brookes, GeorgeStanley-hillFreehold house and landStanley-hill
 3096Bury, EdwardVern, BosburyFreehold premisesBosbury
 3097Barber, JohnWorcester College, OxfordFreehold and leasehold estateOld-court, John Mason
 3098Barber, Samuel G.WorcesterFreehold and leasehold estateOld-court, Thomas Perrett
 3099Baskerville, JamesBosburyFreehold premisesWoodlow
 3100Baskerville, JohnBosbury-villageFreehold propertyWoodlow
 3101Carwardine, JamesDowding’s-brookOccupier at a rent of 50l.Dowding’s-brook
 3102Cooke, WilliamBosburyFreehold house and landMerrins
 3103Chadney, ThomasBosburyFreehold house and landStanley-hill
 3104Cocks, JamesChesterfield-street, LondonFreehold estateNathaniel Webb
 3105Chadd, ThomasBosburyA share in freehold house and landBrier’s Croft &c.
 3106Chadd, RobertVillage, BosburyFreehold house and landBosbury
 3107Calder, JosephThe SlatchRent of farm above 50l.Bosbury
 3108Cooper, WilliamHamis-froome [Halmond’s Frome]Freehold house and landHaylor, William Harding
 3109Davis, JohnFoxhillFreehold premisesShinn’s-croft
 3110Drinkwater, ThomasBosburyCopyhold landSugar-croft
 3111Drew, WilliamBosburyOccupier at a rent of 50l.The Orchard
 3112Edwards, JosephWoodlowFreehold house and landWoodlow
 3113Edwards, ThomasBosburyLand as occupierNelmes
 3114Farmer, AaronCorse, Gloucester One-fourth share of a freehold house and land in this parish, and also one-fourth share of a freehold house and land in the parish of Bishop’s Froome Joseph Bullock and William Palmer
 3115Gardiner, Joseph, sen.BosburyFreehold house and landPadwall’s
 3116Gatfield, ThomasSwinmore-commonFreehold house and landBosbury
 3117Hickman RichardThe FarmOccupying tenant at a rental above 50l.Bosbury
 3118Hooper, RichardBosburyFreehold landLittle Stanley
 3119Haynes, ThomasLong-acreFreehold house and landBosbury
 3120Higgins, EdwardBosbury-houseFreehold house and landBosbury
 3121Harford, ThomasHawthorn’s-croft Freehold landSwinmore
 3122Hill, William Alfred3, Church-yard-court,
Temple, London
Freehold cottages and landBarratt and others
 3123Hickman, JohnBosburyLand as occupierStaplow Fields and Ham Meadow.
 3124Inet, ThomasOld-courtOccupier at a rent of 50l.Old-court
 3125Jenkins, JamesLower-mill, BosburyOccupier at a rent of 50l.Bosbury
 3126Jones, JamesBosburyFreehold house and landFoxhill
 3127Jones, ThomasCrown InnLifehold property for livesCrown Inn
 3128Jones, RichardBosburyFreehold premisesBosbury
 3129Kearney, John ThomasCheltenhamFreehold houses and landsGreat Catley
 3130Kendrick, EdwardHill-houseOccupier at a rent of 50l.Hill-house
 3131Kendrick, RichardOld CountryCopyhold house and landOld Country
 3132Kendrick, ThomasArbour-hillCopyhold propertyArbour-hill
 3133Lane, JamesBosburyFreehold houseFoxhill
 3134Lewis, JamesBosburyOccupier at a rent of 50l.Townend
 3135Lewis, JohnBromsberrowFreehold house and landCatley Suffield
 3136Lewis, WilliamNoveringsOccupier at a rent of 50l.Noverings
 3137Morris, WilliamSuffield-orchardFreehold cottage and landSuffield-orchard
 3138Mutlow, JohnCold-green, BosburyFreehold premisesBosbury
 3139Morris, ThomasBosburyLand as occupierDodd’s-mill
 3140Morris, ThomasCradleyFreehold premisesUpper-mill
 3141Mutlow, JamesBosburyFreehold houseRed-house
 3142Norbury, Thomas JonesSherridgeFreehold house and landSamuel Turner
 3143Pitt, WilliamTemple-courtOccupying tenantTemple-court, self
 3144Palmer, WilliamBosburyOccupier at a rent of 50l.Note House
 3145Palmer, WilliamNote HouseFreehold house and landFoxhill, Joseph Davis
 3146Phillips, JamesBosburyLand as occupierMerrins
 3147Palmer, JamesHamis-froomeFreehold house and landHaylow
 3148Pitt, ThomasTemple-courtFreehold house and landThe Hill
 3149Price, ThomasBromyardFreehold houseCatley
 3150Palmer, JohnThe DogFreehold house and landThe Dog
 3151Powell, JamesFoxhillFreehold house and landBosbury
 3152Preece, AbrahamAshpertonFreehold house and landStanley-hill
 3153Price, SamuelNew-street, LedburyFreehold house and landOld Country
 3154Rudge, HenryLeominsterFreehold life interest in Temple-court estateBosbury
 3155Ricketts, ThomasNelmesFreehold premisesBosbury
 3156Reece, WilliamLedburyFreehold premisesBosbury
 3157Sheppard, WilliamBishop’s FroomeOccupier at a rent of 50l.Catley-cross
 3158Smith, EdwardBosburyLand as occupierCatley-court
 3159Shayle, GeorgeBosburyFreehold property and occupying tenantUpleadon-court
 3160Squires, WilliamThe Green-farmOccupier at a rent of 50l.The Green-farm
 3161Trehern, HenryBosbury villageFreehold house and landThe Village
 3162Turner, SamuelLower-houseOccupier at a rent of 50l.Village
 3163Underwood, John HanmerBosburyFreehold premisesBosbury
 3164Vobe, WilliamOld-Country, BosburyCopyhold premisesBroadleys [Bradleys]
 3165Wilson, EdwardUpleadon-farmOccupier at a rent of 50l.Bosbury
 3166Webb, NathanielUpleadon-farmOccupier at a rent of 50l.Bosbury
 3167Wells, CharlesPortman-square, London One-fourth share of a freehold house and land in this parishJoseph Bullock and William Palmer
 3168Warren, TimothyBosbury-houseFreehold cottage and garden Slatch-cottage

Notes: This is the complete register of qualified Bosbury voters in December 1851. Entries in red are the 23 individuals who did not vote in the 1852 Parliamentary election. In the 1851 census there were 306 men aged 21 and over so the 83 eligible men amounted to 27% of the village men. This would not change until the acts of 1918 and 1928 allowed all men and women aged 21 and over to vote.

Transcribed April 2017, Barry Sharples

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