Bosbury Apprenticeship Indentures Catalogue

In 1563 The Statute of Apprentices was introduced which made it law that no-one could enter a trade without having served an apprenticeship. From 1710, in the reign of Queen Anne, another Statute introduced a stamp duty paid on private indentures of apprenticeship. However, by the 19th century, apprenticeships in common trades were often undertaken without any formal indenture, and in many cases a man would train his son in his trade without formally apprenticing him. It was also ruled that the Statute of Apprentices did not apply to trades which did not exist when it was passed in the sixteenth century. Children were legally ‘bound apprentice’ generally at between 7 and 10 years of age.
Year Date Name of
Trade Approval
given by
Master Period Paid to
From/By Witnesses Notes
1701 13 Apr. John Ward not given Churchwardens Robert Barkley,
not given not given --- Thomas Chad on website (view)
1826 23 May Richard Turner Blacksmith Samuel Turner,
George Coulston,
of Mathon
4 yrs. £10 his father M.Corbett, Robert Higgins Old Court papers
1831 23 May Richard Weaver Cordwainer Richard Weaver,
Thomas Preece 7 yrs. £10 his father Henry Davies Old Court papers
1832 11 Jan. James Davis not given Churchwardens Samuel Chadd,
of Bishops Frome
not given not given --- Jos. Higgins, Webb Old Court papers
1834 23 June John Matthews Mason James Matthews,
Thomas Price
of Ashperton
5 yrs. £5 Brydges charity Phillip Sparkman Old Court papers
1834 5 July William Jones Wheelwright William Jones the elder,
James Caldwell
of Bishops Frome
7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood Old Court papers
1834 31 July John Johns Mason Thomas Johns,
John Smith 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood Old Court papers
1835 5 Jan. Robert Bishop Shoe-maker Elizabeth Brooks John Brooks, stepfather 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood Old Court papers
1836 16 Jan. Ellen Adams Milliner &
Thomas Adams,
Mary Ann Welch 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity Joseph Chadd Old Court papers
1836 28 Nov. James Kendrick Mason &
Maria Kendrick,
Edward Bettington 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity Robert Chadd Old Court papers
1839 8 Oct. Thomas Lancett Stone mason not recorded George Bourne of Castle Frome 7 yrs. £5 Noverings charity John Mutlow, J.H.Underwood B.E.F. papers
1840 24 Nov. James Field Shoe-maker William Field,
William Field 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity Edward Bury Old Court papers
1842 24 Nov. John Norman Shoe-maker John Norman,
John Roberts
of Worcester
7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity George Shayle,Edward Bury, James Hill Old Court papers
1845 9 Dec. Thomas Pritchard Shoe-maker William Pritchard,
William Pritchard 5 yrs. £5 Brydges charity Henry Trehern on website (view)
1846 27 Jan. Richard Lucas Tailor William Lucas,
John Grubham 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity John Baskerville Old Court papers
1847 11 Jan. Sidney Smith Mason John Smith,
John Smith 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood Old Court papers
1851 4 April James Morris Carpenter James Morris,
John Handcocks 5 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood Old Court papers
1853 10 Oct. Thomas Chadd Blacksmith Robert Chadd,
Henry Russell
of Ledbury
7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood on website (view)
1854 30 Jun. William Chadd jnr. Cordwainer William Chadd,
William Chadd 7 yrs. £5 Brydges charity J.H.Underwood on website (view)
1857 17 Mar. Edwin Davies Blacksmith & Shoeing Smith Francis Davis,
William Watkins 5 yrs. £5 Noverings Charity --- Old Court papers
1859 17 Jan. James Green Blacksmith John Green Joseph Hickox,
of Mathon
5 yrs. £5 Noverings Charity B.L.S.Stanhope Old Court papers
1863 2 Nov. James Bettington Wheelwright & Blacksmith James Bettington Alfred Morgan,
of Hereford
4 yrs. £20 his father B.L.S.Stanhope Old Court papers
1868 17 Aug. George Daniel Tailor George Daniel George Lerry
of Hereford
5 yrs. £8 his father J.E.Cheese Old Court papers
1871 10 Jun. Philip Baggott Coachsmith Ann Baggott William Tanner
of West Malvern
4 yrs. £8 his father J.E.Cheese Old Court papers
1877 1 Jan. Mary Ann Edwards Dressmaker Thomas Edwatds,
Sarah Kendrick 2 yrs. £5 Noverings Charity J.E.Cheese Old Court papers
1878 28 Jan. Charles Hickox Blacksmith Thomas Hickox,
Thomas Hickox,
his father
5 yrs. £5 Noverings Charity J.E.Cheese Old Court papers
1888 28 Nov. George Thomas Pitt Grocer John Harford Pitt,
Alfred Gurney
of Hereford
3 yrs. £40 his father Thomas Llanwarne HARC AA72 Box 1071
1889 1 Mar. Charles Haynes Butcher James Morris,
Allen John Townsend 3 yrs. £5 not given Richard Brewer Old Court papers
1904 1 July Arthur John Bufton Wheelwright &
John Bufton,
John Bufton,
his father
3 yrs. £10 Noverings Charity R.Burges Bailey Old Court papers
Note: Approval is usually given by the apprentice’s parent.
Source: Documents held either by Herefordshire Archives and Records Centre, Bosbury Chroniclers, Bosbury Educational Foundation or Robert Lane, Old Court Farm, Bosbury, as at May 2014.

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