Bosbury People at Bishops Frome Church

Bishops Frome Church by Philip Halling, 2012

The parish church of St. Mary the Virgin is situated near Bosbury in the neighbouring parish of Bishop’s Frome. Information courtesy of Viv Jackson who has transcribed Marriages from 1754-1923 and Burials from 1800-1826.



John Scudamore Gravilo of Bosbury married Elizabeth Nicholett of Bishops Frome, 23rd August 1770

Samuel Hill of Bosbury married Sarah Jones of Bishops Frome, 23rd February 1773

John Davies of Bosbury married Anne Homes of Bishops Frome, 9th November 1775

Thomas Feild of Bishops Frome married Elizabeth Weaver,widow, of Bosbury, 11th April 1799

Richard Mason of Bosbury married Hannah Amiss of Bishops Frome, 3rd February 1803

James Green of Bosbury married Mary Badham Bishops Frome, 16th November 1822

Edward Berry of Bishops Frome married Ann Mayos of Bosbury, 15th February 1825

John Carwardine of Bosbury married Mary Preece of Bishops Frome, 27th September 1832

John Mayrick of Bosbury married Elizabeth Craddock of Bishops Frome, 19th March 1833

William Rowberry of Bosbury married Sarah Guest of Bishops Frome, 12th May 1836

William Prosser, 31, Labourer of Bishops Frome, son of William, married Maria Davies, 20, of Bosbury daughter of William, 7th March 1839

Charles Soley, 28, son of Richard of Frome Hill, married Mary Brotheridge, 30, daughter of Henry and Susannah Brotheridge of Shilo, Bosbury, 30th June 1870

John Turner, 23, shoemaker, son of Robert, married Rosanna Spencer, 23, daughter of Edward Spencer of Woodlow, Bosbury, 10th November 1870

Thomas Tipton, 50, widower, Gardener,son of Thomas of Bishops Frome, married Susan Adams, 48, widow, daughter of William Morris of Bosbury, 19th May 1877

William Homes, 27, Farmer, son of William Homes of Bosbury, married Elizabeth Milborough Inett, 24, daughter of Thomas of Bishops Frome, 27th February 1878
They had three sons, William James, Herbert Inett and Martin Valentine, all baptised at Bosbury, the family living at Gold Hill.

Francis Sidney Foxwell, 54, widower, Farmer, son of William V. Foxwell of Bosbury, married Ann Preece, 51, Widow, daughter of William Palmer of Bishops Frome, 21st December 1896

Henry John Hill, 28, Farm Hand, son of John Hill of Bosbery, married Beatrice Ellen Booten, 30, daughter of George Booten of Bishops Frome, 5th June 1923


Sarah Bennett, 73, Bosbury, 30th December 1802

? Watkins, 6mths, Bosbury, ? March 1803

John Watkins, 7 mths, Bosbury, 27th April 1805

James Watkins, 54, Bosbury, 18th July 1805

Mary Davies, 45, Bosbury, 4th October 1817

James Alcott, 75, Bosbury, 1st April 1819

Elizabeth Feild, 37, Bosbury, 14th April 1819

Thomas Webb, 80, Bosbury, 23rd July 1823

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