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the village street
    Latest news: A complete section on the Bosbury Show added and the 1798 land tax register. December 2014.                 

Welcome to a bringing-together of historical documents about the village of Bosbury in Herefordshire, England. The aim is to make the fascinating history of our Herefordshire village available to a world-wide audience and to help people who may have family that lived here in the past. Historical contributions from everyone living in Bosbury or who have local connections are most welcome.   In Bosbury right now it is:

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 Land and Property 
 Bosbury Legal Documents 
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The information on this website is not subject to copyright so please do save, copy or print out anything you wish. If you use information or extracts on your own website, a link back to this site is always appreciated. There will inevitably be inaccuracies (corrections welcomed) so do check back to the primary sources which should always be noted here. If anyone thinks that any information given on this site infringes their copyright, please do contact me. I will respond and, if appropriate, either remove the information or amend as requested.

Latest additions - November 2014

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