This report is included in appendix A of the Site Buildings and Equipment Sub-Committee report included in the bound Education Committe Minutes Books held at the Herefordshire Record Office, Hereford, main report ref. HLC/EM/C73/45 page 285 and endnote ref. HLC/EM/S58/48 page 200.


PRESENT: 	Mr. A.E.Farr, (Chairman)
	        Mrs A.M.Barneby
	        Together with the Rev. D.E.Green and
	        other representatives of the Managers.
	        The County Architect
	        Senior Assistant Education Officer.

It will be recalled that the County Architect reported to the last meeting of the Sites, Buildings and Equipment Sub-Committee in regard to six sites which he had inspected at Bosbury. At the Sites and Buildings Sub-Committee, three sites were eliminated and the Special Sites Committee were requested to inspect and report on the remaining three.

The three sites inspected were as follows:-

(1) An area of glebe land (O.S.Plot 318).
The site is at present pasture land, reasonably level, but rather irregular in shape – resembling a triangle. Its orientation is satisfactory but it would still need to be approached along an unmade road, about 100 yards long, which runs alongside the stream, The road would need to be made up with a foundation and suitable surface. The freehold of the road might not need to be purchased as it seems to provide access to a public footpath running alongside the stream in O.S. No.318. This footpath would be excluded from the site of the school and playing field. The site for the school and playing field would have to be fenced off from the footpath and from the area of the field nit being purchased. To fence off the approach road alongside the stream and the north-east and north-west boundaries of the proposed school and playing field site would involve something like 350 yards of fencing, apart from any expense which might be involved in dealing with the hedges on the southern boundaries. It seems possible that the approach road and the site may be liable to occasional flooding and the position needs further investigation. An alternative approach road and the raising of the floor of the school above ground level might be one answer to the problem.

(2) Site at the rear of the former Girls’ School at present used as a village cricket field (part O.S. No.539).
The area of the land required here would encroach on the site of the village cricket field. This would mean resiting the cricket field further to the south and it is doubtful whether the width of the land between the stream and the unmade road would be sufficient to provide a really satisfactory cricket field. The maximum width available would be something less than 100 yards.

The suggested school site is regular in shape, level, and would be approached by a short length of unmade road. It has a frontage along the west side of the stream which would provide a useful outlet for the purified effluent from a sewage disposal installation. On the north boundary there appear to be some outbuildings (possibly privies) which might be disadvantageous to the siting of the school buildings.

This site too, may be liable to occasional flooding; so also the approach road.

(3) South-westerly corner of meadow (part O.S. No.824).
This land is sited on the high land lying to the east of the village, is about half a mile from the church and fronts on the road leading to Colwall.

There is no danger of flooding, but it would be necessary to carry an effluent pipe from a sewage disposal installation some considerable distance in an easterly direction to discharge into a ditch.

The land is not quite so level as the glebe but is regular in shape and fronts directly on to the road, the Vicarage is not far away and it is understood that the water there is drawn from a borehole about 150 feet deep.

The mains electricity cables are nearby.

It is understood that the owner is willing to negotiate.

This site is worthy of consideration, as the owner is willing to negotiate, it is regular in shape, it fronts directly on to the road (no road charges are therefore likely to be incurred), it is free from flooding and at such an elevation that it has very interesting views of the surrounding countryside.

Of these three sites, the second, the cricket club ground, might well be eliminated. It is no better as a site that the glebe land and the use of part of it for school purposes would seriously inconvenience the cricket club. Negotiations, even if successful, would clearly be protracted.

Of the two sites left, the glebe land is the more conveniently situated and would save the children the walk up the winding main road, which carries a good deal of heavy traffic. It seemed to be rather more favoured by the Managers. However, the problems posed by possible flooding do need further investigation. Apart from the distance and possible traffic danger the site on high ground would perhaps prove less difficult to develop.




26th January 1963

Your Sub-Committee are informed that the Agents for the Church Commissioners are prepared to recommend the sale of the whole of O.S. Plot 539 to the County Council subject to the interests of the Bosbury Cricket Club being safeguarded and it is hoped shortly to invoke the services of the District Valuer.

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