The Trustees agree to found a girls’ school.

Meeting 15 May 1848 (page 14 from back)
At the Meeting of the School Trustees held this day for the purpose of taking into consideration the following subjects —

1   To give directions for the repair of the school-room, the north and south walls to be rebuilt of brick the north wall to be 14 inches; the south wall to be 9 inches; the crossbeams and the blades to be retained. Mr Treherne is appointed agent to the Trust in the place of R.Phelps dcd. the building committee will contract for supplying brick, lathe, slate to be delivered. J Carwardine to haul lime and sand at --- per load.

2   To submit to the Trustees the appointment of Job Burrows as Under Master of the school at a salary of 52 guineas (certain) for the first two years. The Trustees confirm Mr. Bullocks appointment.

3   It appearing that a balance of £15. 11. 2 is now to the credit of the Trustees, and that the schoolhouse requiring extensive repairs, agreed that Messrs. Underwood, Shayle and Ricketts be authorized to superintend the needful repairs, and that 100£ be allowed to defray the expence of such repairs.

4   The Vicar of the Parish requests that a sufficient piece of land be conveyed by this Trust to the vested in Trustees under the authority of the 4 & 5 Vict.c.38 in the erection of a girls’ school, with yard and playground at a price to be agreed upon: and that the piece of land opposite the lytchet gate of the Churchyard lying between the dwelling house in the occupation of Robert Chadd on the one side, and the cottages belonging to Richard Davis on the other side is suitable for that purpose; the Trustees agree to release and convey such a portion of the land so situated as will be sufficient for the proposed object at a fair price.
Signed:   J.H.Underwood
Thos. Heywood
Timothy Spencer
Thos. Ricketts

Information has been transcribed by Barry Sharples from the documentary records of the Old Grammar School, Bosbury with grateful thanks to the Bosbury Educational Foundation, 2014.

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