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Barry Sharples

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Hello. My name is Barry Sharples and I live in Bosbury. I’m an incomer but I have learned a lot about the village’s history in particular working with the local history group, the Bosbury Chroniclers, and the Herefordshire branch of the Victoria County History project. Bosbury is a small country village in Herefordshire, a county of England situated immediately beside the border with Wales. Just outside the eastern edge of the county are the famous Malvern Hills, which we can see from the village, and the county town of Hereford is sixteen miles to the west.

This is a farming area with apple and pear orchards, hop yards, potato fields and cattle pasture, in particular you will see the white and red-brown breed known as Herefordshire cattle. It is in the valley of the tiny river Leadon (pronounced Lèd-un) and incidentally Bosbury is pronounced Bòz-buree. Many of the houses in the main street and the public house (once a coaching inn) are timber-framed with a black-and-white timber frontage. And many of these houses and old farmhouses have the status of Historic Listed Buildings.

Here are maps, to help understand whereabouts we are in England, and also an idea of the origins of some local place names.

I hope you enjoy exploring the rich and varied strands of Bosbury’s history.

Barry Sharples, 2017.

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PS  I also have a personal Miscellany Website covering many interests including plants, art, history, days & dates etc. It also includes a puzzle website called the Web Puzzle Compendium which contains hours of harmless fun for all ages. These are not games, there are no time-limits or shoot-ups, sorry - the emphasis is on ingenuity and determination.

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